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Department of family law and inheritance and minors' rights, commercial department of companies, contracts, international investments, privacy protection and cyber and department of real estate and entrepreneurship.

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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Department of family law and inheritance and minors' rights, commercial department of companies, contracts, international investments, privacy protection and cyber and department of real estate and entrepreneurship.
Address: 28 Ha’Arba’ah St. Tel Aviv
Ha’Arba’ah Towers,South Tower 13th floor
Phone: 972-3-9662-662
Fax: 972-3-9662-663
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.altofirm.com
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  • Ava Steinmetz (Klein), A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz

    Ava Steinmetz (Klein)

    Firm Owner

    A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz

  • Shira Ravid, A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz

    Shira Ravid

    Senior Partner, Head of the Family and Inheritance Department

    A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz

  • Dror Dayan, A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz

    Dror Dayan

    Senior Partner, Head of the Commercial Department

    A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz

  • Nati Furman, A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz

    Nati Furman

    Senior Partner, Head of the Real Estate and Entrepreneurship

    A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz

  • Lilach Nehemia, A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz

    Lilach Nehemia

    Head of the Surrogacy, Parenting and Adoption Department

    A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz

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About A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz

The firm of A.ALTO Klein Steinmetz is ranked amongst Israel’s top firms in two leading practice areas: a commercial law department focuses on business commercial contracts in Israel and globally, information security and privacy and a Family and Inheritance Law department, considered to be the leading one in Israel. This is owed to the excellence service, the vast knowledge, the legal innovation, the courage, the professionalism and the long-term relationships with the clients.
The firm has unique expertise in two leading departments in Israel in all of the legal aspects of information security and privacy law. With a commercial escorting of companies, startups from the idea stage up to the exit stage, The firm accompanied companies to successful sales also by investors who are clients of the firm, angels and funds.
It also has a unique expertise in the Family Law and Inheritance department, accompanies divorce proceedings, child abductions (The Hague Convention), custody, inheritance and families with special needs, guardianships, trust and enduring power of attorney. The office represented these cases, covered by the media, successfully.

Expertise in Managing Effective Negotiations and Mediation Services

Adv. Ava Steinmetz (Klein), the firm’s founder and managing partner, has more than 17 years of professional experience, during which she accumulated vast legal and commercial knowledge and numerous court victories. Adv. Ava Steinmetz (Klein) leads the two largest departments in the firm, and is also renowned for leading mediation proceedings actively and quickly and she accepts to mediations only parties which she believes that are honest and ripe for progressing toward an agreement – as an expert in body language and managing negotiations who is well trained in this field in Israel and abroad. The firm works in all of the courts including the magistrate, district and Supreme courts, and the family and rabbinical courts.

The Commercial Department - Legal Assistance to Businesses, Hi-Tech and Taxation, and a Particular Specialization in Information Security, Cyber, and Privacy Protection

Adv. Dror Dayan is the head of the international commercial department and together with the firm’s staff, they represent Israeli and international businesses with ongoing legal advice starting from the incorporation stage, through to the contracts necessary for the proper activity of the business, including leading sales and exits of companies, among others, among the firm’s angel clients and investment funds. The office maintains cooperations with leading law firms in the U.S., Canada, England, Cyprus and Greece on matters on real estate investments, startups, contracts and trusts. It also maintains continuous working relationships with leading Israel accounting firms that provide tax advice to the firm’s clients.

The Family and Inheritance Law Department
The department is headed by Adv. Shira Ravid, who has more than 17 years of experience in practicing family law in Israel. She has deep understanding of family relationships and and together with Adv. Ava Steinmetz (Klein) they are esteemed and recognized as leaders in this field: in representing in divorce cases, child abduction (Hague Convention), custody, inheritance and special needs in the family, guardianships, trusts and lasting power of attorney. Adv. Shira Ravid is renowned as the number 1 expert in Israel on special needs and all aspects of fully exercising special needs related rights.

The Surrogacy, Adoption and Parenting Department
The department is headed by Adv. Lilach Nehemia, and it handles the cases of couples which are about to start surrogacy proceedings in Israel or abroad, starting from the legal consulting before signing a surrogacy agreement, negotiation vis-à-vis the surrogacy company and up to legal facilitation of the newborn’s document including formalizing the baby’s status in the records of the Ministry of Interior and other state agencies which are responsible for this matter. And of course, the firm also handles paternity claims, parenting injunctions etc. The firm handles all types of families with children: Married couples, common law marriages, same-sex and/or remarriages, complex as they may be. The firm also handles child adoption proceedings in Israel and abroad including filing the adoption applications and formalizing the legal status of the adopted child and the adopted parent, together or separately, in all types of families and relationships.

A Growing Firm with an Expanded Team of Lawyers

Adv. Ava Steinmetz (Klein) was raised as an Ultra-Orthodox Jew and abandoned her faith, a process that taught her much about life and herself. At the young age of 21 she became a legal assistant and learned the secrets of the legal profession, with knowhow that greatly helped her in the following years. Upon completing her internship, she opened her leading firm which grew over the years and now includes an expanded team of lawyers, in the family law department, as well as in the commercial department.. As part of the trend shift in the legal world and in family law in particular, where a mediation proceeding is required before filing legal proceedings (and as another indicator of the firm’s prominence) the firm employed two former judges: the Hon. Judge (ret.) Oshri Frost Frankel who brought extensive knowledge and experience from her role as magistrate in the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court, and Judge Paul Stark who served in Jerusalem Magistrate Court. Both of them were part of the winning professional team of the office. Until they returned to serve as associated Judges in court.
Protecting the Rights of Minors in Israel and Globally
The firm is renowned for its high-quality, professional and prominent team in the field of information security and the privacy of minors, with major accomplishment in Israel, Europe and the U.S. . The firm accompanies and counsels commercial and public companies in these fields, starting from the development stage, through contracting with external suppliers and up to longstanding companies which have to meet regulatory requirements for information that they collect on minors or vis-à-vis third-party companies.

Education and Public Offices

Adv. Ava Steinmetz (Klein) has an LL.B. and a Master’s degree in Public International Law from Tel Aviv University and an LL.M. from Northwestern University Chicago. She was certified and serves as an arbitrator and a mediator, and also as a general counsel, CISO& DPO and in charge of data protection. She served as chairperson of the Israel Bar Association’s Child Protection Committee and V. Chairperson of the Bar’s Tel Aviv District and lectures on children rights in Israel and abroad. She is also the founder of the Child Benefit Institute and Youth University and wrote the book “Matir HaAgunut” in memory of her late father.
Together with her firm’s partners, Adv. Shira Ravid, Adv. Dror Dayan, Adv. Lilach Nehemia and Adv. Rona Zinman, Adv. Dror Dayan and the firm’s employees, Adv. Ava Steinmetz (Klein) leads her firm at the top of Israel’s law firms, with professional development and growth which are highly esteemed in Israel.


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