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Real estate law, family law, contract law and commercial and civil law

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Established: 2000
Line of Business: Real estate law, family law, contract law and commercial and civil law
Address: 28 Haarbaa St., Tel Aviv
1 Nili St., Ashkelon
Phone: 972-77-5421420
Fax: 972-77-3421420
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ayalaw.co.il
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  • Avi Ayash, ABG Law and Notary Office

    Adv. and Notary Avi Ayash


    ABG Law and Notary Office

  • Yardena  Ben Shalom, ABG Law and Notary Office

    Dr. Adv. and Notary Yardena Ben Shalom


    ABG Law and Notary Office

  • Eli Goldschmidt, ABG Law and Notary Office

    Adv. and Notary Eli Goldschmidt


    ABG Law and Notary Office

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About ABG Law and Notary Office

Advocate Avi Ayash founded the firm in 2000, and since then, lawyers joined it as part of inter-firm mergers, until its current form, which consists of three senior partners, junior partners, and lawyers. After merging in 2014 with advocate Yardena Ben-Shalom’s firm, it became one of the largest and most respected law firms in many fields, including family law, corporate law, traffic law, and real estate law.

ABG Law and Notary Office has three main departments: the civil-commercial department, the real estate department, and the tort department. The firm operates in light of values of professional excellence and integrity and places its clients at the center while ensuring personal service and first-rate service. The office has two central branches, located in Tel Aviv and Ashkelon.

ABG Law and Notary Office has extensive experience in the field of litigation in all areas of civil/commercial law, administrative law, real estate, contracts, banking and execution, family law, and personal status, corporate law, labor law, tort law, lawsuits against insurance companies and more. The firm’s clients include commercial and public entities, including large advertising companies, real estate companies, construction contractors, and leading commercial companies.

The office is active in the southern region of Israel, in the Tel Aviv and central region, and in the Metula region in the north.
In addition to a seasoned legal team, a serious and dedicated administrative team assists in providing clients with fast, efficient service.
So far, the firm has handled many complex and diverse legal matters in all areas of expertise along with many clients and has resolved many legal matters to their satisfaction.

The partners

Adv. Avi Ayash
Adv. Avi Ayash, the founder of the firm, previously served in several public positions, including the deputy head of the Israel Bar Association, led by Adv. Doron Barzilai, a member of the Ashkelon Municipal Council, Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Ashkelon Municipality, Chairman of the Government Quality Associations and the Ashkelon Democracy Institute and as director of public companies traded on the stock exchange, whose net worth is estimated at billions of NIS. Currently, Adv. Ayash serves as the chairman of the audit committee of the academic college in Ashkelon.
Adv. Ayash specializes in real estate law and in large-scale transactions worth tens and hundreds of millions of NIS, as well as family law and partnership dissolutions. Consistency, persistence, and creativity help him to ensure the effective implementation of complex real estate transactions on a large scale, and drafting of divorce agreements even in conflicts that seem unresolvable. Adv. Ayash also serves as a notary and has extensive experience in the field of commercial and civil law.

Dr. and Adv. Yardena Ben Shalom
Adv. Yardena Ben Shalom specializes in taxation, family law, and real estate. Attorney Ben Shalom, who also serves as a notary, holds four academic degrees with honors: a bachelor’s degree in economics, a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and a master’s degree in economics. Adv. Ben Shalom, who serves as the legal advisor of NAAMAT in the southern region, previously served as the vice-chairman of the Civil Procedure Committee of the Bar Association and the chairman of the Committee for the Advancement of Women in the Bar Association. In addition to advising companies engaged in Israel-Europe trade, attorney Ben Shalom lectures in financial fields at colleges.

Adv. Eli Goldschmidt
Adv Eli Goldschmidt, who served from 1992 to 2001 as a member of the Knesset, served as chairman of the Finance Committee, as chairman of the Economic Committee, and as chairman of the Knesset Committee during the administration of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, as well as Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. Adv. Goldschmidt specializes in the fields of real estate, family law, arbitration, and mediation, and unique aspects of these fields related to settlement, including the association of apartments and divorce in the context of the change and privatization processes. Adv. Goldschmidt served as the legal advisor of the kibbutz movement, served as vice president of the Israel company, and even hosted the morning show “Reshet al-Haboker” together with Einav Galili. Adv. Goldschmidt graduated with honors and holds an L.L.M from the Faculty of Law of Tel Aviv University and served as a teaching assistant in the field of criminal law for Professor Yuval Levy at the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University.

Areas of Expertise

Company and Corporate Law
The firm has been specializing in this field for 40 years, and provides first-class legal services to leading corporations and companies in the Israeli economy.

Commercial law
ABG Law and Notary Office has four decades of experience in the field of commercial law, including white collar, insolvency, family law, real estate, and criminal law.

Family / Divorce
The firm is one of the most experienced firms in the field of family and divorce and has accumulated vast professional experience and proven successes in the field of family law.

ABG Law and Notary Office has many years of experience in the insolvency field, and a leading professional team that applies multidisciplinary knowledge while integrating the sub-fields of specialization into the firm’s many successes.

Real Estate
A team of skilled lawyers at the firm provides clients with first-class service in the field of real estate and offers a level of expertise that is based on over 40 years of experience.

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