A.H. Amin Transportations Ltd.

Hauling and Transporting Quarry and Building supplies as well as Various Cargos

A.H. Amin Transportations Ltd.
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Established: 1993
Line of Business: Hauling and Transporting Quarry and Building supplies as well as Various Cargos
Address: Fureidis 30898
Phone: 972-50-4737498
Email: Office@ah-hovalot.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Ibrahim Abu Arisha, A.H. Amin Transportations Ltd.

    Ibrahim Abu Arisha


    A.H. Amin Transportations Ltd.

  • Rasmia Abu Arisha, A.H. Amin Transportations Ltd.

    Rasmia Abu Arisha


    A.H. Amin Transportations Ltd.

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About A.H. Amin Transportations Ltd.

A.H. Amin Transportations Ltd. is a renown and longstanding trucking company which was founded in 1993 by Ibrahim Abu Arisha and his wife Rasmia Abu Arisha.
The company’s main areas of operations are the supply of all types of materials to concrete factories and construction sites throughout Israel, including the transportation of quarry materials, bulk transport, sand, aggregates, gravel, concrete, all types of asphalt, removal of construction debris, supplying pumped fine gravel, ready-made cement, and more.
The company customizes its transportation services to the specific requirements and characteristics of every customer, to their full satisfaction.
The company’s core operating principle is optimal customized customer service.
The company’s customer service function is involved in every transport and is at the customers’ disposal 24/7 for any problem or request.

Nationwide Hauling

A.H. has a huge fleet with 45 trucks that transport materials and cargo across the length and the breadth of Israel. The company’s fleet includes the majority of the world’s most advanced truck models, including dump trucks, light dump trucks, full trailer trucks, double-trailer trucks and heavy machinery haulage trucks.
This wide variety of trucks enables the company to meet the requirements of all of its customers, big and small, in the fastest and most efficient way.
The company emphasizes safety in its deliveries and works closely with a transportation safety officer who supervises and verifies that all of the deliveries are executed in an organized fashion, while adhering to the safety rules. In addition, all of the company’s drivers have a valid license for driving trucks, including heavy machinery trucks. 

The Company’s Customers

A.H.’s customers include some of Israel’s largest and most recognized concrete factories and quarries. Nevertheless, the company also provides freight services for private and public companies such as food companies, construction companies, cosmetics companies, car companies, government ministries, local authorities and more.
The company’s headquarters in Fureidis coordinates all of the deliveries, from Eilat in the South to Kiryat Shmona in the north. The company’s overall customer list includes hundreds of satisfied companies. 

The Company’s Values

The family-owned company was established 26 years ago and its drivers have extensive professional experience in the field.
The company aims to provide solutions for every requirement of its customers while complying with tight schedules and responding also to last minute requests, emergencies, peak hours, in any weather conditions. 

Providing Comprehensive Services for the Construction Industry

A.H. often works with construction developers and contractors, and it provides professional consulting on the recommended building supplies and verifies that materials of the highest quality reach the various sites across Israel. Throughout the years, the company expanded its operations in the construction industry, and it currently provides, in addition to deliveries of the various materials, high-quality, experienced and reliable manpower for construction site works, such as loaders and mini-excavators drivers as well as general workers.

Customer Service

From its worldview of the customer as the top priority, the company only works through phone-call orders, in order to receive the most accurate explanation with an understanding of the finest details of the delivery.
This work method is based on almost 30 years of experience that the company has in the field with the realization, over the years, that a high-quality and accurate delivery begins with an understanding of the finest details of the delivery’s essence, the customers’ requirements and the characteristics of the works that they wish to execute with the materials and the equipment that are delivered by the company’s trucks.
As a result, the company’s deliveries are very efficient and the most appropriate materials, cargo or equipment are delivered swiftly to any customer and site.

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