A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly of Electronic Systems

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Established: 1983
Line of Business: Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly of Electronic Systems
Address: 24 Giron Avraham St., Yehud 56217
Phone: 972-3-5395100
Fax: 972-3-5395156
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.a-l.co.il
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  • Aharon Levy, A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

    Aharon Levy


    A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

  • Moshe Levy, A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

    Moshe Levy


    A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

  • Shalom Levy, A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

    Shalom Levy


    A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

  • Ronen Levy, A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

    Ronen Levy


    A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

  • Eran Levy, A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

    Eran Levy


    A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

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About A.L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd.

A. L. Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd. is one of the most successful companies in its field. Since its founding in 1983, the company offers a full spectrum of engineering and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) for products and systems to customers in the communications, homeland security, aerospace, industrial and medical fields. A.L.E., renowned for excellence in the quality of production and customer services, provides a wide range of flexible manufacturing technologies individually tailored to each customer’s needs. Due to the value of thoroughness, it has instilled, maintaining quality performance, skilled employee’s and daily involvement of management in production processes and customer relations, the company’s unique achievements benefit customers.

A.L. Electronics – Then & Now

A.L.E. was founded by Mr. Aharon Levy. In 1991, the late Mr. Moshe Levy joined as an equal partner and together drove the company forward positioning it as one of Israel’s leading and most professional in the field. The owner’s continuing generation joined the company in the mid-90s and during the past decade has been an integral part of its management. Today the company’s plant covers over 16,000 sq.m. deploying the most modern and advanced electronics manufacturing equipment. The company is located in central Israel close to its customers’ development centers. This allows accessibility and availability that serves as a valuable advantage for the engineering, R&D and operations staff of its customers. In addition to the EMS the company offers its customers, A.L.E. owns certain telecom products in the synchronization and timing field which it manufactures and markets. The company employs over 360 professional workers and managers.

The Company’s Solutions

A.L.E. offers full turnkey solutions for electronics systems in varying technologies according to customer requirements. Customers enjoy a complete package of services and solutions including product support from development and engineering stages, embedding technological and engineering capabilities, planning and implementing procurement, controlling engineering and production processes, product quality, and logistic capabilities to perform drop shipments. These solutions are implemented whilst adhering to specified schedules where creativity, flexible operations, and personal service are integrated into every stage.

Among the company’s solutions:

Production Engineering & Development Support The company integrates with customer’s R&D team in order to enable DFM and DFT planning. These are important for obtaining: maximum compatibility to production; efficiency and stability in production processes; and high-quality targets. Thanks to vast professional knowledge and experience, customers recognize the company as a key partner in the development processes.

Procurement - Efficient domestic and global procurement services, cooperation with hundreds of vendors, official representatives and distributors.

Production & Control - Advanced technological production capabilities including precise, state of the art, automatic machinery, in process electrical testing using advanced systems, integration of end-products, functional testing, and environmental testing. A.L.E. is in effect the customer’s production floor, and as such, unique production processes are tailored accordingly. Quality control procedures in every stage of the production process are based on leading technologies and therefore meticulous products of the highest quality, suited to customers’ needs are obtained.

Project Support - Project management and support are tailored for each customer. Management is involved in the daily management of the project and is responsible together with production staff, for its success.

Partners Working for Success

The company’s managers are proud of their ability to integrate as trusted partners into the customer’s consultancy team from early planning stages of the product, however complex, and to provide many advantages derived from their valuable know-how, many years’ experience, and creative thinking. Thus, managers integrate into operating of process controls from the initial planning and design stage to ensure suitable production capability and obtaining the highest level of quality.

Commitment to Quality and Success

A.L.E. is committed to the highest quality in every stage of production. The company invests in automation, production processes, advanced technology tools, and supports the most innovative technologies. The production staff comprises of engineers, technicians and experienced production personnel. The company advocates in its employee’s professionalism and this is evidenced by the fact that the average seniority of its employees is 10 years.

Outstanding Achievements

The company is proud to be a partner in projects with significance for the quality of life, the environment, and homeland security.

Medical - Many years of close support from development to the execution of a device to treat cancer tumors. Treatment with the device is approved by the FDA, as well as European and Japanese authorities.

Security - A partner in national and strategic projects with proven ability to integrate teams in creating a production structure to meet the strictest requirements and receiving the highest credibility.

Export – The Company was awarded the Exceptional Exporter Certificate by the President of Israel and the Minister of Economy and Industry.


The company is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 14001:2015 certified and undergoes periodical FDA, CCC, TUV and UL audits to ensure it meets their strict criteria.


The company provides services to domestic and foreign customers in the communications, medical, homeland security, aerospace and industry fields. The company provides solutions to large companies for all production processes, and to startups requiring professional support for growth and success. Amongst the company’s customers are international and domestic corporations, including Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Elbit, LiveU, SanDisk, Roseman, Telematics, Ribbon, Novocure, Microsemi, Siemens, Orbotech, Eaton and many others.

Contributing to the Community

The company sees its contribution to the community as a core value in all its activities, and beyond financial donations and collaborations with non-profit aid associations, packs and distributes food packages to families in need in the community.

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