A. Prion - Architects & City Planners Ltd.

Architects firm, specializing in the planning of commercial centers, supermarkets and chain stores.

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Established: 1974
Line of Business: • Commercial Centers • Retail (chain stores, supermarkets) • Towers • Office Buildings • Residences • Industrial Complexes
Address: 33 Ben Gurion St. Herzlyia
Phone: 972-9-7792800
Fax: 972-3-5493657
Email: office@prion-arc.com
Website: http://www.prion-arc.com
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  • Alex Prion, A. Prion - Architects & City Planners Ltd.

    Alex Prion

    Architect, Partner

    A. Prion - Architects & City Planners Ltd.

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    Alex Prion
  • Oren  Brodner, A. Prion - Architects & City Planners Ltd.

    Oren Brodner

    Architect, Partner

    A. Prion - Architects & City Planners Ltd.

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About A. Prion - Architects & City Planners Ltd.

A.Prion – Architects and City Planners Ltd. was founded in 1974 by Arch. Alex Prion, who is considered to be an expert and one of the most experienced and professional planners in the field of commercial centers.

The firm specializes in the planning of commercial centers of every scope, towers, office, residential and retail (large marketing chains) buildings, and as a result it has a diverse clientele with varying requirements from the integral and creative planning aspects. Additionally, the firm specializes in planning mixed-use projects.

Over the years, the firm planned complexes and projects of every size and budget.

In 2016, Arch. Oren Brodner joined the firm, after starting his professional career in Rechter Architects and about 8 years in Yashar Architects.

The firm’s staff consists of experienced architects with professional tenure and experience alongside young architects, in order to constantly lead a contemporary planning creation along with professional and efficient planning.


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  • IBMC

  • Milomor

  • Rosho

  • Amram Avraham & Son Ltd.

  • Down Town

  • Dabah

  • Delek

  • Derech HaTavor Ltd.

  • Haviv

  • Tempo

  • Ten

  • Yeinot Bittan

  • Yitzhak Atias Investments Ltd.

  • Avi Rahamim Group

  • Mega Or

  • Prashkovsky Group

  • Prashkovsky A.S.I. Buildong Co. Ltd.

  • Z.F. Development and Construction

  • ZIM Centers

  • Blilious Group

  • COOP Shop

  • Rami Levy Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006 Ltd.

  • Shufersal Ltd.

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