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A. Weiss Construction & Supervision Ltd.
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Established: 1994
Line of Business: Building and Finishing
Address: P.O.B. 2, Givat Ada 3780801
Phone: 972-4-6180128
Fax: 972-4-6180129
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.a-weiss.co.il
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  • Yuval Weiss, A. Weiss Construction & Supervision Ltd.

    Yuval Weiss


    A. Weiss Construction & Supervision Ltd.

  • Aviam Weiss, A. Weiss Construction & Supervision Ltd.

    Aviam Weiss


    A. Weiss Construction & Supervision Ltd.

  • Itay Weiss, A. Weiss Construction & Supervision Ltd.

    Itay Weiss


    A. Weiss Construction & Supervision Ltd.

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About A. Weiss Construction & Supervision Ltd.

A. Weiss Construction & Supervision Ltd. was founded in 1994 and specializes in construction, finishing, and infrastructure works at the best level of execution, with uncompromising professionalism and with the highest standards in the Israeli construction industry. The company carries a C5 contractor categorization and is registered as a government works contractor, certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, and carries out diverse and complex projects for leading clients in the world and Israel in particular, at commercial and office sectors alike. A. Weiss employs quality manpower, including engineers, project managers, and foremen; The best professionals combined with a powerful and supportive logistic formation, results in each and every one of the projects undergoing the highest standards in design, management, and execution, while maintaining strict adherence to environmentally friendly construction and taking the environment and the company’s customers’ quality of life into account. The company has an urban renewal division that initiates and executes diverse projects in the field, while creating an optimal, entrepreneurial-contractor envelope, which allows the company’s clients peace of mind throughout the entire process from construction to receiving their key.

Advantages and Guiding Values

From the day of its establishment until today, the company has set a standard for excellence in all its activities through extraordinary construction quality and extreme attention to small and large details. Development of work methods that are implemented in accordance with the needs of the client, while ensuring innovation, professionalism, creativity, safety, and reliability. The company has years of proven experience, commitment, and of course love for the profession.
Stability and Financial Strength - Higher than the average in the industry.
Seniority and Experience - Many years of knowledge channeled into professionalism and great efficiency at planning and performance.
Quality and Transparency - Ensuring orderly work processes with uncompromising professionalism, and excellent working relationships.
Safety - Compliance with all safety regulations, including environmental aspects, to create a safe and protected work environment.

Professional Specializations

Projects of Coordination Execution Planning
A. Weiss provides a professional and refined streamline of coordination, planning, and execution at the highest level. This method, also known as the Turnkey Project, enables us to best utilize the market competition potential in both the planning and performance aspects and in addition to shortening the project schedule, in each order. The systems coordination is in harmony and prevents conflicts at the planning phase, provides more accurate quantities, prevents depreciation, and produces clear goals and objectives for each stage of the construction process, with the entire work being done optimally and effectively – all under one roof. At A. Weiss there is a dedicated department for coordination, implementation, and execution, with a proven resume of successes. It is supported by a powerful headquarters, managing the project from the initial characterization stages.
Working Kitchens and Recreational & Lifestyle Spaces
Over the years, the company has been conducting hundreds of unique and creative office projects that require higher than the usual execution levels. When the work environment is a significant factor in the customer’s image, recruiting and contributing to their efficiency, the standard of building the offices themselves and the functionality required by them rise as well. For example, building kitchens within office buildings requires engineering and logistical solutions, complex air conditioning and cooling systems, and creating perfect integration between the required systems and accommodation in international standards. At A. Weiss we build working kitchens in varied sizes and variable complexities, which include dining spaces for hundreds of workers, chef restaurants, cafeterias, cooking areas, and working rooms, washing, cooling, and freezing. rooftops, Gaming rooms, Beauty parlors, and spaces for Yoga and Sports, all enable a modular, creative, and experiential work environment.

Photo Credits

Playtika Lifestyle Offices - Architecture: Roy David | I.T.A. Supervision Maof | Photo: Itay Banit.

Similar Web Offices - Architecture: Roy David | Supervision: HaHoshen Destinations, Top Engineering | Photo: Itay Banit.
Earnix Company - Architecture: Shirley Zamir | Supervision: Eitar Engineering and Management | Photo: Yoav Peled.
Jelly Button Offices - Architecture: Roy David | I.T.A. Supervision Maof | Photo: Itay Banit

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