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Family Law, Divorce, Guardianship, Wills and Inheritance

A. Zisman Shani - Law Firm, Mediators & Notary
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Established: 2019
Line of Business: Family Law, Divorce, Guardianship, Wills and Inheritance
Address: Amot Investments Tower,
2 Weizmann St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-3020210
Fax: 972-3-5544970
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.anyfamily.law
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  • Ronit  A. Zisman, A. Zisman Shani - Law Firm, Mediators & Notary

    Adv. and Mediator Ronit A. Zisman

    Owner, Founding Partner

    A. Zisman Shani - Law Firm, Mediators & Notary

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    Ronit A. Zisman
  • Arthur  Shani, A. Zisman Shani - Law Firm, Mediators & Notary

    Adv. and Mediator Arthur Shani

    Owner, Founding and Managing Partner

    A. Zisman Shani - Law Firm, Mediators & Notary

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    Arthur Shani
  • Sivan  Mashiah, A. Zisman Shani - Law Firm, Mediators & Notary

    Sivan Mashiah


    A. Zisman Shani - Law Firm, Mediators & Notary

  • Omer  Belelli, A. Zisman Shani - Law Firm, Mediators & Notary

    Omer Belelli

    Partner Criminal Defense

    A. Zisman Shani - Law Firm, Mediators & Notary

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About A. Zisman Shani - Law Firm, Mediators & Notary

Volunteering as a way of life. Boutique law firm A. Zisman Shani, had its humble origins in volunteer work (with IBA’s volunteering program “The Reward of a Mitzvah”). That righteous spirit of giving back to the community, still pervades through the firm’s halls. Founders Adv. Ronit A. Zisman and Adv. Arthur Shani, were acquainted when they worked in pro bono legal representation and support for the underprivileged. At the time, Ziman and Shani were already operating successful firms of their own, focused on family and inheritance law. The pair saw that they harmonize well with one-another, and thus sought to establish a partnership soon thereafter. The firm, nowadays considered among the leading and renowned in its fields of expertise, benefits from the combination of the vast experience and extensive legal proficiency of the two. Zisman, Shani and their associates represent, among others, notable economic figures, public officials and politicians, as well as senior civil servants – in the business sector in general, and in the higher education system and Hi-Tech and software development sector in particular.

Family Law – For Any Family – Across Israel

The firm champions the value of equality and the recognition for all types of families – ‘classical-model’ families, gay families and alternative family units as well; be they single parents by choice or otherwise, joint parenting by agreement etc. Egalitarianism is also expressed in the firm’s management, comprising Advocates Arthur Shani and Ronit A. Zisman, a man and a woman of considerably different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities.

The Firm’s Departments

The firm includes three main departments: Divorce, Separations and Family Law; Wills, Inheritance and Gifts; and Family Capital Management – which revolves around professional handling of family assets. The firm represents clients before all courts – from Dan to Eilat, including Rabbinical courts, family courts, Supreme Court of Justice, the Inheritance Registrar and the various appeal courts. The firm considers notions of availability, full accessibility and transparency towards client to be of foremost importance. Furthermore, the firm emphasizes the clients’ autonomy and participation in the decisionmaking, in light of the goals set together in the beginning of the legal process.

A Unique Service Process

The firm’s experienced team of lawyers works on each case distinctively, in accordance with its specific characteristics – with diligence, legal innovation and the identification of the proper angles that would lead to success. Zisman and Shani had created a special service model, with which the clients undergo a comprehensive questioning process, where their needs are identified – as individuals and as a family. During the initial counseling meeting, the firm’s lawyers gain a broad understanding of the legal need or problem, and integrate their legal knowledge and expertise with the expertise and knowledge of other professionals – such as family therapists, parental guides, accountants and valuation analysts etc., in order to formulate a complete and integrative solution. This type of holistic
service by the firm is available nationwide.

The Private Mediation Center

Within their firm, Zisman and Shani established a “Private Mediation” center, which provides solutions for family and inheritance legal disputes. This mediation center allows disputing parties to resolve things easily, quickly and cheaply outside of the court system, if they so wish. This model replaces the management of lengthy, exhausting and expensive legal proceedings in judiciaries on the one hand, and on the other hand – the agreements are approved ratified as rulings, without undergoing a complete and tiresome process. This is a Win-Win for all of the parties.

Complete Discreetness

Although Zisman and Shani themselves have become somewhat of ‘media personalities’, all employees in the firm (including the executives of course) strictly maintain the complete privacy of its clients, some of whom are well-known figures in Israeli society. Nonetheless, many cases that were accompanied by the firm received extensive media attention (via their court exposure), including:
Guaranteeing Child Support and Payment before Biologic Paternity Proof: The firm represented an Israeli woman who travelled abroad and met a local businessman, who impregnated her. He filed, in a relatively rare proceeding, a paternity claim for the newborn, and the firm managed, in a precedential proceeding, to turn his paternity claim into recognition of future child support payments, prior to the recognition of legal fatherhood and while pledging substantial properties for securing said payments.
Transfer of Custody of a Girl to her Father: The firm reached a precedential ruling of the rabbinical court, where the court ordered that the custody of a 15 years old girl would be transferred from her mother to her father. The case was appealed to Bagatz.

The Firm’s Executive Management

Adv. and Mediator Ronit A. Zisman, Owner, Founding Partner: Has 15 years of experience in the legal profession. Her internship and first years of legal career were undertaken in elite family law firms. After several years she opened her own successful private firm. She is a great believer in agreements as the preferred way for settling family legal disputes, as they are personally customized for the parties, and formulated with full cooperation and commitment of the parties. Thus, such agreements would be implemented better in real life. She has earned her LL.M. from the Hebrew University, with a specialization in Human Rights and Family Law. She is also certified in general mediation, family mediation, divorce and separation.
Adv. and Mediator Arthur Shani, Owner, Founding and Managing Partner: Has been practicing family law since 2009, and has general mediation and family mediation diplomas. Following the completion of his internship and his admittance to the bar, he started to work as a legislation advisor of the Knesset, alongside with independent practice in the family, inheritance and family law management field. Adv. Shani sees volunteering as a way of life, and has always made time for it. Among other activities, he volunteered in the “LGBT Rights Associations” where he became manager of the legal department, and also in the IBA’s “Reward of a Mitzvah” organization for pro bono legal support and representation where he has been working in the family rights aspect. He has an LL.M., Family Law-Mediation and Family Disputes Settlements from Bar Ilan University, and a dual-degree – LL.B. and B.A., Government, Diplomacy and Strategy from IDC. He recently returned to academia, and is now a student in Bar-Ilan’s graduate school, writing his Ph.D. thesis on “Psychological and Functional Aspects of Terminating and Adding Parenting Rights”. He is also an esteemed and popular lecturer on family and inheritance law in general, and modern families in particular.

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