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Abu Ayash Bros. Ltd.
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Established: 1985
Line of Business: Construction & Development firm
Address: Ilut Office: P.O.B. 1248, Ilut 1697000
Tel Aviv Office: 65 Yigal Alon, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-4-6414900, 972-3-6332288
Fax: 972-4-6554003, 972-3-6332290
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.abu-ayash.com
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  • Kayid  Abu Ayash, Abu Ayash Bros. Ltd.

    Kayid Abu Ayash


    Abu Ayash Bros. Ltd.

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About Abu Ayash Bros. Ltd.

Abu Ayash Bros. is one of Israel’s leading construction companies. Six brothers in the Abu Ayash family teamed up with Kayid Abu Ayash who started his professional career in the industry in the late 1970s. In 1985, they founded their development and construction company that became one of Israel’s largest and most successful companies. Nowadays, the company is responsible for developing and building complex, large-scale projects in commercial construction, public institutions, education buildings (schools, universities, and colleges), residential, and numerous and complex industrial and engineering projects throughout Israel.

Professional Experience

Over the years, Abu Ayash Bros. has gained extensive and advanced experience, reputation and the trust of hundreds of customers, developers, project managers, architects, public figures, suppliers, and others. This is due to its reliability, professional, precise and efficient work procedures, unique work methods, high-quality materials, skilled and professional teams, the ability to meet timetables and budgets and more.

Innovative Standards of Construction Excellence

Abu Ayash Bros. is committed to the highest international standards. The company was one of the first construction companies to receive and implement an ISO 9002 accreditation. The company is duly registered in the Contractors Registrar with a classification of C5, enabling it to perform works of unlimited scopes in all building categories, including public housing, and it is a recognized contractor for government works. It implements innovative techniques and technologies, uses advanced equipment, and constantly learns. The accumulation of know-how, its quality finished products, experienced and professional staff and its stable and efficient organizational structure have positioned the company at the forefront of Israel’s construction industry.

The Company’s Values: Credibility, Quality, Service, and Loyalty

Abu Ayash Bros. has a worldview based on credibility and high professional and personal values including integrity, fairness, customer loyalty and uncompromising quality. The company’s customers enjoy the highest level of service throughout all of the works stages and loyally accompany it for many years. Owing to the implementation of these values, Abu Ayash Bros. is respected and esteemed by its competitors and numerous other entities in the Israeli construction sector.

Financial Stability

The company’s stable financial strength serves as another major component of its success in its field. Its strong economic base enables it to complete large-scale projects successfully, to maintain its economic and organizational stability over the years and to continue and initiate advanced development activities in the construction sector.

Investing in the Human Capital

Abu Ayash Bros. has about 60 employees and 500 subcontracted workers. The company’s staff enjoys respectful work relations and the chance to take part in Israel’s largest and most significant projects. The company’s employees receive frequent training, seminars and courses to maintain the highest level of skill and keep up with the latest methods, equipment, and materials. Abu Ayash Bros. was chosen by the Ministry of Trade from 20 plants as a model of safe working in heights. The company also acts as a leading enterprise in the implementation of proposal for working in heights procedures. 

Prominent Projects

The company is responsible for building some of the largest and leading projects in Israel including many buildings at the Western Galilee College, Technion (student dorms, Nano-Electronics and Life Science buildings, Pre-academic and Student House), Haifa University (Student House, Library), Israel Youth Hostel Assn., Oranim College, Kfar Nahar Yarden, Clalit Health Fund (Meir Hospital Building), CPC High Technologies, and Hostel for the Ministry of Housing & Construction. The company also cooperates with Tel Aviv Municipality in preservation and development, Discount Bank (Visitors Center, Tel Aviv), Shikun Ovdim, Bar Ilan University’s Safed Medical Faculty, an Events Center and Sports Building at Kfar Nahar Yarden, the Olympic Pool at the Wingate Inst. And several buyers groups in Tel Aviv, construction projects in the large block of Tel Aviv, etc.

The company’s current projects include:

Design City, Ma’ale Adumim: A 65,000 sq.m. commercial center; Assisted Living Azrieli, Lehavim - A large project owned by Azrieli, Abu Ayash is the executing company; Student Dormitories, Kiryat Ono - A Kiryat Ono Municipality project in collaboration with Aura Israel; 10-12 Hazanowitz St., South Tel Aviv - A Yuvalim Ltd. project, 92 residential units; Agrobank Haifa - One of the largest commercial projects in Israel, located in a prime location on Road 2; Bait BaLev Petah Tikva - A senior citizens’ home, which is among the leading most advanced senior citizens’ homes nationwide; A commercial center that includes the largest office building in Azur; Ramat Ha Nasi neighborhood, Haifa - the company is building 3 residential buildings in cooperation with Gav Yam; Greenhouse Galil neighborhood, Nazereth - a project developed by Abu Yaish, which is currently settling residents in phase A, and building phase B; Additional projects including: 17 Levontin St. and 174 Ben Yehuda St. in Tel Aviv, in which residents have settled in over the past year; Urban Garden, Ra’anana: 67 units in four buildings.

Artists in Preserving Buildings

Following its great success in implementing preservation projects in the north, the company was invited to bid for tenders for preserving buildings in the Tel Aviv region. The company has expertise in architectural preservation and provides quality solutions by using complex, unique work techniques, special raw materials and staff with expertise and experience in restoration and preservation projects at the highest level of implementation and finishing.

Customers from Every Segment of the Industry

Public institutions, institutes of higher learning, public companies, developers, leaders of buyers groups and project managers, leading architects: are just some of the list of loyal customers, both old and new, with which the company has had fruitful cooperation.

Community Outreach

The company supports groups of children and youth and provides assistance to soccer teams in northern Israel. The company also provides ongoing support to various groups at risk in Israel and support education institutes and various student groups.

Protecting a Green Environment

The company prioritizes environmental protection and carries out many activities to promote and apply the subject in present and future projects. For example, a large percentage of the components in building Bar Ilan University’s Medical Faculty in Safed are environmentally friendly materials. A substantial number of the company’s fleet are hybrid electric vehicles.

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