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Established: 1925
Line of Business: Infrastructure, Construction and Development
Address: 103 Medinat Hayehudim St.,
P.O.B. 337, Herzliya 4610301
Phone: 972-9-9596666
Fax: 972-9-9543130
Email: [email protected]
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  • Giora Ackerstein, Ackerstein Group

    Giora Ackerstein

    Chairman of the Board, Ackerstein Group

    Ackerstein Group

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    Giora Ackerstein
  • Zvika Ackerstein, Ackerstein Group

    Zvika Ackerstein

    Chairman, Ackerstein Industries Board of Directors; Deputy Chairman, Ackerstein Group

    Ackerstein Group

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    Zvika Ackerstein
  • Doron Sela, Ackerstein Group

    Doron Sela

    CEO, Ackerstein Group

    Ackerstein Group

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About Ackerstein Group

Ackerstein Is a leading infrastructures, construction and development group. The group was founded more than 100 years ago as a small factory in Tel Aviv, and nowadays it includes factories that cover hundreds of dunams in Israel and the U.S. In Israel, the group is active in the infrastructures, construction and landscaping industries. In the U.S., it specializes in manufacturing, developing and marketing landscaping products through three facilities in Arizona and California. Over the years, the group made its mark as the leading industrial company for industrialized construction and infrastructure solutions. The group participated in large and complex nation infrastructures projects including the new ports, desalination, transferring the IDF to the south and more. The group has proven experience and extraordinary capabilities in planning and executing complex projects that integrate managerial and engineering excellence, advanced engineering and construction methods, meticulous attention to safety and uncompromising quality and service. Israelis encounter the group’s products on a daily basis, whether if in subterranean or overground infrastructures, or in landscaping products such as the group’s flagship product, interlocking pavers, with which over 100 million sq.m. were paved in Israel.
The group has a tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship, reliability and professionalism, based on first-class standards and a solid and stable financial strength.
The group has adhered to the value of innovation throughout all of its years. This value led to a tradition of developing innovative products and work processes that created to concept “Ackerstein or equivalent”. Since its establishment, the company has been nurturing an aspiration to excellence amongst its employees, which is reflected in the full spectrum of its operations. The company sees its human capital as the best business card and as a base for realizing its strength in the future.
The company also operates in the yielding properties segment through its subsidiary Ackerstein Zvi Ltd. (100%), mainly in rental offices in Herzliya Pituach and industrial plots.
In 2021 the group shares were issued on the TASE.

Innovation. That’s Ackerstein Too.

Ackerstein believes in quality and innovation and implements these values ubiquitously. With 100 years of experience, Ackerstein provides unique solutions with uncompromising quality for complex and exceptional projects above and below ground. The company’s vast product range allows responses for exceptional engineering, planning and architectural requirements and ambitious, large-scale ventures. The products excel in quality and design, and come in a range of shapes, colors and finishes. All of Ackerstein’s production processes are automated and meet the highest environmental and Israeli and international standards. Ackerstein invests extensive resources in R&D enabling also improvement of existing products and breakthroughs in new products. Throughout the years, the company developed unique products and received patents and design protection for its products in Israel and abroad.

Areas of Activity

Civil Engineering & Infrastructures: As a leader in infrastructure, Ackerstein provides advanced engineering solutions offering unprecedented quality and precision. Ackerstein produces sealed pipe systems for drainage and sewage with sealing that prevents liquid from leaking and water and sand from penetrating, and ramming pipes of various diameters.
Industrialized Construction: Ackerstein has a production line for manufacturing industrialized elements to spec, manufacturing fully-accessorized “green” spacious units with insulation (paneling) that saves energy, contributes to the environment and lowers operational costs.
Landscape Design: Ackerstein leads in landscape design products with a broad range of paving solutions and products in a variety of colors, textures, finishes and panel sizes. In addition, the company manufactures a broad range of complementary landscape design elements, such as curbstones and garden stones, stairs, boundary markers, accessibility elements and street and garden furniture for public spaces.
Retaining and Acoustic Walls: Ackerstein joined world leaders to develop a unique product line of acoustic and retaining walls that meets any engineering need and focuses on solutions of noise absorbing aggregates in acoustic walls and advanced armored ground systems in retaining walls.
Architectural Concrete: A wide range of paneling products to meet every demand and project, from environmental development to office buildings and luxury residences. In addition, a one of its kind product line in Israel – with the innovative UHPC technology – thin-walled architectural concrete that is the result of Ackerstein’s exclusive knowledge agreement for cladding and facades.
Roof Tiles: Ackerstein has been producing roof tiles since 1986 and is Israel’s only company making concrete roof tiles in various colors with a range of roofing solutions. The tiles are produced using high compression techniques that make the tile strong, impenetrable and resilient to the toughest weather. Millions of square meters of roofs that have successfully lasted over the years, are Ackerstein’s certificate of quality.

Innovation and Quality Overseas. That’s Ackerstein Too.

AckerStone Southern California: The factory, founded in 1989, provides landscaping products for upscale projects, and is a leading manufacturer of processed products.
AckerStone Phoenix Arizona: The factory was opened in 2009 to meet growing demand for the company’s products. It specializes in manufacturing processed paving and tiles as well as elements for supporting walls.
AckerStone Hassayampa: This factory was acquired in 2018 and manufactures various retaining walls and panels.

Ackerstein Home – Quality for Life, for the Home and for the Garden

In 2015, Ackerstein launched its HOME brand to lead in the design of “Outdoor Living” family life. The brand offers a range of exclusive garden, interior and roof design solutions including outdoor paving, panels and concrete roof tiles.

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