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Development and building contracting, yielding real estate, urban renewal

Adanim Group
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Established: 2006
Line of Business: Development and building contracting, yielding real estate, urban renewal
Address: 3 Monbaz St., Jerusalem
Phone: 972-2-6213321
Fax: 972-2-5721923
Email: [email protected]
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    Yehuda Rothstein Owner
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About Adanim Group

Adanim Group is a real estate group engaged in initiation and construction with an emphasis on urban renewal.
The group deals with various levels of the real estate sphere and includes the Adanim company that focuses on urban renewal, Eyal Habniya that deals with the execution, management, and supervision of projects, and companies that hold yielding real estate and land. Over the years, the group has initiated, constructed, and promoted a variety of projects that include residential projects as part of urban renewal - NOP 38 including reinforcement, thickening and rebuilding processes, projects with a high engineering complexity, or those that included preservation of buildings, construction of residential villas and detached houses, expansion of settlements and establishment of public infrastructures, construction of various public institutions, schools, hotels, Torah institutions and so forth.
Out of love for Jerusalem and a desire to renew its face, the group works hard in the Jerusalem area. The scope of the group’s planning and construction includes many projects of urban renewal and new construction and tens of thousands of meters of commercial and logistics offices.

The Group’s Divisions

The Mapping Division - The company has developed a unique software-based system that produces reports and reviews on entire areas of Jerusalem, at the construction level. The reviews include all aspects of development - starting with a planning review of the existing construction situation and the presentation of the construction options for the lot and the specific building according to the existing data, the TMA plan (and in the case of Jerusalem the 10038 plan adapted to Jerusalem), the policy documents and the regional master plans, through the aspect of the proprietary aspect, which includes mapping the costs and locating the property owners, and ending with the financial aspect, which includes examining the possibilities of the program proposal that provides the best solution from a planning and financial point of view. With the click of a button, one can adjust the possible urban renewal scenarios, choose between specification levels, generate reports and various planning documents, and more. A detailed field report reveals all the relevant points in the pre-planning and decision-making phase of the project.
The company’s technological platform gives its customers a huge advantage compared to companies that work with the classic method of finding leads, etc. Adanim Group chooses the best offers for its customers while filtering the right projects for them, in terms of design, ownership, and finances.
Urban Renewal Division - This division deals with the promotion and construction of NOP-type projects related to strengthening, thickening and rebuilding procedures and the promotion and construction of projects on the Pinui Binui route in Jerusalem and other locations in the country. The country was built for about 120 years and is now undergoing advanced renewal and construction procedures that include the re-planning of the cities, height growth, and optimal urban planning. As part of the large urban renewal project in Israel, the group is proud to be a part of it.
Yielding Real Estate Division - The group owns many real estate areas that include office buildings, commercial spaces, and distribution centers in areas where the company identifies the potential for high returns and a significant increase in value.
Real Estate Investment Division - The company specializes in locating land for improvement and promoting it for construction. An example of this is the Bne Beitecha lots or lands where the company changes the zoning to build detached houses.
Also, the professionals in the group have special expertise in complex properties such as properties of heirs, absentees, areas on the borderline, or in Judea and Samaria which have complexities different from the general planning areas.
Training and Placement of Young People in the Field of Real Estate - The company has built a professional educational system for training young people in the field of real estate in general and urban renewal, in particular. During this program, students study all aspects of construction and development, from planning to execution, with an emphasis on human relations. To date, the vast majority of Adanim course graduates have become high-quality and sought-after professionals.
Iska Fund - The company is in the stages of establishing a new investment fund that will combine several investment routes - residential real estate, yielding real estate, and urban renewal. The purpose of the fund is to be an active partner in real estate projects throughout the country.

Implementing Technologies and Thinking Outside the Box

The managers and employees of the company are characterized by the desire to innovate while implementing advanced technologies, such as the unique software developed by the company or a connection with VR systems to illustrate the proposed design, and especially by thinking outside the box while developing a design work methodology, which is crucial for the success of the projects in terms of design and human considerations. Many times it is these solutions that enable the advancement of the project. In particularly complicated and complicated cases, “the solution is the advantage”.

Our Cornerstones

The cornerstones that form the basis of our
activity are:
Reliability - Professionalism - Humanity
Uncompromising reliability and professionalism, adherence to high standards of quality down to the smallest details, as well as strict commitment to the schedule, individual service, and personal treatment, define all of the group’s activities in the initiation and construction, and management of real estate assets.
Our concept of living places the person in the center and adjusts the space around him. In every residential or employment project, a characterization process is carried out for the environment, people, and social fabric, with an understanding and emphasis on the tenant’s personal needs, worldview, and lifestyle. In this way, the project is adapted to its purpose, while it integrates into its surroundings and is optimally used by the tenants.
For this purpose, the best professionals in their field are selected, who have many years of experience in planning and executing diverse, public, and private projects. The company’s self-executing status allows us to provide the best service, while paying attention to every detail and the overall planning. It means execution of the projects with a particularly high-quality construction standard, utilizing all the knowledge and experience our company has acquired over the years.
The construction process, starting from the initial planning stage until the delivery, is done with uncompromising attention to architectural planning and perfect design, the quality of materials, close supervision of the construction processes, and a high level of finish while taking into account a sustainable environment and meeting the quality standard of green construction.

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