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Medical Malpractice and Bodily Harm

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Established: 2002
Line of Business: Medical Malpractice and Bodily Harm
Address: 4 HaSheizaf St., Wopa Building, Ra’anana
Phone: 972-9-7487778
Fax: 972-9-7487779
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  • Hadara  Roth, Adara Roth & Co., Law Office

    Adv. Hadara Roth

    Founder & Owner

    Adara Roth & Co., Law Office

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About Adara Roth & Co., Law Office

Adara Roth & Co. is a boutique firm that has been specializing in medical malpractice and severe bodily harm for the past two decades.
The firm, which represents only plaintiffs, represented in some of Israel’s largest and most complex tort claims, and achieved numerous precedents, also in the Supreme Court.
The firm, which is ranked as a leading firm both in medical malpractice and in torts by D&B, obtained damages amounting to tens of millions of Shekels, and benefits from twenty years of excellent reputation in its field.
The firm, which was established by Adv. Adara Roth in 2002, manages to combine between the personal attention from which the clients benefit, as derived from the personal involvement of the firm’s founder in each and every case, and between the professional excellence for which it is renowned, which leads to its extraordinary achievements for its clients.
These achievements include precedents in unique claims against the state and some of the highest damages (including in medical malpractice) that were ruled in Israel.
Adara Roth and her team have a precedential fingerprint in the Israeli legal profession.
Among others, the firm represented all of the bereaved families that were evicted from Gush Katif, in a precedential lawsuit against the State concerning the latter’s negligence in the relocation of the graves upon the eviction. This was a milestone in Israeli law, as the Supreme Court confirmed the State’s liability to compensate all of the bereaved families which had to transfer the graves of their beloved.
Since the firm represents only plaintiffs, without representing or acting on behalf of insurance companies, it is fully committed and dedicated to its clients, and never has a conflict of interests, rather only the implementation of its past experience in order to obtain optimal results for its clients.
The firm’s lawyers see their work as their vocation and are proud to provide first-class legal services for clients who are going through hardships, with attention to personal, professional and dedicated service, throughout the entire way, and achieve extraordinary results for them. 

The Firm’s Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice

The firm specializes in bodily and mental harm due to medical malpractice. The firm has twenty years of experience in this area and widespread connections with medical experts from every medical field in Israel and abroad. The firm participated in some of the most extensive and important rulings that were ruled in Israel over the past decades.
The firm has extensive experience in obstetrics negligence, including CP, birth defects, Erb’s palsy, ultrasounds and malpractice in pregnant assessment. In addition, the firm specializes in late cancer diagnosis, non-testing, and ignoring-concerns claims.
The firm also handles surgical errors claims, including errors in gastrointestinal, bariatric, ERCP and endoscopy, cardiac caths, chest, and organ transplant surgeries, and in medical malpractice in emergency medicine including late diagnosis of stroke, aneurysm, etc., and in orthopedics, including back and other orthopedic surgeries.
The firm also handles medical malpractice in cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, liposuction, laser hair removal and tattoo, and scar removal.
The firm is also experienced in internal medicine, including late diagnosis, non-detection of infections and mis-dosage, and in family practice, including non-testing, non-reference to an expert or imaging (US, CT, MRI).

Severe Bodily Harm

The firm has been representing victims of hazards, road, and workplace accidents for many years. The firm represents only plaintiffs vis-à-vis insurance companies and various perpetrators.
The firm has extensive experience in represents plaintiffs in severe bodily harm vis-à-vis insurance companies, the State of Israel, local authorities or any other perpetrating/responsible entity. Every bodily harm victim, whomever he/she may be, can find the legal, professional and compassionate response he/she requires – due to severe injury. 

Adv. Adara Roth

Adara Roth has been practicing bodily harm in general and medical malpractice in particular for 22 years. She handled some of the most significant lawsuits in Israel, which received considerable media attention. In the past, she legally represented various insurance companies.
The knowledge and experience she gained in those years have been implemented over the past 18 years in the representation of plaintiffs in medical malpractice, and severe bodily harm in road, workplace and other accidents, claims.
In addition, she represents clients in claims to the National Insurance Institute and the various HMOs.
She has an LL.B. from Bar Ilan University and was admitted to the bar in 1997. She graduated from in-depth training on medicine for legal professionals and is a licensed notary, and she lectures and participates in legal panels on bodily harm and medical malpractice. 

Community Service

Adara Roth and her firm’s team emphasize the importance of community service and assistance to underprivileged populations.
From this perspective, the firm regularly manages, professional and with devotion, pro bono cases, as part of its world view and perspective that every person is entitled to professional and appropriate legal representation.
In addition, the firm regularly participates in assistance to the elderly and Holocaust survivors.

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