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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Real Estate Development and Urban Renewal
Address: 7 Abba Hillel Silver St., Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6121213
Fax: 972-3-5756968
Email: [email protected]
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  • Doron Oved, Agam Shavit Real Estate Development

    Doron Oved


    Agam Shavit Real Estate Development

  • Aviv Tasa, Agam Shavit Real Estate Development

    Adv. Aviv Tasa

    Owner & Chairman

    Agam Shavit Real Estate Development

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About Agam Shavit Real Estate Development

Agam Shavit Real Estate Enterprises is a leading company specializing in urban renewal, which initiates, plans, and builds National Outline Plan (NOP 38) projects and evacuation-construction plans. For 14 years, the company has worked on a wide variety of projects at the heart of the desirable areas in the main cities of Israel, including Tel Aviv, Givatayim, and Ramat Gan. Transparency and professionalism guide the company’s activities, using technological resources that provide regular updates to the tenants as the project progresses to the satisfaction of all parties involved. When necessary, Agam Shavit can be creative and find appropriate solutions to various types of projects to realize them. The knowledge accumulated in the company in the field of urban renewal during its 14 years of activity is beneficial for tenants and project partners both in the legal and the executive aspects. The company has already completed a number of projects in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan and has upgraded the quality of life for the tenants who live in them. Moreover, the company values reliability and uncompromising service, and is proud of its human capital, which focuses on the leading professionals in their field. Agam Shavit operates fairly and is committed to personalized and dedicated service, which is provided directly by the various professionals in their field, including the CEO and the company’s owners, who are personally involved at every stage.

Transparency, Professionalism, Creativity

Adv. Aviv Tesa, chairman and owner of the company, founded the first school for urban renewal in Israel 15 years ago and was one of the founders of the Urban Renewal Association in Israel. In addition to his legal expertise, he is also extremely knowledgeable about the professional side of the field. The company’s customers benefit from this, especially in the early stages when agreements and understandings need to be reached and creative solutions need to be considered. Our company is specialized in solving problems that other companies sometimes fail to handle. Agam Shavit is recognized for its professional excellence, and transparency throughout the entire process, supplying the tenants with all the information, and is at their disposal from the first day, until after the delivery of the new apartment. The company adheres to preliminary, comprehensive, and thorough planning, as in the inspection of the building before signing with the tenants, as well as contacting the authorities regarding approvals and early planning, analyzing and researching the information, and employing experts who accompany the entire project. The company works in full cooperation with the tenant’s representative in order to reach the end of the project quickly, transparently and efficiently.

Providing Fair Treatment to Customers and Suppliers

Beyond transparency and fairness towards customers and tenants of the projects, Agam Shavit considers the sub-suppliers that work with it to be integral to the organization. This includes a high payment ethic. This approach guarantees the excellent service provided by the suppliers, who are leaders in their field, so that the company’s customers, both existing and new tenants, receive uncompromising service and quality.

Innovative Tools for Optimal Planning

Agam Shavit works with advanced technological systems that support all planning stages. The professional experience of the company’s CEO, Doron Oved, as an industrial and management engineer means that the company oversees all phases of the project, starting from the phase of presenting the initial concept to the tenants through planning the apartments optimally, coordinating the signing process with the tenants’ attorney, and all the stages of planning with the local systems and execution at the highest level, including providing service to customers throughout the stages of the project and after its completion, and regular updates to tenants via the GET STATUS system.

Giving Back to the Community as a Leading Value

Agam Shavit chose to give back to the community in which it operates and builds, and in every neighborhood where it carries out a project. It contributes to the community and the future generation in the fields of education, sports and culture. This includes the sponsorship of the scout tribe in Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv, the support of sports teams and much more.

Selected Projects

33 Bloch, Tel Aviv - Populated.
A boutique project in the heart of Tel Aviv’s sought-after area.
35 Bloch, Tel Aviv - Populated.
A boutique project of demolition and reconstruction in the heart of the demand area of Tel Aviv.
7 Yehuda Hanasi, Ramat Gan - Populated.
A strengthening of a building with 14 existing housing units, and the addition of 10 housing units, including 8 apartments and two penthouses.
26 Tel Hai, Ramat Gan - Populated.
A designed and innovative boutique building located in the heart of Ramat Gan.
93 Ben Gurion, Bat Yam - Towards execution / in marketing.
A project located on the first line to the sea, which includes the reinforcement and renovation of a building with 20 housing units and two commercial floors, while adding secure spaces, balconies, a new elevator and a magnificent lobby.
8 Professor Shor, Tel Aviv - Under construction / marketing.
Demolition and construction project in the old and high-quality north of Tel Aviv. As part of the project, an old building with 15 apartments was demolished and a modern building is being built that offers 24 designed and innovative apartments.
8 Clay, Tel Aviv - Under construction / marketing.
Between Kikar HaMedina and the train station and near the future metro line, a demolition and construction project that includes the demolition of a building with 16 existing housing units and the construction of an innovative building with 29 housing units, including boutique apartments. 47
Hovevei Zion, Tel Aviv - In the planning stages.
Demolition and construction project in the prestigious 3rd district in Tel Aviv, offering 20 housing units, including garden apartments and spectacular penthouses, a few-minute walk from the sea.
Kiryat Ekron - “Young Couples” project - In the planning stages.
Pinui Binui project in the center of Kiryat Ekron as part of an authorities route. Demolition of 120 housing units in old railway buildings and construction of 11 buildings of 8-10 floors with 470 residential units, public areas, a synagogue, and commerce for the welfare of the residents-submitted to the district committee.

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