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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Real Estate Development and Urban Renewal
Address: 7 Abba Hillel Silver St., Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6121213
Fax: 972-3-5756968
Email: [email protected]
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  • Doron Oved, Agam Shavit Real Estate Development

    Doron Oved


    Agam Shavit Real Estate Development

  • Aviv Tasa, Agam Shavit Real Estate Development

    Adv. Aviv Tasa

    Owner & Chairman

    Agam Shavit Real Estate Development

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About Agam Shavit Real Estate Development

Agam Shavit Real Estate Development specializes in urban renewal and develops, plans, and builds NOP 38 and Pinui Binui projects. Over the last thirteen years, the company has participated in a wide range of projects in the heart of the demand areas in the main cities in Israel, including Tel Aviv, Givatayim, and Ramat Gan.
Agam Shavit is committed to accompanying the project to completion and tenants’ satisfaction. Transparency is the driving force behind the company’s activities since it specializes in the assets of tenants and values all tenants equally. Agam Shavit provides customized and comprehensive solutions to the complex and unique issues that arise in the field of urban renewal, which are precisely tailored to each project it works on.
With its human capital focused on the best professionals in its field, the company operates in accordance with the values of reliability and uncompromising service. In every discussion and discourse, the company adheres to the values on which it was founded.
Agam Shavit provides a personalized and dedicated service to tenants long after they have moved in. Involvement of the CEO does not stop with the provision of full availability for tenants, but extends to initiation, tenders and execution, as well as throughout the design and construction processes. Agam Shavit’s professional and dedicated service to its customers, both interpersonally and socially, ensures that all their promises have been fulfilled and the customer is completely satisfied.

Transparency, Professionalism, Commitment

Agam Shavit is known for its professionalism, operates transparently throughout the process, provides all the information to the tenants, and is available to them from day one until after the apartment has been delivered.
The firm believes in thorough, comprehensive, and preliminary planning, inspects the building before signing a lease, contacts the authorities concerning approvals and early planning, analyzes and investigates the information, and employs experts who accompany the project for the entire time. In order to promote the project quickly and efficiently, the company works closely with the tenants’ representatives.

Personalized Approach

Agam Shavit’s high payment ethic ensures that the company’s suppliers provide excellent service, which results in first-class service and uncompromising quality received by the company’s customers, both existing tenants and new tenants alike. In this way, Agam Shavit leads to harmony and synergy, which in turn create an additional value for its customers.

Innovative Tools for the Optimal Design

Agam Shavit’s CEO, Doron Oved, comes from the world of information systems, and as a result, the company works with support systems at all stages of planning, as well as while providing customer service. Agam Shavit uses innovative tools and is the first company to make a superposition on a boutique building of 21 housing units. In this way, all the planning systems can be tested at the initial stages, ensuring optimal planning for each project.

Ecology as a Leading Value

The unique strength of the company derives from the values in which it operates, including ecology as a leading value while using an innovative concept, both from a human and environmental perspective. The company hence strives to promote urban renewal with special emphasis on ecological value and, among other things, incorporates ecological elements that preserve the environment from the start.

Prominent Projects

33 Bloch St., Tel Aviv - boutique project in the heart of Tel Aviv’s most sought-after neighborhood, which includes the addition of three apartments to an existing building.
47 Hovevei Zion St., Tel Aviv - demolition and construction project in District 3 of the city, offering 20 residential units, including spectacular garden apartments and penthouses.
7 Yehuda Hanasi St., Ramat Gan - NOP 1 project was acquired by Agam Shavit Real Estate Development from a receiver after becoming entangled and facing liquidation: a building of 14 existing apartments, whose construction was stopped in 2017 due to financial difficulties of the previous developer while the tenants lived in the building. Agam Shavit completed all the work on the project while meeting all the commitments and added 10 residential units, which include 8 apartments and two spectacular penthouses.
93 Ben Gurion St., Bat Yam - project located on the seafront includes reinforcing and renovating a building with 20 housing units and two commercial floors while adding secure spaces, balconies, a new elevator, and a luxurious lobby. The NOP 38/1 project added ten special dwelling units designed to complement the spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea.
8 Professor Schor St., Tel Aviv - project located the old north of Tel Aviv. During the demolition and reconstruction project within the framework of NOP 38/2, an old building with 15 residential units was demolished and replaced with a modern building with 24 aesthetically pleasing and innovative housing units.
8 Clay St., Tel Aviv - in the heart of Tel Aviv, a demolition and construction project includes the demolition of a building of 16 existing residential units and the construction of an innovative building of 29 housing units.
26 Tel Hai St., Ramat Gan - an innovative and designed boutique building located in the heart of Ramat Gan, which includes the addition of five new apartments.
Kiryat Ekron - “Young Couples” Project - Pinui Binui project in the center of Kiryat Ekron. Demolition of 120 housing units in old buildings and construction of 11 8- to 10-story buildings with 470 residential units, public areas, synagogue, and commercial buildings for the benefit of the residents.

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