Air-conditioning Warehouses Chain

Trade and Marketing of Advanced Air-conditioning Systems

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Established: 2002
Line of Business: Trade and Marketing of Advanced Air-conditioning Systems
Address: Air-conditioning Warehouses Chain
27 Hauman, Talpiot
Phone: 972-2-6797053
Fax: 972-2-6796676
Email: [email protected]
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    Meir Ohayon CEO
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About Air-conditioning Warehouses Chain

Air-conditioning Warehouses is a leading and renowned chain in the air-conditioning area, providing a comprehensive solutions envelope for the marketing and sale of air-conditioning systems and related accessories.

The chain is managed by its owners, who are experienced and skilled professionals, dealing in this area since 1994, and over the years has provided service to governmental entities, public institutions, municipalities, local councils and air-conditioning contractors.

During the passing year, a new logistics center had opened at the wholesale market in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem, the Romema branch in Jerusalem has begun operating in a new and renovated site, and the Shilat branch in Modiin has undergone expansions and relocated to a new and renovated nearby site.

Today, the company operates 6 thriving branches located in the cities of Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh and Modi’in.

Each branch has a professional and competent management team, operating according to the company’s values and understanding the customer’s needs.

Company Values

The values of service, integrity, and reliability are substantial milestones for the management and the staff of the company.

The company operates according to ethics codes, seeking to provide the best service, in order to obtain optimal satisfaction for all the parties.

Therefore, the company strives to solve each problem or failure as soon as possible, by rendering an attentive and combined service both for the air-conditioning systems installers and the end customers.

Since its foundation, the chain has set a goal to aspire to a higher service standard than the existing one, by active training to improve the professional knowledge of the installers as well as the quality of the air-conditioning products.

As a result of this aspiration, the company operates on two levels:

1. Air conditioning installers professional training

The chain renders services to professional and experienced installers, providing them with theoretic and practical tools, professional training and support at any given moment.

2. Professional Air Conditioning Advisors

The chain aspires to promote businesses in the air-conditioning line, out of a comprehensive approach that one can reach satisfaction and high cooperation with the customers only by supplying optimal service. Therefore, the company puts at the customer’s disposal professional air-conditioning consultants both during the selection and purchase at its branches as well as by accessible and available phone service.

Providing Air-conditioning Systems at the Highest Level

Since its establishment, the company cooperates with the best air-conditioning systems worldwide.

In order to render the most precise solutions to the end customers, the chain always works with a very large range of brands of manufacturers in the areas of Inverter and VRF systems, water chilling and heating systems.

The company also markets professional tools and a variety of related spare parts and accessories required for installation and service.

Future Plans

The company intends to expand and set up additional branches throughout the country.

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