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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Tort Insurance and Medical Malpractice
Address: 3a Hata’as St., Ramat Gan 5251245
Phone: 972-3-6916637
Fax: 972-3-6916635
Email: [email protected]
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  • Ran  Shapira, Almog-Shapira Law Offices

    Ran Shapira

    Founding partner

    Almog-Shapira Law Offices

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    Ran Shapira
  • Refael  Almog, Almog-Shapira Law Offices

    Refael Almog

    Founding partner

    Almog-Shapira Law Offices

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    Refael Almog
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About Almog-Shapira Law Offices

Almog-Shapira Law Offices is a boutique firm and one of Israel’s leading insurance and tort law firms. The firm represents private clients in the management of insurance cases (long-term care, work incapacitation and more), torts and medical malpractice.
The firm’s founders and managers, Adv. Refael Almog and Adv. Ran Shapira, are experienced in the provision of legal support to property and casualty (P&C) insured and victims. The firm is involved, inter alia, in some of the largest and most complex cases in the insurance, torts and medical malpractice field. Almog-Shapira Law Offices is in a state of constant growth, and currently has a team of about 15 employees.

Untiringly fighting for justice, uncompromisingly professional

The firm represents its clients across Israel, with uncompromising professionalism as its motto, along-side transparency, and fairness for all of its clients. Almog-Shapira is proud of the fact that it doesn’t represent insurance companies or medical institutions, but rather assists medical malpractice causalities and insured in their fight against giant-corporations, with uncompromising legal professionalism. The firm maintains working relationships with well-known experts from various medical backgrounds, in accordance with each case it manages. This, since the firm regularly receives medical advice due to the adjacency of the firm’s practice area along-side the dynamic of the medical field. In addition, the firm actively participates in the promotion of its practiced issues outside of the courts. It has recently been reported, that Almog–Shapira Law Offices initiated and prepared a bill concerning long-term care insurance, aimed at benefiting the insured and making their court conduct easier for them. This bill, which was submitted with the cooperation of Knesset Member Itzik Shmuli, is currently being legislated in the Knesset.

Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice
Almog-Shapira focuses on medical malpractice and works to exercise its clients’ full compensation rights from the medical institution that was responsible for the damages. The firm managed and manages many medical malpractice cases, including in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial, and failures in surgeries and the diagnosis of severe illnesses. The firm represents many casualties as well as many families who’ve lost their loved ones sue for negligence and malpractice of health facilities.
Since the management of a medical malpractice victim’s cases require a special and sensitive approach, as well as extensive knowledge and proficiency in the legal and medical fields, the firm’s staff remains up-to-date in legislation and ruling updates, in order to reach the best results for each client. 

Insurance claims
Almog–Shapira is one of Israel’s leading firms in the area of insurance claims. The firm represents its clients and gets the insurance benefits to which they are entitled to them. The firm handles a variety of insurance topics, including long-term insurance, work incapacitation insurance, life insurance, severe illnesses insurance, etc.
This complex practice area requires a practical understanding of insurance law and its implementation in individual cases. Almog–Shapira helps insured whose eligibility for insurance benefits was rejected by the insurance company. The firm is renowned as an uncompromising fighter for its clients’ rights in every available way at its disposal. The firm remains constantly up-to-date in the rulings and legislation changes in the field. 

Work incapacity
Almog – Shapira handles work incapacitation cases, and works relentlessly to achieve an optimal result for its clients in this practice area. The firm works with uncompromising professionalism in order to exercise the rights of its clients under the policies they purchased, in cases where the insurance companies are trying to reject their eligibility.

Long-term care
Long-term care claims are a major and essential practice area of the firm. The praise that the firm received for its work in this field, including extensive media exposure, and many recommendations from clients who received the firm’s support, attests to the meaning and centrality of this field for the firm. The office is also well known for helping many communities such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s patients. The Almog-Shapira firm fights every single day for receiving long-term care benefits to the full extent of the insured rights and manages numerous long-term care lawsuits at any given time.
The firm made the uncompromising will to achieve maximal results for insured its hallmark and aims to do this as fast as possible, inter alia due to the awareness of the tremendous importance of the monthly benefits for the long-term care patients and their families. The firm is a recognized authority in the legal field of long-term care claims, and shall always see this field as an essential field for the legal profession in general and the firm’s practice in particular. The firm provides legal support for the insured and their families throughout all of the procedure’s stages, from the rejection of the application by the insurance company, and until receiving insurance payments for them. The firm gains its ever-present motivation for reaching fast and optimal results for its clients from the everyday relationships with the clients and their families. 

Body injuries claims
The firm represents its clients in the body and mental damages claims. The firm handles accidents in public areas, workplace accidents, and negligent injuries, among others. The firm cooperates with leading medical experts in their fields, who contribute to exercising the clients’ eligibility in the area of bodily injuries.

Community Involvement

Almog-Shapira sees community involvement and social contribution as an inseparable part of its operations. The firm regularly provides legal assistance, counsel, and lectures in its practice areas to elderly populations and insurance salesmen, and extensively supports the community. The firm provides legal counsel and support for associations and all of their members, including the “Parkinson Israel”, “Israls” and “EMDA”.
In addition, the firm is involved in legal procedures with a public aspect.

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