Refael  Almog from Almog-Shapira Law Offices
Refael  Almog מחברת Almog-Shapira Law Offices

Refael Almog

Founding partner

Almog-Shapira Law Offices
Tort Insurance and Medical Malpractice
Year of Birth: 1980
Email: [email protected]
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Fields: Torts, Insurance and medical malpractice
Position: Founding partner
Seniority in position: 10 years
Education: LL.B., The College of Management, Rishon Le’tzion
Community Activity: Volunteers in NGOs and the Association of Insurance Brokers and Agents and lectures all across Israel
Languages: Hebrew and English
Military Rank: Sergeant, first class

What was the significant move you recently led?
I initiated a legislation bill for changes the legal situation in the legal management of long-term care insurance lawsuits. In addition, I am very involved in all aspects of the insurance issue and the required and suggested changes and participate through the expression of my opinion and assistance in many of the cases.;

What are the office’s main strengths?
There is a huge importance in our field to the relationship between the lawyer and the client. I think that we are particularly noteworthy in this point, in helping the clients understand, that we would fight for them, no matter how hard the road would be. This, along with our uncompromising professionalism, makes us who we are.

Which recent moves would strengthen the office over the next few years?
Our results lead many clients to turn to us, whether if insured or body and medical malpractice casualties. The multitude of applications lead to natural growth of the office while maintaining its professional qualities. I believe the coming years would bring many professional milestones which would leave no doubt on the ranking of our office as a leader in its field.

What are the main challenges the office would face in the next few years?
To continue and lead the field while aiming for excellent results, not less, for each and every client. The challenge is in every case and even in every meeting with a new client. The new acquaintance that leads to a joint fight ending in a good result, is the essence and our day-to-day challenge that would certainly continue.

What would you recommend to a manager at the beginning of their path?
To understand that in the legal profession there is no room for almost. Management of a successful law firm in our field requires constant maintenance of a supreme professional level, and the understanding that we face new challenges every day, and should ultimately conclude them with a victory for the client. Aiming for maximal uncompromising success. This is what I demand of myself and the lawyers in my office and accordingly I recommend for every other manager to demand.

What should one remember also in difficult times?
That maintaining your professionalism and integrity also in difficult times would lead you very quickly to better times. I believe that the adage that the good succeeds and wins is very true, and therefore the difficult times, which are part of the path, are a source for learning and improvement. Beyond that, over time, they would simply become nonexistent.