Almog Psagot Urban Renewal Ltd.

Development and construction of multiresidential buildings, National Outline Plan 38, “Pinui and Binui” (Evacuation & Construction), and commercial centers

Almog Psagot Urban Renewal Ltd.
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Established: 2016
Line of Business: Development and construction of multiresidential buildings, National Outline Plan 38, “Pinui and Binui” (Evacuation & Construction), and commercial centers
Address: Platinum Tower, 21 HaArba’ah St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-77-3500734
Fax: 972-77-3500732
Email: [email protected]
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  • Giora Almog, Almog Psagot Urban Renewal Ltd.

    Giora Almog

    CEO, Partner

    Almog Psagot Urban Renewal Ltd.

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    Giora Almog
  • Amnon Eden, Almog Psagot Urban Renewal Ltd.

    Amnon Eden

    Chief Engineer

    Almog Psagot Urban Renewal Ltd.

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About Almog Psagot Urban Renewal Ltd.

Almog Psagot Urban Renewal Ltd. specializes in the promotion and construction of multi-residential buildings, National Outline Plan 38, “Pinui and Binui” (Evacuation & Construction), and commercial centers. The company focuses on developing innovative and high quality residential and commercial projects and is meticulous in maintaining the highest standards and meeting schedules.
Almog Psagot, managed by a highly experienced and skilled team, is both a developer and a contractor, thus maximizing its efficiency, its quality and the service it provides.
The company maintains its high standards of construction, the added value to its tenants, and provides solutions to best suit the needs of both residents and the environment.

Reliability, Professionalism, and Excellence in Construction

The uniqueness and the main advantage offered by the company come to the forefront in all of its construction and service processes. The company’s teams are available to residents, place an emphasis on excellence and operate with total reliability, transparency, and professionalism. The company works with respected architects and consultants all of whom are experts in their field and who work hand in hand, monitoring and supervising each project personally. All are committed to maintain and implement important, ironclad principals:
• Reliability, professional integrity, transparency and availability in their relations with every buyer and client.
• Each project is financially supervised and sureties are provided to every resident and project.
• Construction is carried out with the highest and most advanced quality standards.
• The company provides a warranty that includes comprehensive coverage for all elements of both the apartment and the building.
• The company implements advanced management methods that combine tools appropriate for planning, supervision, decision making, and for full control in real-time.
• The company is meticulous in its choice of suppliers and contractors, both in professional and financial terms.

“Everything under One Roof”

Almog Psagot has an experienced team and a subsidiary, contracting company, with many years of experience and success in many different types of projects. The contracting company provides comprehensive solutions for the company’s clients and operates in the private, governmental, and public sectors. Over the years, the contracting company has completed, with total success, dozens of projects. These include residential and commercial projects (residences, offices, and commercial centers).

Management Team

Giora Almog, the company’s CEO, is a manager with wide experience in the promotion and construction of residential and commercial real estate projects. In the past, he was the CEO of real estate promotion and contracting companies including Afridar and acquired vast experience in project promotion and management. Additionally, Almog holds two academic degrees in Business Admiration and is a graduate of the National Security College. He has participated in many courses in issues relating to finance and real estate. Giora Almog brings all of this experience to Almog Psagot.
Amnon Eden, Almog Psagot’s Chief Engineer, has extensive and varied professional experience in large entrepreneurial companies and contractors. Amnon is a graduate of the Technion’s Civil Engineering studies.


Currently, the company is developing and constructing a range of projects in the Central region in the cities of Tel Aviv, Ramat HaSharon, Herzliya, Haifa, and Jerusalem. The company’s projects are widely acclaimed in the media and have generated much interest from investors and Israeli families.
Ma’Apilai Egoz 38 - 40 in Tel Aviv, Final Construction Stages - the projected is located in a neighborhood on the eastern side of Tel Aviv, close to Ramat Gan and “Tayasim” (Pilots) Highway and Highway 4 (Mesubim Junction) and Givatayim. The area is enjoying a wave of urban renewal projects with apartment prices on the rise. The neighborhood is characterized by its many public and green spaces.
10 Kehilat Brazil - a project near the Ma’Apilai Egoz 38 - 40 project in Tel Aviv. The project includes 24 existing apartments and additional 21 new apartment, and is currently under construction with its marketing underway.
Under Development and Advanced Planning, 41 Sokolov St., Ramat HaSharon - a project located near the exit from the city and Tel-Aviv’s Northeastern entrance, Morasha Junc., Routes 4 and 2. The area is experiencing a growth momentum, and the underground rail would pass near the project. It includes 35 apartments and a commerce floor.
Under Development and Advanced Planning Stages, 14 Sokolov, Ramat HaSharon - the project is located at the entrance to Ramat Hasharon and will include 35 apartments. This is a quality, unique and boutique project.
Under Development and Planning Stages, 20 Ben Yehuda, Herzliya - A unique boutique project at the city’s center near the culture and entertainment complex. About 17 apartments.
Under Development and Planning, Pat Junction, Jerusalem - a complex that includes 3 residential towers with 29 floors above a commerce floor, and is part of the light rail project.

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