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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Criminal Law, White Collar Offences
Address: 150 Menachem Begin Rd., WE Building, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-50-5353558
Fax: 972-3-6096277
Email: [email protected]
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    Alon Eizenberg & Co., Law Office

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    Alon Eizenberg
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About Alon Eizenberg & Co., Law Office

Alon Eizenberg&Co., Law Office is a leading criminal law and white collar offences firm. The firm was founded in 2010 by Adv. Alon Eizenberg, who recorded unprecedented successes and achievements during his professional career, owing to his highly professional and hard work which successfully integrates assertiveness, boldness and creativity, with compassion and high sensitivity for his clients.
Throughout his legal career, Adv. Eizenberg has had the sharpest capability to recognize the case’s weak points through piles of legal materials, and to connect emotionally to each client’s human story. This combination contributes to his ability to make the client’s position accessible for the judges as concisely and reliably as possible, which makes them listen, rather than just hear the clients’ positions. This capability led to the firm’s participation in precedents which are studied in universities and law faculties across Israel.
The firm accompanies clients from the full spectrum of criminal offences, including murder cases, drug trafficking, violence and sexual offences. In addition, the firm specializes in white-collar cases while representing public officials and high-net-worth individuals in bribery, kickbacks, fraud, embezzlement, etc.
Throughout its years of operations, the firm accumulated vast experience both through handling complex and intricate cases which required particularly creative legal thinking, and through “everyday” cases while representing clients on an ongoing and daily basis. Many of the cases that the firm handled were widely publicized in Israel and abroad.

Adv. Alon Eizenberg, the Firm’s Founder and Owner

Following his military service in an elite unit, Eizenberg studied and completed his LL.B. in the College of Management in Rishon LeZion. He interned with the Late Adv. Moshe Israel, who was one of Israel’s top criminal and white collar defense attorneys, who represented, among others Ehud Olmert in the Fictitious Invoices Affair in the Likud, the real estate tycoon David Apple, who was accused of stealing tens of millions of Shekels from the evictees of Ma’abarat Yoseftal in Kfar Saba, and Amnon Safra, one of the defendants of the Holyland Case. Upon completing his internship and his admittance into the bar, Adv. Eizenberg opened his private firm, where he recorded extensive successes.
The firm accompanies numerous and diverse clients, including businesspersons and public officials, throughout the entire criminal proceeding and in all of the courts, including the Supreme Court.

In-Depth and Creative thinking in Every Case

The firm has creative and out-of-the-box thinking through which he optimally solves the complex cases it takes upon itself.
The firm believes in personal and respectful attention for every client and that the pillars of success are the vast legal proficiency, first-class litigation capabilities and an absolute support of the clients’ positions.

Selected Recent Cases

The Yonatan Hayelu Case – From Imprisonment for Life to Seven Years
Adv. Eizenberg represented Yonatan Hayelu, who was charged with the murder of Yaron Ayalin, for which he was expected to serve life imprisonment. Eizenberg met the defendant several days after the latter tried to commit suicide, since the police, the prosecution and the court wouldn’t believe him that the deceased sexually abused him, and he saw no way to prove this. Eizenberg convinced him not to sign a 25-year imprisonment plea bargain that was offered to him, and after a resolved and uncompromising legal battle, the court received the defense claims and determined, on the basis of the circumstantial evidence, that the defendant was indeed sexually abused by the deceased. Precedentially, the defendant was released to house arrest (against the position of the probation and prosecution services) and following an appeal to the Supreme Court on grounds of cumulative provocation (which was a legal precedence) he was acquitted from the charge of murder, and instead convicted in manslaughter, so that his sentence was reduced to 12 years. Even after this shortened sentence, Adv. Eizenberg didn’t quit, and continued to fight for Hayelu through signing 62 PMs on an amnesty petition. After a determined struggle, the amnesty petition was finally accepted and Hayelu was released after serving only 7 years. This verdict is studied in law faculties.
The Stefan Mendel Case – A legal drama where the way to justice was opened after 16 years through a very brave decision of the Supreme Court.
Adv. Eizenberg represents Stefan Mandel, a Jewish-Romanian holocaust survivor who became famous across the world as the man who won more than 40 million USD in 14 lottery wins. Mandel has opened in Israel, more than a decade ago, a social venture for purchasing businesses and lands, and was accused of failing to publicize a prospectus by the Securities Authority. Later, while he was residing abroad, he was convicted in absentia and sentenced to 10 months of imprisonment and an international arrest warrant was even issued. Adv. Eizenberg recently submitted a re-trial application and the Supreme Court , headed by Judge Melzar, received a dramatic decision several months ago which reversed the verdict from 16 years ago and enabled his returned to Israel without being arrested.

Prominent Cases:

Mei Avivim: The firm reached a stay of proceeds against one of the major defendants in the corruption scandal of the Tel Aviv water and sewage corporation.
Release from a six-month remand: Adv. Eizenberg achieved the acquittal of his client who was accused of assaulting his ex and was detained for six months.
Dismissal of Criminal Case Against a Cadet: Adv. Eizenberg achieved a dismissal of a criminal case against a cadet who was suspected of assaulting his significant other.
Acquittal of a defendant from 11 rape charges.
Acquittal of a person who has made death threats.
Winning an appeal against the disqualification of a light plea bargain: The Supreme Court accepted an appeal by Adv. Eizenberg against the disqualification of a light plea bargain in a car theft case. The court determined that even if the sentence is relatively lenient – judges should approve bargains.
Exposing the Fabrication of an Indictment: The firm exposed that cops fabricated a severe indictment against a resident of Yafo – the indictment was canceled.
Bargains should be honored: The firm appealed on the refusal of a magistrate to honor a lenient bargain of 4 months of imprisonment in a case where the defendant fraudulently received $170,000-worth of diamonds. The court ruled in favor of the defendant and the appeal was accepted.
Unlawful Detention: The firm proved that the police was 40 minutes late in filing the arrest application, and the court released a defendant with a considerable criminal record to house arrest.

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