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Financial Consulting and Customized Finance Solutions

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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Financial Consulting and Customized Finance Solutions
Address: 52 Menachem Begin Rd., Tel Aviv,
Sonol Tower
Phone: 972-3-6099290
Fax: 972-3-6099230
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  • Shahar Aloni, Aloni-Haft Group

    Shahar Aloni

    Chairman and Founder

    Aloni-Haft Group

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    Shahar Aloni
  • Yaniv Haft, Aloni-Haft Group

    Yaniv Haft

    Owner and Managing Partner

    Aloni-Haft Group

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    Yaniv Haft
  • Haim Toledano, Aloni-Haft Group

    Haim Toledano

    CEO - AHC

    Aloni-Haft Group

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    Haim Toledano
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About Aloni-Haft Group

Aloni-Haft Group, Israel’s leading businesses’ and companies’ funding solutions and financial support group. The group was founded in 2005 and is considered to be a “trailblazer” in the business consulting, credit raising and financial support in Israel. The group’s clientele includes companies and businesses from both private and public sectors, whithin the commerce, services and real-estate industries. In addition, the group manages multiple international operations, with an emphasis on credit and capital raising in Canada and Europe. Every year, the group raises about NIS 2 billion worth of various types of business credits, both from banks and non-bank sources, such as various funds. Alongside its traditional operations, the group operates at the cutting-edge of technological innovation in the Fin-Tech market. At 2017, the group launched Bizlend, an advanced platform that enables a fast response to business owners who seek loans through the web. In the Bizlend project, the group developed a unique algorithm that performs an analysis of the client data and enables online prompt decision concerning the sum and terms of the loan for this business. Aloni-Haft serves as a one-stop-shop which aggregates all of the financial services for its clients, under one roof. The group’s service offering includes, inter alia: credit-raising from bank and non-bank sources, raising loans from the state-guaranteed funds and various credit funds, business loans through the platform, business plans writing and analysis, treasury and financial support, M&As, private issuances for public companies, IPOs, valuations and more. Aloni-Haft operates as well in the real-estate industry mark example includes the development of “Sha’ar HaYam” project in Bat-Yam – Israel’s largest urban renewal project. The group also provides various financial services for developers – project feasibility checks, feasibility reports (“0 Report”), raising construction project financing from banks and non-banks sources, raising equity completion finance and budget control throughout the project. Over the years, the group led businesses to financial successes in varying economic conditions, owing to its comprehensive perspective of the complex economic reality. Beyond its business activities, Aloni-Haft emphasizes the importance of return to the community and supports IDF soldiers and NPOs that help troubled youth.

Reliability, Professionalism and Discreetness

These values serve as the group’s creed in all its activities. The group professional members provides personal service for its clients, with ongoing support through its senior staff. In addition, the group sets goals for success and compliance with the preset schedules, and aims for the maximal success of its clients.

The Group’s Structure

Aloni-Haft contains several divisions, each of well-defined financal fields.
AHC – Aloni Haft Capital - This division manages the group’s traditional area of operations since its establishment. The division handles credit raising and financial support for businesses, specializing in a variety of financial solutions for businesses and raising credit from banks and non-bank sources, the state-guaranteed support fund, institutional investors and social funds. The division employs senior economists, with previous experience in a variety of senior positions in the Israeli banking system. The division provides a comprehensive analysis of all of the business financial data, including credit needs, the extent of required financing and the adjustment of the collaterals for the requested credit, writes business plans and credit applications, with ongoing support for the business owner throughout the entire credit process including participation in meetings with financiers until the actual provision of approved credit.
AHF – Aloni-Haft Fintech - This division includes two main operations:
Bizlend, A New World of Business Loans - Bizlend is a digital platform that was created by Aloni-Haft to generate a financial collaboration between institutional business-credit providers and SME’s that seek business expansion through non-bank loans in short timeframes and without any required collaterals.
Bizvalue, Valuating Businesses - This project is an advanced digital algorithmic system for business valuations. It is aimed at revolutionizing the valuations industry. This innovative system provides professional business valuations in real-time, online, and is suitable for a wide variety of businesses.
The valuations are received within up to 48 hours of the application time and the completion of data entry by the business owner. The purpose of Bizvalue is to make valuations accessible to numerous business owners and enables every business owner to receive a valuation within an extremely short timeframe, reliably and professional.
AHI – The Investment Banking Division - The Investment Banking Division includes several operations:
IPOs in global stock-exchanges - The division provides close counsel and support for companies that wish to execute IPOs in various exchanges, from feasibility and cost-benefit analyses of the issuance, up to the actual issuance. The division specializes in prospectus consulting, preparation and presentation of the company’s info and data to investors, and ongoing support throughout the issuance until the proceedings are received. The division currently specializes in issuances in the LSE and the TSX.
M&A - specializes in creating the most appropriate outline for every business that seeks investors, assists in locating appropriate investors, accompanies the negotiations, assists in Due Diligences and Cultural Due Diligences, until the transaction is completed and the funds are received.
AHR, The Real-Estate Division - specializes in counseling initiators on all of the financial aspects of real-estate transactions. The division handles feasibility checks, 0 reports, construction finance raising from banks and non-banks, equity completion, budget control and ongoing financial support.

Aloni-Haft North

The group’s northern branch offers the group’s services to companies and businesses in Haifa and the north region.
The branch is the leading entity in financing solution for businesses in Northern Israel.

The Group’s Management

Shahar Aloni – Chairman and Founder: B.A., Business Administration (cum laude) from NYIT and an M.A., Finance from Baruch College, NY. In 2005 Shahar founded Global Capital Ltd. which quickly became a role model, as a trailblazer in Israel’s financial consulting field.
Yaniv Haft – Owner and Managing Partner: B.A., Business Administration from the College of Management. For several years, he managed various companies in the finance, hotels and commerce industries in Australia, Brazil and Israel.
At 2011 he joined Shahar Aloni as one of the owners, in a move that started the company’s expansion into a group.
In light of their achievements, Shahar Aloni and Yaniv Haft were included in Israel’s “40 Under 40” list.