Amiga Food Marketing

Food wholesale, food marketing, commodity marketing

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Established: 1950
Line of Business: Food wholesale, food marketing, commodity marketing
Address: Tzrifin Logistics Park, Lot 106
Phone: *8165
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Company Executives

  • Shaul  Amiga, Amiga Food Marketing

    Shaul Amiga


    Amiga Food Marketing

  • Gil Amiga, Amiga Food Marketing

    Gil Amiga


    Amiga Food Marketing

Leading Executives

    Ofer Eyal CEO
    Eliyahu Akler Logistic Center Manager
    Itzik Shayke CEO
    Avi Rubin Supply Chain Manager
    Gilad Nachum Distribution Manager
    Tal Predo Distribution Manager
    Amos Gueta Local Sales Manager
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About Amiga Food Marketing

Amiga Food Marketing is a leading company in food wholesale for the institutional market, in food marketing, and in commodity marketing.
According to surveys, Amiga Food Marketing serves as the food supplier for 60-65% of the general foods in the professional market in the Greater Gush Dan area.
The company is located in the Tzrifin Logistics Park, in an innovative logistics center covering over 4000 sqm.
The owner of Amiga Food Marketing, Shaul Amiga, established the company in 1950, and his son Gil Amiga has been leading the company onwards for about 20 years.
The vast professional experienced accrued by Amiga Food Marketing in its 65 years of activity, its equity, and its reputation for professionalism, join together in creating its current status as a leader in food wholesale and food marketing for the institutional market, serving over 3000 clients countrywide.

The company focuses on the institutional market, and among its clients one may find large caterers, leading restauranteering bodies, restaurants of all kinds and levels from worker diners to gourmet establishments, kindergartens, old age homes, hospitals, companies specializing in road trips and off-road vehicle trips, institutions, event venues, hotels countrywide and government ministries.
The company’s yearly revenue totals to over NIS 100 million.

Care for Quality, Control, and Service

Amiga Food Marketing takes care to maintain first-rate quality for all its products while meeting meticulous control standards based on the ISO 9001-2008 standard by the ISI.
Amiga Food has established modern storage units run by the WMS computerized system, while significantly emphasizing logistics issues such as delivery hours and quality control in order to meet the most demanding standards, thereby offering its various clients fresh and high-quality products by leading worldwide companies and brands.
Amig Food keeps the values which have been leading it since its establishment in view and takes care to maintain integrity, professional service, and first-rate quality.

From a Tikvah Neighborhood Deli to a Leading Israeli Food Marketer 

In 1950, Shaul Amiga established a deli in the Tikvah neighborhood in Tel Aviv. From there, the family business grew and evolved. His son Gil Amiga soon began working for the company, and his hard work and leadership has brought Amiga Food Marketing to where it is today, a leading Israeli food wholesale, food marketing, and commodity marketing company. The original deli still exists, under the management of Gil Amiga’s brother and uncle. 

3000 Products by Leading Israeli and World Brands

Amiga Food Marketing markets approximately 3000 products from leading brands by large Israeli and worldwide companies, including Osem, Sugat, Diplomat, and Unilever.
Amiga Food Marketing markets products of diverse categories such as oils, spices, nuts and seeds, legumes, pickles, rice, sauces and frozen vegetables, and complimentary product pertaining to the food market such as single-use cutlery, single-use packages, toothpicks, brooms, mops, and cleaning materials.
In addition, Amiga Food Marketing offers a wide variety of Italian products, including tomato products and high-quality high-protein pasta from southern Italy.
The company even imports specialty products for professional Italian kitchens from Italy, as well as for Asian and oriental kitchens, such as oils, sauces, and sushi-related supplies. 

Environmental Activities

Amiga Food Marketing is concerned about preserving the environment and sustainability values in Israel and abroad and is therefore, investing in a vast professional move to ensure all import products arrive in the pouch and vacuum bags instead of metal cans.

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