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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 7 Masada St., BSR Tower 4 36th floor, Bnei Brak 5126112
Phone: 972-3-3730650
Fax: 972-3-3730630
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  • Amir Flamer, Amir Flamer & Co.

    Amir Flamer

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    Amir Flamer & Co.

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    Amir Flamer
  • Evyatar Kramer, Amir Flamer & Co.

    Evyatar Kramer


    Amir Flamer & Co.

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    Evyatar Kramer
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About Amir Flamer & Co.

Amir Flamer & Co. is a niche law firm with unique expertise in the field of insolvency and company rehabilitation, and recovery while operating and managing the companies which are handled by the firm, as part of insolvency legal proceedings. The unique combination of the firm’s understanding of finances, which facilitates the operational-managerial capability of companies, and its extensive legal knowledge, and the major experience it has gained, lets clients benefit from Amir Flamer & Co.’s added value. The firm was founded in 2011 and has been involved in some of the largest and most complex cases, and has even been a party to setting precedent rulings by the various district courts, as well as Israel’s High Court of Justice.

The firm deals with all insolvency proceedings including - creditors’ settlements, stays-of-proceedings, liquidations, and receiverships, as well as formulating settlements for financially-troubled companies through non-legal proceedings.

The firm’s uniqueness lies in its ability to operate and manage complex and large-scale sets of companies and assets, while also managing various proceedings and the difficulties that are typical of the insolvency sector, and also providing solutions to the legal issues that arise while managing the process. The firm employs, as required, skilled professionals with backgrounds and specializations in insolvency, such as the accountants and economists needed to operate companies and/or other large-scale bodies, and cooperates, in required cases, with leading lawyers in the field of insolvency.

Between the years 2014-2020, the firm was ranked by “Dun & Bradstreet” and “Globes” as one of Israel’s leading law firms in the field of receiverships and liquidations. The firm has handled companies whose scope of debt has accumulated over 1 billion NIS and has saved the work-places of thousands of employees. The firm’s partners, listed amongst professionals offered by the Official Receiver and Registrar, have been appointed by the courts as officers of the court in dozens of companies in the fields of retail companies, holding companies, public companies, debenture companies, industrial companies, high-tech companies, various non-profit organizations, and as trustees in the bankruptcy procedures of individuals. The firm represents, inter alia, Bank Hapoalim Ltd., Electra Group Ltd., Electis 1 2007 Ltd., Suny Cellular Communications Ltd., Avni Shoham Fashion Ltd. (owner of the KIWI fashion chain stores and the buyer of Honigman Kids), Atid Education Network and Schools Ltd., bondholders and debenture companies including B Communications Ltd. (Bezeq’s parent company) Urbancorp Inc., Arazim Investments Ltd., Olympia Holdings Ltd., Heftziba Hofim Ltd., one of Inbal Or’s purchase groups, and more.

In addition to the firm’s specialization in insolvency, Amir Flamer’s clients receive legal services in a range of subjects, including representation in litigation proceedings, day-to-day legal consultancy, representation in various courts, etc.

Some of the most prominent cases handled by the firm are the following insolvency cases: ACE AutoDepot Ltd. and ACE Marketing Chains – Consumer Products Ltd., Maayan Ventures Ltd. public company, SDS (Star Security Systems) Ltd. public company, New Noga Light (2000) Ltd., companies listed in Israel Defense group ( Achidatex Ltd., Mayotex Ltd., Philcar Ltd., and Export - Erez Ltd.), Wentise PLC, Chavmal Ltd., Alumayer Ltd., Thermoking Israel Ltd., Alvarion Technologies Ltd., Yaakov Elazar Construction and Entrepreneurship (2010) Ltd., Biquat Tamar Ltd., Nof Bustanim Construction Ltd., DSI - Dimona Cilica Industries Ltd., Callapp Software Co. Ltd., Caprice Jewelry chain, Forum Group of companies owned by Ami Segal, Alfa Platinum Funds Ltd., Isramarine Building Production 3000 Ltd., Sochachei HaSharon Ltd., Katif Haroshet Matechet Ltd., Diskit Ltd., E.M.I Installations & Services Ltd., Teledata Networks Ltd. high-tech company, Benogea Laguf Ltd., Gusto Ltd., Holitel Hotels Ltd., high-tech company Lucid Logix Technologies Ltd., the hi-tech company Biogaming Ltd., Hapoel Basketball Promotion Third Millennium Ltd. (the Hapoel Tel Aviv basketball management company 2002-2004), “Sektzia” Ness-Ziona soccer team, and many other cases including various non-profit organizations.

The Partners

The firm’s Founder and Managing Partner – Adv. and Economist Amir Flamer
Adv. Flamer has rich experience in insolvency proceedings including liquidations, receiverships, and stays-of-proceedings, with an emphasis on the managing skills needed to operate the various companies as a “going concern” in these proceedings. Among other things, Adv. Flamer has acted as an officer of the court in various companies and organizations, among them some of Israel’s leading concerns. Adv. Flamer has acted as trustee, liquidator, temporary liquidator, special manager, court-appointed observer, operator, and receiver of various companies and organizations. He has also served (between 2004 and 2007) as head office and financial manager of the operations and retail division of the fuel corporation - Paz Oil Co. In this position, which included extensive managerial authority, Adv. Flamer was responsible, among other things, for the division’s finances (a turnover of billions of shekels annually). Adv. Flamer served as a director in several Paz Oil Co. subsidiaries including Paz Mobile, Metuda and Nituv. The aforementioned experience of Adv. Flamer in all matters regarding company management greatly contributes to operating the companies that the firm handles as part of the various insolvency proceedings.

Partner – Evyatar Kramer
Adv. Kramer has rich experience in insolvency proceedings including liquidations, receiverships, and stays-of-proceedings with an emphasis on the legal work required in handling these cases as well as operating the various companies as “going concerns” during these proceedings. Among other things, Adv. Kramer has acted as an officer of the court or part of a legal and/or management team for various companies. Adv. Kramer has served as a trustee, temporary liquidator, special manager, court-appointed investigator, and a senior lawyer in the legal team of the largest insolvency cases recently in the fields of consumerism, trade, retailing, agriculture, real estate, investments, high-tech, and industrial companies. Adv. Kramer has rich experience in representing banks and financial institutions, in bank financing agreements regarding real estate transactions, and various agreements for companies such as a sale of shares agreements, shares allocation agreements, and commercial litigation work.

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