Evyatar Kramer from Amir Flamer & Co.
Evyatar Kramer מחברת Amir Flamer & Co.

Evyatar Kramer


Year of Birth: 1979
Email: evyatar@flamerlaw.co.il
Fields: Insolvency Proceedings – Company Rehabilitation and Recovery, Stays-of-Proceedings, Creditors Settlements, Liquidations, Receiverships, and Bankruptcies; Commercial Litigation, Representing Banks, Real Estate, Allocation Agreements/Share Sales, and Arbitrations.
Position: Partner
Past positions:  Associate, Dr. Shlomo Nass & Co.
Education: LL.M. Law (combined with MBA Business Administration Program); LL.B. Law; Graduate Competition Law Course, Queen Mary College, University of London, and Pembroke College, Oxford University.
Member in: Israel Bar Association.