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Tort and Insurance, Bodily Harm, Property and Elementary

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Established: 2012
Line of Business: Tort and Insurance, Bodily Harm, Property and Elementary
Address: 35 King Saul St. (America House), Tel Aviv
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Phone: 972-3-6913331
Fax: 972-3-6913336
Email: [email protected]
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  • Amitay Savion, Amitay Savion, Law Offices

    Adv. Amitay Savion

    Founder & Owner

    Amitay Savion, Law Offices

  • Liat Martziano, Amitay Savion, Law Offices

    Adv. Liat Martziano

    Senior Associate

    Amitay Savion, Law Offices

  • Yehonatan Sorkin, Amitay Savion, Law Offices

    Adv. Yehonatan Sorkin

    Senior Associate and Mediator

    Amitay Savion, Law Offices

  • Sasi Lev, Amitay Savion, Law Offices

    Adv. Sasi Lev

    Senior Associate and Mediator

    Amitay Savion, Law Offices

  • Roi Silverman, Amitay Savion, Law Offices

    Adv. Roi Silverman

    Associate and Mediator

    Amitay Savion, Law Offices

  • Amir Odem, Amitay Savion, Law Offices

    Adv. Amir Odem


    Amitay Savion, Law Offices

  • Elisheva Arenberg, Amitay Savion, Law Offices

    Elisheva Arenberg


    Amitay Savion, Law Offices

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About Amitay Savion, Law Offices

Amitay Savion, Law Offices is a firm which specializes in torts and insurance, with an emphasis on bodily harm, elementary property insurance, apartments, businesses, vehicles, and National Insurance. The firm was founded in 2012 by Adv. Amitay, who accumulated longstanding experience and knowledge in his practice area through the management of a wide variety of claim cases in the insurance and tort field.

The firm provides clients legal counsel, professional guidance and a thorough treatment of their matters, while accompanying its clients personally, from the first meeting and up to achieving the desired result. Adv. Amitay Savion has many years of professional experience and accumulated longstanding professional experience in appearances before various courts of all levels, on a daily basis.

The firm represents numerous companies as well as private clients. The clients benefit from professional service, personal attention, a quick response and high availability.

The firm’s team takes care to provide devoted service and is committed to its clients across Israel   and when necessary even arrives to clients’ home. The firm works in light of Adv. Savion uncompromising belief in hard, strenuous and thorough work, which bears fruit. The firm employs around 15 employees, of which 6 are lawyers, and the others are law students and interns, administrators, execution and collection clerks and bookkeepers.

Practice Areas

The firm’s practice areas focus on bodily harm, property damage, insurance claims, traffic and execution.

The Property Damage Department
The firm’s skilled team handles a wide variety of property claims, including apartment, business, companies, elementary, local authorities, municipalities, heavy equipment and vehicle damage and accumulated a proven track record of numerous successes in the field. The firm provides clients with personal, dedicated and through professional service throughout all of the process’ stages, from counseling to the successful conclusion of the case in courts of various levels.

Bodily Harm Department
The firm’s team represents clients in this field with great success. The firm has vast experience in all aspects of bodily harm and the Damages for Road Accidents Law, 1975. The firm’s team handles a large volume of physical injury cases, including employer liabilities, negligence, medical malpractice, long-term care policies, injury liability, workplace accidents, occupational illnesses, National Insurance and compensation officers. The firm’s provides clients with personal and devoted legal service starting from the initial counsel meeting, through the medical committees of the National Insurance Institute, Ministry of Defense, insurance companies and the Road Safety Medical Institute, in cases that cover all types of bodily harms. The case management includes, inter alia, negotiation, filing lawsuits/defense pleadings, damage assessments, appointment of medical experts / preparation for medical committees, appearing before various medical committees, cross examination of experts and great care for achieving a satisfactory result for the clients. 

Adv. Amitay Savion – Founder and Owner

Adv. Amitay Savion established the firm in 2012, after serving as a partner in a longstanding and leading tort and insurance firm. Adv. Savion has an LL.M. from Bar Ilan University and a mediator diploma from the Israel Bar Association’s David Rott Levy National Mediation Institute.  Adv. Savion interned about two decades ago in a longstanding and renowned firm, Barkai Meiri & Co., in the practice area of bodily harm, road accidents, workplace accidents, National Insurance, medical malpractice and the Ministry of Defense. Afterwards, Adv. Savion was sent as an emissary on behalf of Israel to Chicago, and when he returned to Israel he joined a longstanding tort and insurance firm (2003). Afterwards, he founded his firm, Amitay Savion, Law Offices, which also specializes in tort and insurance, bodily harm, elementary property insurance, apartments, businesses, vehicles, medical malpractice, heavy equipment and contractors policies, National Insurance, local councils, house committees, companies and municipalities. Adv. Savion serves as V. Chairperson of the Israel Bar Association’s Insurance and Property Claims Committee, and serves as a member in the Israel Bar Association’s tort and insurance committee.

Adv. Savion served in the IDF as a fighter in the Golani Division, and afterwards in the division’s bomb disposal unit. Adv. Savion is married and a proud father of five sons.

Community Outreach

Amitay Savion, Law Offices sees community service as a leading value in all of its activities, and handles pro bono cases for the underprivileged, and provides legal counsel and donations to charities

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