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Established: 2000
Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Law and Real Estate
Address: 33 Dizengoff St., Netanya
Phone: 972-9-8873669
Fax: 972-9-8873716
Email: [email protected]
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    Anat Lavy, Law Office

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About Anat Lavy, Law Office

Anat Lavy, Law Company is a boutique law firm that practices family and inheritance law and real estate with a specialization in urban renewal. Each of the firm’s departments has a skilled and experienced team that specializes in these respective fields. The firm was founded in 2000 by Adv. Anat Lavy Azulay who is a renowned authority in her practice areas. Anat also serves as a member of Netanya’s City Council for the second consecutive term, and lectures in various forums. In light of her longstanding experience, in-depth knowledge and professional successes, while meticulously maintaining uncompromising legal service, Anat has extensive reputation among her clients, the city’s residents, the local authorities and her colleagues. The firm employs women attorneys aspiring to empower women and enable them to maintain a work-life balance. The firm’s lawyers have a lot of flexibility in their work, while clients benefit from a unique “woman’s touch” which is integrated into the legal service, including empathy, emotional containment and client-centric attention. The firm represents clients from all across Israel and from the U.S., France and Canada.

Practice Areas

The firm specializes in family and inheritance law and real estate with a particular specialization in urban renewal. During its first decade of operations, the firm’s practice and mission focused on family law, a field that has tangents with numerous other fields, including complex real estate issues. Thus, the firm was exposed to the real estate field including urban renewal – a segment which has been very important in Israel in the past few years. Needs and requests from the clients led the firm to open a real estate department that specializes in urban renewal. The firm maintains professional expertise and extensive proficiency in these fields. Since complex family law cases include real estate issues, including property sales and taxation and other issues, the firm specialized in real estate and real estate taxation and studied the complex sub-topics in depth. This professional proficient turned real estate into another important practice area of the firm.

Transparency, Reliability and Responsibility, A Client-Centric Approach

The firm’s team believes that each and every client represents a world unto itself. The team writes pleadings thoroughly, after an in-depth study of the client’s personal life, which leads to the understanding of their needs and the difficult and challenging times they are going through and the most important financial transactions of their lives. In the urban renewal segment, the firm specializes in representing the rights’ owners – a sensitive representation which requires not only professional knowledge, but also, and just as important, first-class interpersonal skills. The firm’s team skills are expressed to the benefit of the client and serve as an added value, both in the professional legal service and in the personal attention. The firm carefully maintains transparency, reliability and responsibility at all times, and the client-centric approach is one of the pillars in its work method, which sees leading its clients to a new path as its mission. Such a new path can be the conclusion of a life chapter, the signing of a successful transaction or the efficient and appropriate division of an estate.

Adv. Anat Lavy Azulai – Founder and Owner
Adv. Lavy Azulai, who has more than 23 years of experience, is also a notary and a mediator. Quite a few complex cases are referred to her by the court for the purpose of mediation. Lavy Azulai believes in remaining constantly abreast of the changes that the legal world undergoes, and accordingly she refreshes and deepens her professionalism through in-depth seminars in family law and real estate. She is also a graduate of a comprehensive course on the capital market and securities, a comprehensive course and professional training in real estate taxation, and also M.A.-level communication studies.

Notable Precedents, Articles and Cases

Over the years, the firm has represented thousands of clients in complex and challenging disputes and transactions. The firm is renowned as one that understands how to solve complex matters and never fears hard work. Recently, the firm won a very important precedential ruling in a proceeding which was nicknamed “The Adulterer 2 Bagatz” – Bagatz 8463/19. The firm filed a Bagatz against the Great Rabbinical Court, due to the violation of the wife’s rights and her disentitlement for half of the accumulated capital during the marital period. The firm argued that if the party that claims for a “Reduced Partnership” can’t prove a lack of shared contribution and efforts, the partnership isn’t reduced. A similar Bagatz was managed by the firm several years ago, and was settled through a compromise which greatly benefited the firm’s client. Bagatz accepted the appealers’ claims and issued an interim injunction which became a permanent injunction – a significant precedent in the State of Israel that ended the ambiguous situation in this field.
Adv. Lavy writes articles and one can find comprehensive articles that were written by her and team of the topics of: parental alienation, the collection of child support payment through the Execution Chamber, real estate taxation, urban renewal and more. “Our articles are usually the result of conclusions from a long legal proceeding, where we represented on of the parties, or from creatively solving complex issues”.

Community Outreach

Adv. Lavy Azulay has been serving as a member of the Netanya City Council for about a decade, voluntarily, and she has been managing pro bono cases of the IBA for many years, in addition to independent pro bono activities, in light of her belief that our purpose in life is to create value and help one another. Adv. Lavy is also active publicly and lectures to women, in numerous forums to which she is invited, mainly on women empowerment topics. Her municipal work started from her contribution and assistance to many of the city’s residents out of the goodness of her heart, in topics of community assistance in municipal issues vis-à-vis the municipality. Adv. Lavy agreed to enter the municipal politics in order to alleviate the difficulties of those who turn to her for help and enable help “from the inside” officially as a council member. She also serves as Deputy Chairperson of the City Tax Discounts Committee, after serving as the committee’s chairperson, as a member and Deputy Chairperson of a Planning and Zoning Committee and currently she serves as Chairperson of the Public Tenders Committee and a director in a municipal company. Her municipal activities provide her with extensive knowledge and experience in the fields where she has been serving.
Adv. Lavy Azulay constantly learns and remains abreast in various fields that generate added value and better awareness in her legal work (courses about empowerment and NLP in Israel and abroad). She believes that while the law is “dry”, everything in life can be done from the heart, while seeing the person before you and wishing to benefit them: “I always ask myself: `what value can I bring for the other person` and never forget the rule “Love thy Brother as Thyself”.

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