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Established: 2000
Address: 13 Hayetsira St., Yokneam 2066720
Phone: 972-9-9591901
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Aqwise and GES are a global industry leader in the development and implementation of innovative water and wastewater solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of technological capabilities and services for the international wastewater, water treatment, and desalination markets. Our integrated offerings are customized to meet various facility sizes, flow rates, regulatory requirements, and deployment methods, ensuring optimal solutions in terms of cost, purity, scale, and maintenance. With over 1000 installations in 60+ countries, the group has a proven track record and extensive experience in project deployment providing a wide range of services, including versatile business models (such as BOT and PPP to name a few), R&D, Operation & Maintenance for over 200 sites, and EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction).

Headquartered in Israel, we have subsidiaries in Europe, Latin America, and India, as well as commercial representation in North America, Africa, and Asia, employing over 300 professionals worldwide.
Our portfolio of proprietary technologies encompasses a wide range of cost-effective solutions, enabling us to address diverse industrial and municipal applications. With expertise in design, construction, operation, and maintenance, we cater to desalination plants, water and wastewater treatment facilities, effluent reuse, and municipal solid waste recycling. Our offerings support enhanced pollutants removal, efficient infrastructure utilization, streamlined project implementation, and are aligned with circular economy practices and ESG targets.
Aqwise and GES address global needs by providing integrated water and wastewater treatment solutions to the following sectors:

• Municipal Sector: We assist local authorities and water utilities worldwide in meeting regulatory requirements, addressing infrastructure aging, and managing population growth. Our solutions include advanced wastewater treatment plants, retrofitting options for existing facilities, and restoration of contaminated water sources.

• Industrial Sector: We support a wide range of industries in complying with stringent wastewater discharge regulations, addressing challenges such as variable inflow, seasonal peaks, and high organic loads. Our solutions facilitate in-plant reuse of treated water, enable efficient energy recovery, and have achieved successful implementations in industries including pulp and paper, food and beverages, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and more. Additionally, we specialize in providing demineralized water solutions for the power segment, meeting the specific needs of this industry.

• Water Treatment: We provide solutions for removing nutrients and pollutants, including emerging contaminants, from both ground and surface water sources. We specialize in wastewater purification and reuse.

• Desalination: As the primary provider of medium to mega scale desalination facilities for treating sea and brackish water, we play a leading role globally. This ensures that an increasing portion of the global population can access affordable drinking water. Supported by our knowledge in design, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance, our solutions enhance energy efficiency and minimize carbon footprint. Additionally, they significantly reduce the required construction area, energy and chemical consumption, while ensuring reliable and efficient plant operation.

• Compact Containerized and Pre-fabricated Wastewater Treatment Systems: We offer portable, ready-to-use, and cost-effective wastewater solutions for industries such as hospitality, construction, academia, travel, mining, and defense.

Aqwise and GES are committed to SUSTAINING THE FUTURE through their environmentally conscious solutions. By incorporating sustainable designs, we minimize ecological impact, optimize infrastructure utilization, and reduce carbon and environmental footprints.

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