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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Real Estate Development
Address: 8 Shtiebel St., Tel Aviv
Phone: *8763
Fax: 972-3-7604700
Email: [email protected]
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  • Netzach Arbiv, Arbiv Pandgir AP Investments

    CPA Netzach Arbiv


    Arbiv Pandgir AP Investments

  • Meir  Pandgir, Arbiv Pandgir AP Investments

    Meir Pandgir


    Arbiv Pandgir AP Investments

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About Arbiv Pandgir AP Investments

Arbiv Pandgir (AP Investments) is a leading company specializing in development and urban renewal, with a vision to develop quality real estate projects, emphasizing in high-demand locations in Israel. Established in 2007, the Company benefits from strong financing record and abilities, extensive professional resources and proven experience in real estate development. AP Investments is therefore capable of offering its clients the added value of first-rate management in various projects, from planning to construction and thereafter delivering top-quality properties to buyers and owners. AP Investments was established by developers Netzach Arbiv, CPA and Mr. Meir Pandgir, with a joint vision that focuses on attractive and quality real estate development. Due to its financial stability, the Company can easily provide construction guarantees to buyers and other stakeholders as required. Therefore, the Company’s clients benefit from the peace of mind stemming from its drive for professional excellence, proven experience, and financial strength.

Safety, Professionalism and Reliability

The Company maintains safety, professionalism, reliability, and compliance as a priority while adhering to preset timetables. These values have paved the Company’s way since inception and successfully led it in every project with which it is entrusted. Throughout the years AP Investments attained repeated wins of leading projects in desired areas nationwide and delivered those projects to the clients’ utmost satisfaction. The Company’s vision focuses on delivering projects to the highest standards while complying with timetables, and thus engages with top professionals, such as contractors, architects, engineers, project managers, interior designers, legal consultants and others. The Company is dedicated to maintaining credibility and transparency throughout all project stages, from planning and licensing to delivery of apartments.

Urban Renewal

The Company has a specialized urban renewal department (including evacuation & construction, TAMA 38/2, 38/3), entrusted with the on-going professional management of projects. The department staff includes best-in-class legal and regulatory consultants, architects, engineers, and planning specialists, who assist the project under the Company’s close supervision. Owners benefit from personal assistance throughout the process, starting at the introductory meeting up until the delivery of the apartments.

Evacuation & Construction

The Company promotes Evacuation & Construction project with the purpose of upgrading old or abandoned municipal areas and turning them into brand new, maintained, and highly advanced residential areas. The vision of this program is to improve the quality of life and living conditions of all owners with maximum usage of city lands by adding and evacuating open spaces for the benefit of the public. According to the Evacuation & Construction program owners evacuate their apartments freely, old buildings are demolished and new residential buildings are constructed instead. At the end of the process, owners receive a new apartment, generally larger, with enhanced technical specifications and additions, without bearing any cost. Furthermore, they benefit from the renewal of the neighborhood landscape, inflow of a younger and higher quality population, and from appreciation of their property’s value. Owners do not incur related expenses as the agreement with the developer also often includes full coverage of all moving and rental expenses throughout the construction. The Company is involved these projects from start to finish and we are held accountable for turning a project from vision to reality.

Prominent Projects

Development and Urban Renewal

12 Bart Project, Ramat Aviv – demolition & construction, complex in which 16 residential units will be demolished and 33 new residential units will be constructed.

Florentine Neighborhood – Shlomo Ben Atar, demolition of 16 residential units and construction of 34 residential units plus commercial front.

Arlozorov St., Ramat Gan – a large demolition & reconstruction area that will contain 60 residential units in two buildings with two fronts, one facing Arlozorov street and the other facing Beit El street.

39 Yona HaNavi St., Tel Aviv – demolition & construction project in sector 5, in which 12 residential units will be constructed.

36 and 38 Yarkon St., “Prime” of Tel Aviv – by the beach, close to Kerem HaTeimanim and Neve Zedek, two new buildings were constructed with 23 residential units and a commercial front.

19 Golomb St., Ramat Hasharon – a demolition & construction project in which 12 units will be demolished and 29 new units will be constructed.

Marketed Projects

At the heart of Bat Yam, the Company is establishing an urban renewal project with two luxurious buildings on 39 and 41 HaShikma St.

3-5 HaRav Levin St., Ramat Gan – nearby Merom Nave Park, a residential project is being established as part of urban renewal, offering large 4-room apartments and spacious penthouses.

In a unique location in Giv’atayim, an innovative residential project is being established on 42 Sheinkin St., 12 residential units were demolished and 36 new residential units are built.

In Herzliya, Galil Yam, Orion Project – a unique residential complex that will include nearly 112 units in two towers with 14 stories, including gardens and green paths.

Prominent Populated Projects

Levontin – a unique preservation project on Tel Aviv’s beautiful Levontin street with 24 residential units, including one of the most beautiful preservation buildings in the city.

Montefiore Neighborhood – 25 Beit Hillel, 30 Beit Hillel, 31 Israel Bak, 3 Beit Shamai, over 50 residential units in total.

42 HaMa’agal St., Ramat Gan – a modern and elegant residential project built at a high standard and 37 residential units.

Nofim Project, Ashqelon – a variety of 106 units with 4-5 rooms and a spectacular sea view.

207 Zrubavel St., Herzliya – a project with 33 residential units.

You are invited to visit our website AP-I.CO.IL for more information about our projects

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