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Line of Business: Criminal Law
Address: 42 Ben Yehuda St., Jerusalem 9458309
Phone: 972-2-6231841; 050-8323323
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    Idan Butbul
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About Ariel Atari Law Firm

Ariel Atari Law Firm has earned a prestigious reputation in Israel’s legal world through legal innovation and consistently struggling to strengthen the rights of the accused in Israeli criminal law; a struggle that combined with his major experience and successes in representing clients – has consolidated the firm’s standing in Israeli criminal law.

Adv. Atari has been appearing in criminal cases since 1989. Today he is a criminal lawyer of great experience, acquired by handling and appearing in thousands of criminal cases in all courts. His success is reflected in extensive publicity and given his extensive experience, he has also been invited to interviews as a legal commentator in criminal matters by the media. Adv. Atari has recorded a large number of precedents, acquittals, releases, indictment cancellations, and successes in criminal law in all courts.

Adv. Atari strives to develop the growing trends of protecting civilian rights and promoting the status of basic rights in criminal law. In every instance that a person claims to be innocent, Adv. Atari sees himself as bound to act for his rights, and reaching a plea bargain will always be a last resort and taken only at a client’s request when all other avenues have been exhausted. Adv. Ariel Atari is a graduate of the Noam Religious College. Soon after graduating with honors he studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law, and after successfully completing his law degree, he joined the IDF. He served in the Judea and Samaria Legal Advisor’s Office and subsequently for several years as a Prosecutor in the Military Attorney’s Office.

Practice Areas

For more than 30 years, Adv. Atari has been dealing with all areas of criminal law, appearing in criminal and disciplinary proceedings in all courts and handling all types of offenses including white collar offenses, fraud, deceit and breach of trust, money laundering, forgery, bribery, sexual offenses of all degrees from sexual harassment and indecent acts; including rape and sodomy, drug offenses and violence; from assault through abuse to manslaughter and murder, tax offenses, disciplinary offenses, and military offenses and extradition matters, and youth. The firm’s handling begins at the interrogation stage and arrest and continues through hearings proceedings, criminal proceedings, and appeal.

The Firm’s Clients

Among the firm’s clients are known figures such as Yitzhak Drori (The Brain), Elior Chen “the Magician,” Eliahu Arish, Yigal Amir, Bat Ayin underground members, Moshe Suissa, Israel Fire and Rescue Service Southern District Commander and many others.

The absolute majority of the firm’s clients are normal people compelled to cope with criminal or disciplinary proceedings and needing appropriate legal representation.

The Firm’s Achievements

Over the decades, Adv. Atari has won an impressive list of achievements and precedents in criminal matters and represented clients who were subject to major media coverage.

The firm is known for its uncompromising stance and in striving to accomplish justice and the acquittal of clients through rigorous legal work, complete analysis of evidence, gathering evidence and basing claims on the Israeli and international law.

Consequently, recorded in the firm’s favor are a list of outstanding achievements and precedents, which serve to guide judges and lawyers in Israel’s legal system including:

A ruling instructing the disclosure of criminal records of prosecution witnesses to the defendant; a ruling instructing revealing the evidence held by third parties to support the defendant’s ability to defend himself; a ruling that shaped, in a precedent-setting manner, the basic misconduct of being held in slave-conditions; the obligation of the State in granting rights to those involved in semi-criminal proceedings; accepting the self-defense claim by a defendant charged with manslaughter for stabbing a person in the chest six times; disqualifying an identity parade and acquittal for attempted murder due to concerns that the photograph of the accused had been accidentally revealed; requiring the State to reveal investigation files of those accused of similar offenses to allow the accused to base a claim of a policy that discriminates and enforces selectively; imposing a prison sentence on the accused following a private criminal complaint; the precedent setting release from detention of a defendant accused of 100 rape offenses, after a process of presenting evidence for the defendant by his attorney without the prosecutor able to know its content.

The Firm’s Lawyers

Adv. Ariel Atari
• Graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem;
• Former Military Prosecuting Officer;
• Editorial Committee Member of the Jerusalem Bar Association journal;
• Participant in panels on various legal topics;
• Member of the Attorney and Police Committee of the Jerusalem Bar Association;
• Invited as a legal commentator in criminal law by the media;
• Writes a range of articles on various topics in criminal law. 

Adv. Idan Butbul
• LL.B., Law (Summa Cum Laude), Ono Academic College; 

Pro Bono

The firm represents clients unable to afford legal representation in pro bono cases.

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