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Family Law, Personal Status, Inheritance and Estates

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Established: 2001
Line of Business: Family Law, Personal Status, Inheritance and Estates
Address: 15 Aba Hilel Rd., Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6951408
Fax: 972-3-6951683
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  • Ariel  Dror, Ariel Dror Law Office

    Adv. Ariel Dror

    Owner and Founder

    Ariel Dror Law Office

  • Ofra  Dror, Ariel Dror Law Office

    Adv. Ofra Dror


    Ariel Dror Law Office

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About Ariel Dror Law Office

Ariel Dror Law Office is a boutique law firm specializing in family law, providing professional and comprehensive solutions to matters in the fields of prenuptial agreements, property settlements, alimony, dissolution of partnerships, child support, spousal support, civil marriages, paternity claims, child abductions, inheritance, testament disputes and objections to inheritance decisions. The firm was ranked in Dun’s 100 rankings, and is one of the leading firms in Israel in its area of expertise.

Ariel Dror Law office was founded in 2001 by Adv. Ariel Dror, known as an authority in his field, and charged with writing his book “Division of property in Divorce Proceedings”, a unique and practical tome, which details holistically, fundamentally, and succinctly all questions concerning property division, based on precedents of co-ownership, and with regard to the Law on Property Settlement. The book, which has become a best-seller, is frequently quoted by judges and attorneys, was purchased by various faculties of Law as well as the Ministry of Justice, and has sold hundreds of copies. The book was cited, among others, by the Hon. Justices Rubinstein, Hendel, and Mazuz in the district-central court of Lod, and the family court in Nazareth. “Division of property in Divorce Proceedings”, which details practical evidence, involves procedural as well as fundamental law, brings forth precedential examples as well as the relevant citations in the footnotes. These days, a practical course for lawyers is being drawn up, in which those published by Borsi, among whom is Adv. Dror, will lecture.

A partner in the firm, Adv. Ofra Dror, is also an authority in her field, has published a best-selling professional handbook in 1997, “Family Matters in the era of the Court of Family Affairs”, which assists those pleading before the court of family affairs, which has been immensely successful and is a foundational text on this subject to this day. The book outlines the field of family affairs, in order to help lawyers in civil law enter the world of family courts.

The firm has longstanding experience in representing clients from all strata of society, and all regions of the country, up to the top 0.1%, including cases which are business-oriented, such as representing clients with international clients with property. Clients are frequently referred to Ariel Dror Law Offices by the largest commercial law firms in Israel, due to the outstanding reputation of the firm.

Compassion, Professional Excellence, and Uncompromising Service

The unique strength of Ariel Dror Law Offices lies in the blending of human interaction, professionalism, and top-tier service by which the firm abides. The firm is consistently up-to-date on the latest rulings and laws in the field, to allow our clients professional solutions without reservations, which are based on well-established experience and deep-rooted knowledge, while thinking outside the box, with persistent innovation.

The interplay between the firm’s well-accumulated experience, the professional excellence for which it is known, the human face it is identified with, and the uncompromising service, have let it become a leader and authority in its field, notably thanks to the best-selling publications by Adv. Ariel Dror and Adv. Ofra Dror, that form building-blocks of the subject for more than two decades.

Adv. Ariel Dror

Adv. Ariel Dror holds an LL.M. from Tel Aviv University, with a double Bachelor’s degree in Law and Behavioral Sciences. Between 2003-2007, Adv. Dror has served as interim Chairman of the Court Commission for Family Affairs, associated with the council of the Israeli Bar, as a member of the presidents of the courts committee, associated with the council of the Israeli Bar, and as a member of the Rabbinical Court committee, associated with the council of the Israeli Bar. Between 2007-2011, Adv. Dror served as vice-chairman of the court committee on family affairs, associated with the council of the Israeli Bar.

His best-selling book, “Division of Property in Divorce Proceedings”, written with his extensive experience in writing and court procedures, is meant as a practical answer to questions that arise in Family Court every day. The book presents a comprehensive and modern view on all topics in the field, including a summary of the latest precedents, and forms a milestone toward in the practice of division of property between spouses. The book presents a number of property-related questions from an applied standpoint, while presenting a swift, professional, and effective solution to these questions.

The book covers novel issues, which are yet to be elucidated in rulings. For example, in light of the 4th correction and the fundamental changes to the law of Property Settlements, there are as yet no new legal statuses and structures, particularly career/human capital questions, estimation of personal and commercial reputability, setting and advancing resource allocation-final date and uneven property division in accordance with section 8(2) of the law. The book extensively refers to the law defining pensions division, which went into force in February of 2015.

Adv. Ofra Dror

Adv. Ofra Dror is longstanding practitioner of, and has extensive experience in the field of personal status, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Tel Aviv University. Adv. Ofra Dror clerked with the Hon. Justice Matsa, in the Israeli Supreme Court, who has since become deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Adv. Ofra Dror was certified by the Israeli bar in 1989. In 1997, Adv. Ofra Dror published her book, “Family Matters in the era of the Court of Family Affair”, by Perlstein-Ginosar LTD, which deals with family affairs, and has been a successful milestone in its field to this day.

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