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Real Estate Development – Urban Renewal

Avigor entrepreneurship and business development
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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Real Estate Development – Urban Renewal
Address: BSR 4th Tower, 7 Masada St. 34th Floor, Bnei Brak
Phone: 972-3-7770860
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.avigur.co.il
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  • Aharon  Bruchim, Avigor entrepreneurship and business development

    Aharon Bruchim


    Avigor entrepreneurship and business development

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    Aharon Bruchim
  • Yoel Bruchim, Avigor entrepreneurship and business development

    Yoel Bruchim

    Founder and Owner

    Avigor entrepreneurship and business development

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    Yoel Bruchim
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About Avigor entrepreneurship and business development

Avigur Real Estate is a leading real estate development and construction group that was founded in 2011. During its 9 years of operations, the company, which focuses on urban renewal projects, has made a name for itself in the market, and it is currently responsible for 20 new projects, of which 11 are Tama 38 projects. The company sees urban renewal as more than just real estate renewal, but also as social renewal which rejuvenates the older living environments in the city centers, replacing them with a new and greener environment that is up to the standard of the advanced construction methods that are available today. Avigur benefits from financial strength and the financial support of Israel’s largest banks for every project it promotes. The company’s extensive experience, financial strength and attention to construction quality provide its customers with peace of mind knowing that the hand that signed the project would be the same hand that would eventually deliver the keys to their new apartment.

Diverse Apartments Mix That Serves Every Sector of the Israeli Society

The company is active mainly in the initiation and construction of Tama 38 (seismic retrofitting and demolition and reconstruction) and Pinui-Binui, and in the framework of these projects it offers clients a diverse apartments mix from 2.5-room apartments up to 5-room apartments and penthouses. This apartment mix matches the company’s vision to build apartments for all of the population segments in Israel – singles, young couples, up-movers, regular buyers and real estate investors. The company has numerous urban renewal projects with hundreds of apartments, some of which completed and populated, some are under construction and some in advanced and future planning stages. In addition, the company has future residential and commerce projects of high-density and high-rise construction in areas in high demand.

Transparency, Devoted Service and Personal Attention

Avigur is guided by four core values – full transparency to its customers with real-time updates throughout the entire projects lifecycle, a warm and personal attitude with high availability and personal attention throughout the entire construction process, devoted service with customers as the top priority, and uncompromising construction quality with attention to efficient and advanced execution processes and usage of materials of the highest quality.

Yoel Bruchim, The Company’s Founder

Avigur Real Estate was founded by the entrepreneur and businessperson Yoel Bruchim, a real estate expert with 40 years of experience in construction supervision. Owing to his longstanding experience and deep familiarity with the Israeli construction industry, the company managed to assemble a team of Israel’s best urban renewal professionals. The company’s professional human capital provides its numerous customers with a comprehensive service offering – from the project initiation and planning, through the statutory and permit stages, and up to the marketing of the new apartments and the delivery of the keys, all in the best possible way.

Building Projects at the Hottest Locations

The company greatly believes in development and investment in areas where massive urban renewal is transforming neighborhoods through the injection of new high-quality populations. In light of the diminishing land reserves in central Israel, the group emphasizes urban renewal as a major pillar in its operations and it has been planning and building Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui projects at the highest standards in the industry, at the best locations in the hottest areas.

Notable Projects

In Execution

Danin, Bat Yam: A Tama 38/1 project which was approved by the commission and pending construction. The project was initiated and would be executed by Sky Boutique of the Avigur Real Estate Group and is located in 3 Danin St., a walking distance from Bat Yam Beach. In the framework of this project, the company would retrofit and renovate an old building with 32 apartments and add 31 new apartments, including 3-4-room apartments and penthouses.
HaHagana, Bat Yam: A Tama 38/1 project that was initiated and is executed by Pery Initiation and Execution of the Avigur Real Estate Group. The project is located at the heart of the in-demand Bayit VaGan neighborhood which is characterized by low houses (up to 3 stories) and adjacent to Park Yitzhak Rabin. In the framework of the project, the company would strengthen and renew two existing buildings with 24 apartments and add 27 new apartments – 3.5-room and penthouses. The project is in its final construction stages with expected population in April 2021.
Mivtza Sinai, Bat Yam: A Tama 38/1 project which was initiated and would be executed by Sky Boutique of the Avigur Real Estate Group, in the Ramat Yosef neighborhood. The project would include the strengthening and renovation of a building with 36 existing apartments and the construction of 34 new apartments above them, including 3-room apartments with a sun balcony, safety rooms and upper parking. The project was planned and filed and awaiting the commission’s decision.


Moshe Sharet, Bat Yam: A Tama 38/1 project that the company initiated and executed in 18-20 Moshe Sharet st. The project included the seismic retrofitting of two old 4-story buildings with 32 apartments, while improving the structure, building new infrastructures and a new architectural look. The company also added 25 new apartments with 2-5 rooms each and penthouses. The project has been completed and populated in June this year.

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