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Liquidations, Rehabilitation, Bankruptcies Litigation and Real Estate

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Established: 1992
Line of Business: Liquidations, Rehabilitation, Bankruptcies Litigation and Real Estate
Address: BSR Tower 1, 2 Ben Gurion St., Ramat Gan 5257334
Phone: 972-3-7526633
Fax: 972-3-7526888
Email: avihai_a@netvision.net.il
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    Avihai N. Vardi
    Raziel Benin
    Tom Kedem Partner
    Tzuriel Abergel
    Oz Solomon
    Joseph chen
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About Avihai N. Vardi Lawyers

Avihai N. Vardi & Co. Lawyers is a law firm specializing in, among other things, bankruptcy and insolvency both in the corporate and private sectors. Over the years, the firm has earned a distinct reputation generally representing entities associated with topics, such as: companies or individuals in difficulties, executives on behalf of courts, owners of companies, employees and more. Among the firm’s clients are publicly-traded companies, associations and private clients. The firm provides its clients with legal services of the highest caliber combined with personal attention. The expertise of the firm is reflected in both its legal advice and strategic management of cases all the way to the level of day-to-day handling and representation in court.

Adv. Avihai Vardi is chairman of the Liquidations and Receivership Committee of the Israel Bar Association’s Tel Aviv District and a lecturer in his areas of expertise in universities, colleges and the Israel Bar Association.The firm’s lawyers have extensive experience in the civil and commercial litigation sectors, providing an extensive range of legal services under one roof.

Apartment Sales Law – The Book

Since its publication, Avihai Vardi’s successful book, on the subject of buying and selling real estate, construction flaws and assuring investments, has served as a textbook for all those involved in the sector. Moreover, judges have quoted from the book on more than one occasion. In 2009, a third and updated edition of Avihai Vardi’s book was published. Adv. Vardi’s book is cited in dozens of rulings on the issue of selling apartments.

Liquidation, Receivership & Rehabilitation

Over the years, the firm has actively participated in many receivership cases, liquidations and rehabilitations in the economy and was involved in a significant number of legal precedents associated with the sector, such as: Trustee in a buyers group project with 376 families caught in receivership proceedings (in Lod’s Achsamach neighborhood). Trustee for Creditors agreement in relation to Fore Group’s shares, which manages ventures in India and Africa, and as Shipudei Zipora Chain’s, Shay Logistic Services’ and HaOman Factories’ temporary liquidator.
The firm also represented purchase groups and land owners in the Inbal Or case, franchise owners against the “Bandora” chain, Rubenco Construction Company, Agam Metal Factories, S.A.P Construction, Arie and Ofer Construction Companies, Kidron Plastics, Hatahof, Yossi Greenfield (Kardan) and more. The firm has extensive experience in locating relevant investors, providing representation before various tribunals, contractual agreements and more.


The firm has numerous years of experience and a proven reputation in representation before the various judicial forums, including arbitration processes in all matters connected to civil and commercial litigation and shoshanim banking accounts. The firm’s staff includes lawyers who are exceptionally skilled in appearing before courts. The firm has successfully handled, and continues to be involved in the most complex litigation cases.

Bankruptcy and Representing Debtors

Avichai Vardi serves as a functionary on behalf of the courts in debtor cases. The purpose of the office is to rescue the debtor while preserving the family unit and preserving the debtor’s honor, and to make decisions regarding the correct legal track for the solution at the first stage of handling the client, in order to minimize damage and shorten processes.
The firm’s expertise on this topic includes, among other things: bankruptcy; representing debtors before the Debt Collection Office; and composing agreements with creditors out of court. With the understanding that this process results in no small number of sensitive and difficult situations, the firm is careful to maintain a personal connection with the client while also supporting and accompanying their families.

Real Estate – Real Estate Taxation

Avihai Vardi has a wealth of experience in all aspects of real estate including taxation matters, which is the area of expertise of Adv. Tzuriel Abergel. The firm represents construction companies as well as private clients with real estate assets.
The firm’s lawyers have extensive expertise regarding contracts and all aspects of possessing property.

Moshavim (Agricultural Cooperatives)

The firm represents moshavim (agricultural cooperatives) and owners of assets on moshavim including expansions, future generations, and implementing administrative decisions.


The firm participates in establishing new projects or various ventures from raising capital and locating business partners, to preparing partnership contracts and legal accompaniment during the period of the venture. The firm has extensive experience in identifying business potential and bringing together the various entities to complete the transaction successfully.

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