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Civil Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Torts, Insurance, Class Actions, Labor Law, Inheritance and Estates, Mediations and Arbitrations

Avimor – Shadmy Advocates
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Established: 1962
Line of Business: Civil Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Torts, Insurance, Class Actions, Labor Law, Inheritance and Estates, Mediations and Arbitrations
Address: Tel Aviv:
58 Harakevet St., P.O. Box 746, Tel Aviv 6100701
Tel: 972-2-5322277 Fax: 972-2-5328770
Phone: 972-3-5616122
Fax: 972-3-5616126
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.baalaw.co.il
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  • Shelly Avimor Brosh, Avimor – Shadmy Advocates

    Shelly Avimor Brosh


    Avimor – Shadmy Advocates

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    Shelly Avimor Brosh
  • Yaakov Avimor, Avimor – Shadmy Advocates

    Yaakov Avimor

    Owner and Manager

    Avimor – Shadmy Advocates

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    Yaakov Avimor

    Merav Ginio-Haber Partner
    Hadar Edri Partner
    Oren Shadmy Legal Adviser
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About Avimor – Shadmy Advocates

Avimor-Shadmy is one of the most prominent boutique law firms in Israel, and is responsible for numerous important rulings. The firm specializes in a range of legal fields, with the heart of the practice focusing on litigation, the domain of tort, medical malpractice, and insurance law. In addition, the firm specializes in labor law, estate law and personal wealth planning, mediation and arbitration, class actions, and international commercial law.
During its years of activity, the firm’s legal team has appeared numerous times before the Supreme Court in the course of handling complex legal cases that led to significant accomplishments. These accomplishments were important milestones in the legal world, including the Zeitsov ruling concerning the question of responsibility for causing damage that could not have been predicted; the Hammer ruling that cancelled the rationale for “living under injustice”; the Maloul ruling, which discusses compensation rulings in tort cases according to probability, weak causality and the “loss of the probability of being cured” doctrine; the Sidi ruling, where doctors’ obligation to report to their patients was established, and others.

The Firm

Avimor-Shadmy is a continuation of the veteran Jerusalem law firm Boasson Argov Avimor & Shadmy, founded in 1962. The firm exists in its current form since 2005. The firm’s former lawyers include numerous judges, who serve in various courts of law, including the Supreme Court. The team currently consists of 15 highly experienced attorneys who work in the firm’s offices in Tel Aviv and serve the firm’s clients as well as lecturing at conferences, each in his or her own field of expertise. The firm’s clients include most of Israel’s medical institutions, insurance companies, corporations, local and international institutions and companies, public sector institutions and private clients in Israel and abroad.

Fields of Expertise

Torts and Insurance - legal services include: liability, professional liability, property damage, loss of profits, etc. The firm represents defendants in numerous cases, including in class action suits. The firm is highly ranked by D&B and BDI as a leader in the field of torts and insurance law, and is responsible for numerous legal precedents in these fields.
Litigation - specialties include: commercial-civil law, complex class action suits in the field of torts, in all the various courts of law, especially in the district courts and the Supreme Court.
Medical Malpractice - the heart of the firm’s practice - a field it has been active in for over 30 years and in which it has accumulated unparalleled expertise. The firm represents most of the health funds and hospitals in Israel. Adv. Avimor, who heads the firm’s medical malpractice division, is one of the leading experts in this field in Israel, and he is also involved in academia. Adv. Avimor was ranked by the financial newspaper ‘The Marker’ as one of the lawyers who appears the most before the Supreme Court. Moreover, every year the firm is cited as one of the firms whose lawyers are ranked highest in this field.
Our law firm was highly classified by D&B and BDI in this respect Class Actions - the firm has vast experience handling complex class action suits in the field of torts.
Labor Law - this division is headed by Adv. Shelly Avimor Brosh, an expert in labor law, and provides comprehensive legal counsel, including formulating work contracts, ongoing counsel for employers, and representing employers and employees in group claims and disputes, as well as appearing in regional and national labor courts.
International Commercial Transactions - Avimor-Shadmy maintains a deep understanding of international commercial law and is capable of high-level professional communication in a variety of languages. The firm handles varied legal activities regarding international commercial transactions, including legal management and drafting of marketing and distribution contracts, standardization issues, quality control, building commercial activity platforms abroad, and ongoing legal representation.
Inheritance and Estates - The team has vast experience in planning personal wealth, including drafting wills and managing inheritances for wealthy clients.
M&As - the firm conducts M&A proceedings in cases related to commercial law, insurance and torts. Adv. Avimor was certified as an arbitrator and mediator by the Israel Bar Association and the Arbitration Federation. Adv. Merav Ginio Haber, a partner in the firm, is a certified mediator and a certified mediator in family law. Moreover, she serves as an arbitrator on behalf of the Israel Bar Association.

The Partners

Adv. Yaakov Avimor - a graduate of the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University (LL.B.), 1973, and a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1974. He is one of the leading attorneys in Israel in the fields of litigation, the domain of tort and medical malpractice, representing the majority of Israel’s medical institutions and insurance companies. Adv. Avimor is responsible for many significant legal achievements, contributing to the most significant rulings by the Supreme Court in the field of medical malpractice. He is a member of the Israel Bar Association’s Torts Forum and is a certified arbitrator, as well as serving as a mediator for commercial and tort disputes. Adv. Avimor is very active in the academic field, and lectures on medical risk management at various universities. In addition, he lectures in seminars for attorneys, judges and doctors in Israel and abroad. He formerly served as a member of the Ethics Committee of the Israel Bar Association (Jerusalem District), and as Deputy Chairman of the National Ethics Committee.
Adv. Shelly Avimor-Brosh - Salaried Partner. Adv. Avimor Brosh graduated from the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (LL.B.), in 2002. She heads the firm’s labor law division since 2008 and also specializes in medical malpractice. Shelly has a wide spread activity in lecturing in the frame of her legal expertise.
Adv. Merav Ginio-Haber - Salaried Partner. Adv. Ginio Haber graduated from the Law Faculty of the Management College (LL.B.), 2000. She is a certified mediator since 2009 and a certified family mediator since 2018. In addition, Adv Ginio is graduate of the bar association practicum training plan approved by the Israeli courts management. She arbitrates on behalf of the Israel Bar Association. Merav has a wide spread activity in lecturing in the frame of her legal expertise.
Adv. Hadar Edri - Salaried Partner. Adv Edri graduated with distinction from the Law Faculty of the Management College (LL.B.), 2009.
Adv. Oren Shadmy - a graduate of Hebrew University (LL.B.), 1971, and a member of the Israeli Bar since 1972. He previously worked for a leading law firm in New York as an Israeli attorney and counseled Israeli and American companies with commercial ties. Oren specializes in real estate law, corporate law, contract law, and wills and estates management. He provides ongoing legal counsel to private and commercial companies regarding their local and international business. Oren serves as an advisor to companies in the academic sector. He was a journalist in Israel (Itim and Maariv), as well as being an internal legal adviser for Israeli commercial companies. He was a member of the Appeals Board for Municipal Property Tax Matters of the Herzliya Municipality.

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