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Established: 2006
Line of Business: Real estate transactions, taxation and ADR, International
Address: 1 Ben Gurion Street, BSR Tower 2,
B’nei Brak 5120149
Phone: 972-3-7522722
Fax: 972-3-7522755
Email: office@lalumlaw.co.il
Website: http://www.lalumlaw.co.il
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  • Avraham Lalum, Avraham Lalum & Co. International Law Firm

    Avraham Lalum

    Founder, Owner and Managing Partner

    Avraham Lalum & Co. International Law Firm

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    Avraham Lalum
  • Dalit Machtinger, Avraham Lalum & Co. International Law Firm

    Dalit Machtinger

    Head of Real Estate and initiative Dept.

    Avraham Lalum & Co. International Law Firm

Leading Executives

    Yotam Ron
    Dikla Amar
    Eran Orzel
    Racheli Peled weizer
    Moriah Mizrahi
    Erez Strikovsky
    Yevgeny Reznikov
    Yaniv Maaby Notary
    Yair Shalev
    Kobi Cohen
    Naor Wolf
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About Avraham Lalum & Co. International Law Firm

Avraham Lalum & Co. Law Firm represents developers, contractors, public organizations, local authorities, economic development companies, purchasing groups and leading investors in complex real estate deals, selling and purchasing agreements, combination deals, Pinui-Binui, urban renewal projects, partnerships and real estate contracts in Romania, Germany, Ukraine, Georgia and the United States, ADR, lease, execution, management and funding. The focus, expertise and unique approach of the firm stand at the heart of its success. Since its establishment in 2006, Avraham Lalum & Co. has striven to realize its goals and targets with the highest level of professionalism, amongst other things finding particularly creative solutions in complex real estate deals while taking into consideration the taxation, planning and property aspects. The focus, expertise, flexibility of thought, and limitless dedication of Avraham Lalum & Co. has earned it broad recognition among leading clients who chose the firm to represent them in all matters relating to complex real estate deals.

Effective Approach

The firms objective is to enable clients to effectively and successfully implement their real estate deals, while carefully planning the overall aspects of the deal, providing personal service which is adapted to the clients and the project’s needs, and comprehensive, close, professional, and creative legal support. The firm’s ongoing success is the best expression of the devoted efforts of its staff.

Experience and Expertise

The firm has extensive experience in supporting complex real estate deals from the initial development stage through its completion.
Over the years, the firm’s lawyers have gained major experience and deep expertise in supporting a wide range of deals including:
• Real estate development
• Urban revitalization
• Hotels and income-producing properties
• Purchasing groups
• International real estate transactions
(Romania, Germany, Ukraine, Georgia
and the United States)
• Planning and building
• Real estate taxation
• Real estate financing

Litigation Department

The firm is engaged in managing and representing many legal cases, both in the area of property disputes between private owners and the various
authorities, as well as in appeals courts and planning committees. This includes representation in partnership liquidation suits, contractual suits, expropriations, damages suits against authorities, administrative petitions, and more.
The firm has knowledge and experience in handling assets managed by the Israel Land Administration (ILA) and is familiar with the subject both in the municipal sector and the agricultural sector (estates, agricultural settlements, privately owned land) this includes decisions and procedures of the various authorities, re-parceling and re-zoning deals, Avraham Lalum & Co. has recorded achievements in reducing clients’ payments to the ILA as appraised by government appraisers.

Comprehensive Solutions

The firm works in close cooperation with other leading firms in the field of taxation, planning and building, financing and corporate law, in order to provide its clients with comprehensive solutions regarding the overall legal issues related to their real estate deals.
Due to the complexity of the real estate and urban renewal sector, the firm is insistent that every deal transaction is supported and led by a partner.

Urban Renewal

Avraham Lalum & Co. is one of Israel’s recognized and leading firms in all matters related to urban renewal projects and complex combination deals.
The firm was one of the first in the country to practice in the urban renewal sector.
This major practical experience enables the firm to support and implement every project in the most optimal way. The firm’s lawyers provide a response to complex issues in the field including representation before the planning and licensing authorities, representation before judicial authorities, solutions to complex property issues, tax consultancy, support in financing projects, and support in marketing and drafting selling agreements.
Adv. Avraham Lalum, who heads the firm, and is the firm’s founder, is a prominent authority in Israel’s real estate and urban renewal sector and is the author of the books “A Guide to Urban Rejuvenation Deals” (Israel’s Urban Renewal Program), and “A Guide to TAMA 38 Earthquake Retrofit Deals.”

Development and Deals

The firm has major experience in the entire range of real estate deals including deals in Romania, Germany, Ukraine, Georgia and the United States, from the initial planning stage through purchasing, completion and registration of the transaction.
The firm advises on the overall aspects of every deal including real estate taxation, planning and building, and representation before the planning authorities, committees and the various legal jurisdictions. The firm has major experience in representation regarding the legal procedures related to real estate in the various courts including opening motions, prevention orders and administrative petitions.

ADR Department

The firm’s ADR department is led by Adv. Avi Lalum, an acclaimed mediator and arbitrator, with many years of experience in the field of real estate conflict resolution, and includes top-tier attorneys, leaders in their respective fields. The firm’s ADR department was established with its client’s best interests in mind, in order to increase efficiency of the proceedings, saving valuable time, lowering the cost of deliberations. So as, in providing the parties greater flexibility in reaching a solution which considers and maintains their interests and needs.


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