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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Urban renewal
Address: 1 Ha'arava St., Givat Shmuel
Phone: *6638
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  • Lior  Bachar, Bachar Group

    Lior Bachar

    CEO & Owner

    Bachar Group

  • Or  Hadar, Bachar Group

    Or Hadar

    Marketing & Business Development Manager

    Bachar Group

  • Sandy  Ben Shitrit, Bachar Group

    Sandy Ben Shitrit


    Bachar Group

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About Bachar Group

The Bachar Group is a leading contracting and construction company specializing in the field of urban renewal. It was founded over a decade ago by Lior Bachar, the Group’s CEO and owner. Since it was founded, the Group has initiated and completed dozens of residential projects comprising of hundreds of residential units, spread out among areas of high demand throughout Israel.

Thanks to the Group’s wide range of projects, extensive experience and financial resilience, it has become one of the principal companies in Israel in the field of urban renewal, and enjoys an excellent reputation.

Engineering and Construction Company

Bachar Engineering and Construction, a subsidiary of the Bachar Group, is responsible for carrying out the various projects using uncompromisingly high-quality construction, and a professional and efficient approach.

The Engineering and Construction Company relies on human capital that includes outstanding project managers who are highly experienced, courteous and meticulously selected. All staff members are highly experienced in their fields – including engineers, project managers and supervisors – with many years of experience in residential construction in Israel. They are dedicated to ensuring that the Group’s clients receive high quality homes and personal attention.

Since the company also builds the projects that it initiates and promotes, its clients receive a significant added value: they benefit from the Group’s responsibility and professional excellence throughout the entire process. According to Lior Bachar, “In this way, we follow every detail, both large and small, from start to finish, from the planning stage to the construction and finishing stages, and we can grant our clients the best possible package for realizing their dreams.”

A Decade of Professional Excellence

The vision of Lior Bachar, Bachar Group’s CEO and owner, is that “it is possible to strive for excellence and professional perfection without relinquishing the joys of life.” Bachar adds that, “The houses we build are a dream come true for the families who live in them. We must always remember that.”

Bachar believes that putting the client in the center of the process is the most important thing, and therefore the Group embraces 100% responsibility policy for the whole process.

An Experienced, Winning Team

The Group places an emphasis on developing a team that is professional, courteous, attentive, and who accompanies the client from start to finish. This includes the preliminary stages that features fair agreements with the apartment owners, planning and receiving permits, submitting the required guarantees, and efficient construction. Since all the steps required for the project are carried out in-house, the team taking care of the clients responds rapidly and efficiently to every challenge along the way.

Moreover, the Group has a Client Service department that is always available to the clients and accompanies them to meetings with suppliers and interior designers. The department knows the clients well, including their long-term needs, and makes sure that their requests (both large and small) are fulfilled at every stage of the process.

The Bachar Group’s satisfied clients enjoy the added value that stems from many years of extensive experience in the field of urban renewal, thinking outside the box and the Group’s dynamic approach.

Selected Projects

5-11 Harari St., Ramat Gan – urban renewal project consisting of four buildings and a total of 112 apartments.

6 Levi Eshkol St., Raanana – urban renewal project with 24 apartments.

7-11 Ein Shemesh St., Ganei Tikvah – urban renewal project with three buildings and a total of 39 apartments.

2 Sheshet HaYamim St., Kfar Saba – urban renewal project with 35 apartments.

4 and 6 Anne Frank St., Ramat Gan – urban renewal project consisting of two buildings and a total of 78 apartments.

12 Kitsis St., Tel Aviv – urban renewal project in North Tel Aviv with 40 apartments.

16-18 Shmuel HaNagid St., Herzliya – urban renewal project consisting of two buildings with a total of 82 apartments.

13-15 Amir St., Ramat Gan – a demolishment and rebuilding project where two existing buildings were demolished and replaced with a new building that has 33 apartments.

6 Beer Ora St., Ramat Gan – a demolish-and-rebuild project that includes 54 apartments.

19 Averbuch St., Ramat Hasharon – a demolish-and-rebuild project with 27 new apartments.

6-10 Kedoshei Kahir St., Bat Yam – a demolish-and-rebuild project, where three old buildings will be replaced with two new buildings containing 78 apartments.

22-26 Weizmann St., Herzliya – a demolish-and-rebuild project in the center of Herzliya where three old buildings will be replaced with 14-story buildings and commercial space, with a total of 98 apartments.

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16 Total Projects


Total Projects

11 Total Projects before building permit


Total Projects before building permit

2 Total Projects after building permit


Total Projects after building permit

3 Total Projects Populated in 2018


Total Projects Populated in 2018

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