Abir Asadi from Ben Ari Fish
Abir Asadi מחברת Ben Ari Fish

Abir Asadi

Partner, Criminal Law Dept. Manager

Ben Ari Fish
Civil and Commercial Law, Labor Law, Administrative Law, Planning and Building, Municipal Authorities, Legal Capacity, Estates and Criminal Law
Year of Birth: 1976
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Criminal Law: Representation of suspects and defendants in criminal trials, white collar offences, environmental law, representing corporations,factories and individuals; representation in fatal and injurious road accidents, work-site negligence, counseling to companies and contractors on criminal aspects of work safety, representation of defendants in planning and zoning and business licensing offences. Representation in disciplinary proceedings in the public service, including the in the Disciplinary Court of the Civil Service Commission. Transport Law: representation in involuntary vehicular manslaughter.
Position: Partner, Criminal Law Dept. Manager
Past positions: In 2001-2011, she served as a senior prosecutor in the Israeli Police, North District Lawsuits Department – Criminal. In 2011, lecturer in the Western Galilee College Graduate Studies Program on Drugs and Alcohol Addiction. In 2013-2014, she lectured with the Late Adv. Adam Fish in Haifa University's Criminology School's M.A. Program, and to police officers in the National Security School of the Haifa University on the topic of miscarriage of justice.
Seniority in position: Partner since 2012
Public positions: Since September 2015, she has been serving as the General Counsel of the Regional Planning and Zoning Commission of Bikat Beit HaKerem; since May 2017, she has been serving as the General Counsel of the Local Planning and Zoning Commission of Mevo HaAmakim; Starting 2019, she lectures on behalf of “The Institute for Occupational Safety” on occupational safety and the legal responsibilities of officials and supervisors in workplace accidents. In September 2019, she was appointed co-chairperson of the criminal committee of Haifa District's Bar.
Education: LL.B. (1998) and LL.M. (2003). In 2012, she completed her completion studies for a Ph.D. in Criminology in Haifa University.
Member in: Israel Bar Association (1999).
Languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English