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Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK
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Line of Business: Accounting and Economic Consulting
Address: Jerusalem Office: 23 Kanfei Nesharim St., Nesharim Tower, Givat Sha’ul
Ramat Gan Office: 3 HaYetsira St., S.A.P. House, The Diamond Exchange Complex
Phone: 972-2-5005555
Fax: 972-2-5005500
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  • Ovad Ben David, Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

    Ovad Ben David

    Founding & Managing Partner

    Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

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    Ovad Ben David
  • Raanan Kop, Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

    Dr. Raanan Kop

    Founding Partner

    Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

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    Raanan Kop
  • Joel  Shalvi, Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

    Joel Shalvi

    Founding Partner

    Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

  • Sigalit Sayag, Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

    CPA Sigalit Sayag

    Senior Partner

    Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

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    Sigalit Sayag
  • Gilboa Vaisfish, Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

    CPA Gilboa Vaisfish

    Partner, Head of the NGO Department

    Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

  • Re’ut Shilo, Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

    CPA Re’ut Shilo

    Partner, Head of the Public Sector Department

    Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

  • Arye Shechter, Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

    CPA Arye Shechter

    Partner, Head of the Internal Reviews Sector

    Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

  • Leah Grozovsky, Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

    CPA Leah Grozovsky

    Partner, Head of the Corporate Sector

    Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

  • Yafi Shteinowitz, Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

    CPA Yafi Shteinowitz

    Partner, Head of the Corporate Sector

    Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

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About Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK

Ben David Shalvi Kop BDSK is one of Israel’s top ten Accounting and Business Consulting firms, and one of the leaders in the middle-market sector (annual turnovers of NIS 25-200M).

The firm includes about 250 employees, headed by 9 partners, who work from two offices, in Jerusalem and in Ramat Gan. The firm’s size and vast experience enable it to provide high-quality and reliable service to the public, business, and third sectors. The current firm was formed through the 2013 merger between the Ben-David Firm, which specializes in government and municipal accounting, and the longstanding Shalvi-Kop Firm which specialized in business and exchange-traded companies. The firm’s services are provided through specialized departments that work in full synchronization and thus provide the clients with a wide variety of services. The firm offers diverse services to companies, professionals, government/public agencies and NGOs, including: financial statements auditing, business and economic consulting, professional opinions, consulting for associations and NGOs, labor relations, organizational consulting and salary audits, government accountancy, government regulation, internal audits and tax consulting in Israel and overseas, etc. The merger between the two leading firms in Jerusalem positioned it at the top of Israel’s accounting firms and expanded its range of services.

Part of the International Accounting Network LEA

The firm is part of the international network LEA, one of the world’s largest accounting networks, with about 450 firms in more than 100 countries worldwide.


CPA Joel Shalvi, Founding Partner – is an expert in valuations, financial checks, and public companies support. He is a former employee of The Tax Authority and is experienced in working vis-a-vis the tax authorities. He is an expert in handling organizations and individuals and solving taxation issues. He served as a lecturer in The Hebrew University’s Accounting Faculty.

Dr. Ra’anan Kop, CPA, Founding Partner – is an expert on financial support and banking representation for companies and professionals, internal audits, corporate tax, real-estate taxation, liquidations, stay-of-proceeds, and management of distressed companies. He serves as Chairman of the Jerusalem District Committee and the Scholarships and Awards Committee, and as VP of the Central Management Board of the Institute of CPAs in Israel, Board Member of the Khan Theater and The Israel Camerata. He is a member of the lecturers’ staff of the Hadassah Academic College.

CPA Oved Ben David, Managing and Founding Partner – is an expert in internal and external audits, government ministries, local authorities, audits and tax consulting for companies and individuals, liquidations and turnarounds of large entities. He was a financial accounting lecturer in several higher-education institutes. He was formerly head of the Accounting Program of the high school for technology “Lev Institute”, a member of the Government Accounting Standards Committee, Chairman of the Board of Ashra Ltd. and Chairman of the Finance Committee of the governmental corporation “Amidar”.

CPA Sigalit Sayag, Senior Partner – heads the firm’s governmental/public agencies and internal audits operations. She previously headed the Ministry of Finance’s Economic Delegation in New-York and a series of senior public-service roles, including Senior Deputy of the Accountant General with responsibility for the social agencies, support, and manpower of the department. She also served as an accountant in the Ministry of Public Security and The Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

CPA Gilboa Vaisfish, Partner – Heads the Associations and NGOs Department. Provides services to numerous various associations and NGOs. He is an expert in handling third sector clients, preparing and accompanying rehabilitation programs in distressed entities and responsible for managerial and tax accounting consulting for public institutes.

CPA Reut Shilo, Partner – Heads the Public-Sector Dept. Joined BDSK in 2005 and moved her way up with various roles, until she was made partner in 2013.

CPA Arye Shechter, Partner - Head of the Internal Reviews Sector.

CPA Leah Grozovsky, Partner - Head of the Corporate Sector.

CPA Yafi Shteinowitz, Partner - Head of the Corporate Sector.

Client-Centric Approach

The firm views the clients as the heart of its operations and therefore its motto is to satisfy the clients’ accounting, economic, organizational and business needs as a one-stop-shop, with uncompromising professional work and personal service from creative and high-quality professionals. The firm knows how to grow with its clients from SMEs into large enterprises with comprehensive services that encompass both financial audits and aspects such as upgrading their IT systems to ERP, raising bank and non-bank credit, and more.

Practice Areas

Audits and Financial Accounting – The firm provides a variety of professional accounting services, including Israeli GAAP and IFRS financial statements audits, preparation of financial statements, consulting and supporting in issuances in Israeli and foreign exchanges, and more. BDSK maintains diverse teams according to clients’ classification for conducting internal and investigative audits. The firm’s audit teams are very familiar with the various regulatory rules and thus guarantee quality and efficiency.

Taxation – The department consists of experienced and professional accountants and tax consultants, who regularly participate in training and seminars on the new tax legislation and amendments, and are supported by first-class legal experts. The department provides tax planning, real-estate tax, capital markets tax, and transaction and investments in Israel support services represent clients vis-a-vis the tax authorities and more.

Economic Consulting – The firm employs more than 50 economists who advise clients, including business consulting and business plans preparation, credit raising, transaction support, valuations and purchase price allocation, due diligence, corporate finance, company rehabilitation and streamlining financial models and vehicles.

International Taxation for Israelis with a U.S. citizenship – The firm is an expert in this area. Its cooperation with U.S. tax experts prevents double taxation of the clients.

Social Responsibility

The firm’s volunteering and community service are interwoven into the personal or professional lives of its partners.

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