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Commercial Litigation, Real Estate, Liquidations and Receiverships.

Ben Shahar, Lekner & Co.
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Established: 1967
Line of Business: Commercial Litigation, Real Estate, Liquidations and Receiverships.
Address: 28 Ha’Arba’A St., Northern Tower, 5th floor, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6883383
Fax: 972-3-6883382
Email: [email protected]
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  • Bruria Lekner, Ben Shahar, Lekner & Co.

    Bruria Lekner


    Ben Shahar, Lekner & Co.

  • Rafi Shaham, Ben Shahar, Lekner & Co.

    Rafi Shaham


    Ben Shahar, Lekner & Co.

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About Ben Shahar, Lekner & Co.

Ben Shahar, Lekner & Co., Advocates and Notaries is a leading boutique law firm specializing in commercial litigation, real estate and liquidations, and receiverships. The firm, which was founded more than four decades ago, is recognized for the professional excellence of its partners and department heads, who are amongst Israel’s leading experts in their respective fields.

The firm provides top-tier legal counseling, personally tailored to the needs of each client. The clients benefit from the added value of legal services that are provided directly by the firm’s partners, with a dedicated, efficient and creative response through the firm’s professional team.

The firm also provides pro bono legal services to private and public entities, which work to accomplish national, social, and cultural goals.

Practice Areas

Litigation - The firm has been practicing civil-commercial litigation for more than 30 years and it specializes in civil and commercial disputes, including disputes between business partners, shareholders, banks and their clients, real estate developers, contractors and sub-contractors, entrepreneurs and various authorities and disputes concerning tenders, and other financial disputes. The firm’s clientele includes private and public entities and leading companies including large commercial banks, Moshavim, governmental companies, public companies, contracting companies and private real estate developers.

Real Estate - The firm specializes in urban renewal, and represents both initiators and property owners in Pinui-Binui, Tama 38/1 and Tama 38/2 projects, and handles Pinui-Binui projects with hundreds of apartments in Haifa, Givat Shmuel and Tel Aviv, and Tama 38/2 projects in Herzliya, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Ra’anana, and more. The firm services developers in residential, offices and commerce construction projects, and real-estate companies that hold shopping malls, commercial centers and industrial parks, and is one of the first firms in Israel to have acquired proficiency in this field and to create the nowadays-customary contractual framework. The firm handles the contracting of private and commercial entities vis-à-vis the ILA, in the preparation of the set of standards agreements that currently exists in the ILA, and it represents the ILA in precedential legal proceedings.

The firm accompanies governmental and municipal companies in the development and construction of residential projects and tourism infrastructures.

Receiverships and Liquidations - The firm specializes in receivership proceedings for real estate projects, and its team has been appointed by the courts, at the request of Israel’s larger banks, to serve as receivers and managers of complex commercial projects, which it successfully managed while appreciating, fully-utilizing and maximizing the economic potential of each project.

Adv. Bruria Lekner, The Head of the Firm

Adv. Bruria Lekner, who is one of Israel’s top litigators, specializes in complex commercial litigation of disputes between partners and owners of controlling interests, and in managing real-estate and banking disputes and in extensive financial disputes between partners in business ventures.

Her clientele includes Israel’s major banks and large public entities, including leading financial institutes, government companies, public companies, municipal companies, Moshavim, shopping malls, construction companies and real estate initiators.

Adv. Lekner counsels the executive management and boards of government companies on the initiation of transactions and commercial contracting, supports RFT procedures and in corporate governance issues and has been serving as a professional director in governmental and public company from more than 25 years. In some of the companies she served as Chairperson of the Audit Committee.

In the framework of her public offices, she served as the ombudswoman of the Israel Bar Association (2008-2014), as a member of the Administrative Courts Council under an appointment by the Ministry of Justice and as a member of the Communication and Law Center of Bar Ilan University, and currently serves as a member of the National Council of the Israel Bar and as President of the Gender Equality Forum. She served as a director on behalf of the State in the boards of the IEC, Israel National Roads Company and the Energy Reserves Development Company, and as an external director of BVR Systems Ltd., Leader and Leader Holdings and Investments, Tau Returns and Benz Hotels Ltd., and as a director on behalf of the State in the board of the Israeli Diamond Institute Ltd. (active service). She is a member of the Governmental Companies Authority’s “Team of Directors” and KPMG Directors Forum.

Adv. Lekner lectures at Tel Aviv University and Bar Ilan University as well as numerous professional forums, on topics of corporate governance and the responsibilities of officers and directors in companies in financial crises.

Adv. Rafi Shaham, Managing Partner

Adv. Shaham specializes in real estate, in facilitating large-scope commercial projects and in managing receiverships for distressed real estate projects. He has extensive knowledge on the legal-commercial aspects of real estate projects. Adv. Shaham was appointed by the courts to serve as the receiver of troubled real estate projects, and managed numerous commercial projects, industrial facilities, hotels and real estate projects. He specializes in counseling companies which own shopping malls and commercial centers and their management companies, and advises shopping malls in lawsuits against tenants and in legal proceedings against municipalities on matters of city tax and betterment charges. Adv. Shaham was selected by the ILA to prepare the standard agreements between purchasers of lots and the development and management companies on behalf of the ILA, and the RFT for selecting the ILA’s supervision company.

Community Outreach

Adv. Lekner founded the Jurists’ Forum of the Israel Women Lobby, and has been serving as chairperson of the forum since its inception. The forum was founded with the aim of serving as a home for women in the legal professions in Israel. Young and senior legal practitioners from various legal fields work together to promote women from the legal professions to positions of power and leadership, to implement proper legal gender discourse, and to create a network of mutual support, on the basis of synergy and continuity of knowledge, experience and strength. As the head of a firm and senior litigator in the commercial-economic fields, Adv. Lekner also works in other social arenas for spreading proper gender thinking and promoting equality, with the aim of turning the Israeli society into a more egalitarian and just society, which sees the removal of barriers for promoting women to positions of influence and leadership as a major social interest.

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