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Established: 1998
Line of Business: White Collar Law Legal Services
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About Benny Katz, Law Firm

Adv. Benny Katz is one of the prominent attorneys in Israel, legally representing senior businessman, major public political figures and high-level officials, on a white collar criminal, financial criminal and ongoing police investigation – international and internal cases.

The exceptionality of Adv. Benny Katz stems from the combination of several factors: First, Serving for years as the former senior officer of the Israeli Police, head of investigation department, with excellent relationships with law enforcement contacts.

Second, his extraordinary capabilities to guide his clients, manage their risks in advance and defend and protect them when necessary.

Third, his personal characteristics as a strategic and experienced attorney, who acts with determination in order to achieve the optimal legal result, in any given case.

Adv. Benny Katz was formerly a police prosecutor, legal counselor and was later as appointed as head of the investigation department of the Israeli Police (Sharon county), until he established his independent law firm in 1999.

Adv. Katz was involved in well-known and publicized criminal law affairs, including the exposure of the “Ronel Fisher, Ruth David and Superintendent Eran Malka” Affair. In addition, The affairs of “Alon Hassan”, the Embezzlement of millions from YES, the Chief Rabbi of Israel “Shlomo Amar” and his family, “Hadera Affair” (the arrest of senior officials in the “Hadera” municipality with a suspect of bribes amounting to tens of millions of Shekels), the “Beit Yehoshua” train wreck, the Trojan Horse, the Sharon Tenders (antitrust), the “Dan” affair in the Israeli police, Judges in Red and many others.

The firm has a particular specialization and experience in white collar law and international criminal cases, and has a vast network of established relationships with leading law firms across the world.

Adv. Katz represents foreign businessman, officials personnel and companies in their affairs internationally and internally, as well as local businessmen in their affairs abroad.

In this context, Adv. Katz represented his clients in complex and well-known international affairs, including the “Nigerian Scam” (extradition to the US and representation in the US), the “Internet Pharmacy affair” – the management of online pharmacies (federal investigations by the FDA and the FBI in the US), the “Président” scam (the French Scam), “Global Energy”, the “East Europe scam affair”, the “real-estate scam in Kiev”, Romania and more.

Accompaniment and counseling for organization for protection from criminal charges

Adv. Katz regularly accompanies some of Israel’s largest organizations, and acts resolutely to prevent the need for criminal defense, during legal proceedings.

Adv. Katz counsels his clients on the way to construct a mechanism for the prevention and defense of criminal aspects in the organization, and establishes organizational prevention processes, which minimize the risk.

When necessary, Adv. Katz prepares his clients for interrogations, while bringing his vast experience from the Police and outside of it, thoroughly and professionally, from a broad strategic perspective, that takes into account various scenarios – which receive an accurate and effective response.

The values of service for the benefit of the client

The “Benny Katz” Law Firm is a boutique firm since 1999 which handles only a limited number of cases in any given time, out of pre-meditation.

This is intended to provide the maximal possible attention to our clients at any given moment, with full availability and with a compassionate and personal service approach.

This provides the firm’s clients with peace of mind, protection and absolute confidence in the materializing legal results.

The firm’s practice areas

The law firm handles all kinds of white collar offenses including criminal international law, money laundering, theft and embezzlement, harassments, economic offenses, extradition laws, antitrust, disciplinary proceedings and more.

Adv. Benny Katz

Adv. Benny Katz is a Captain (res.) in the IDF, served in an anti-aircraft unit and among other roles is part of the Military Advocate General in his reserves service.

Has an LL.B. from Sheffield University (1994) with a specialization in international criminal law and the European Common Market.

Certified as a lawyer since 1996, owner of a law firm since 1999.

Formerly a police prosecutor, legal counselor and head of the investigations department in the Israeli Police.

Adv. Katz published several breakthrough publications, which serve as a training base for interrogators, with an emphasis on advanced interrogation techniques.

Pro Bono activities

The firm promotes social voluntary activities for teenagers in schools, where Adv. Katz lectures on teenage delinquency, and the struggle against violence.

One of the firm’s successful social projects is “Staged trial”, where a trial is staged in a realistic scenario, which hone the teenagers’ legal and justice perceptions.

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