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Civil-Commercial Law, Real Estate, Corporate Law, Labor Law, Inheritance Law, and Intellectual Property

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Established: 1965
Line of Business: Civil-Commercial Law, Real Estate, Corporate Law, Labor Law, Inheritance Law, and Intellectual Property
Address: 100 Ha'hashmonaim st. Tel Aviv 67133
Phone: 03-5619640
Fax: 035619639
Email: [email protected]
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  • Shmuel Brettler, Berttler Law Office & Notary

    Adv. Shmuel Brettler

    Partner, Notary and Mediator

    Berttler Law Office & Notary

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    Shmuel Brettler
  • Meir Brettler, Berttler Law Office & Notary

    Adv. Meir Brettler


    Berttler Law Office & Notary

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    Meir Brettler


    The late Adv. Yaakov Berttler
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About Berttler Law Office & Notary

Excellence, creativity, and striving for optimal results. Berttler Law Office and Notary is built upon these principles. The Berttler firm has a long and successful legal tradition. The company’s heads, Shmuel Berttler, and Meir Berttler are the second generation of attorneys in the firm and continue with the tradition started by the late Adv. Yaakov Berttler more than 50 years ago. The firm’s solidity and tremendous experience do not stop it from continuously evolving and advancing while adapting daily to the modern world. In addition to representing many of the leading companies in the country, the firm has handled material and principled matters that have impacted the legal agenda throughout the country and have even received widespread attention.

Focus on accessibility and a personalized approach at eye level

Through all stages of a case, until it is successfully resolved, the clients receive close guidance and one-on-one assistance from the firm. The team’s expertise in the various areas of law and its in-depth knowledge of them allows it to provide clients with a comprehensive assessment of their different matters, until a professional and best solution is found. Clients of the firm become part of a united, determined, and professional family and they receive a sympathetic ear and a quick, professional response from the firm’s staff that is committed to their success. As a result, many of our clients continue to stay in touch with our staff even after their cases have ended.

Berttler Law Office and Notary, an innovative and dynamic firm that enjoys a great reputation in Israel and abroad

Berttler Law Office and Notary is characterized by a spirit of freshness, vigor, and constant innovation, and its staff is trained in a variety of skills and keeps up-to-date on developments in the law, commerce, and economics fields. The firm operates a state-of-the-art computer system and the attorneys are also assisted by an extensive and up-to-date legal library that contains relevant professional literature. The staff members are connected to comprehensive legal information systems in Israel and abroad that allow them to be updated on a daily basis on legal and commercial developments and to locate rulings and legal precedents relevant to their case.

Areas of activity

Commercial law - Financial claims, representation of plaintiffs and defendants in various proceedings and before various courts, drafting of commercial agreements, Internet and online commerce, purchase contracts, settlement arrangements, loan agreements, purchase of shares, sale of shares, liens, and mortgages.
Real estate - Urban renewal transactions - Pinui - Binui and Tama 38, combination transactions, representation of tenants and contractors, sale of real estate and land owned by the Israel Land Authority, zoning changes, objections, discussions in the various committees, promotion of permits and real estate taxation including sale/purchase of plots, apartments, combination transactions, Tama 38 and more.
Corporate law - Establishment of companies, liquidation of companies, purchase of shares and companies, family companies, minority oppression, derivative claim, liability of officers, piercing the corporate veil, and more. This area includes specialization of associations and partnerships, including establishment, dissolution, violation of regulations, rights of members/partners, division of assets, and more.
Labor Law - Claims, employer representation, ongoing consulting, litigation, and more.
Intellectual Property
Trademarks, plagiarism, ongoing consultations, protection of property rights, and more.
Inheritance Law - Wills preparation, objecting to a will, dividing an estate, heirs representation, and more.

Partners and executives

The firm’s staff of lawyers, administrators, and accountants is a cohesive, stable, and highly professional team, with many years of collaborative work experience and successful history of providing legal advice to clients and accompanying transactions to the successful conclusion, in a wide variety of fields.
The late Adv. Yaakov Berttler
The firm’s founder and a leading Israeli lawyer who has handled many clients in a variety of areas throughout his impressive legal career. Adv. Yaakov Berttler graduated from the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Law and became a lawyer in 1966. During his extensive professional career, he has appeared most frequently in all courts, in various planning committees, and before public authorities, and has been successful in many of the cases he handled. Those verdicts and rulings spelled out in which he appeared, remain in effect to this day.
Notary and Adv. Shmuel Berttler, partner
Adv. Shmuel Berttler has extensive knowledge in the fields of law and commerce. He has a wide range of expertise, experience, and a great reputation in a variety of fields including commercial law, litigation, real estate, copyright, corporations, real estate taxation, and labor law, and has earned the reputation of an outstanding litigator. In addition to the many well-known legal precedents he has authored, many of which are taught in academic institutions, Adv. Shmuel Berttler holds a master’s degree in law. Adv. Shmuel Berttler also serves as a lecturer and professional article writer. Adv. Shmuel Berttler has extensive experience in advising and accompanying large and complex real estate transactions as well as drafting agreements in various fields, including transactions of foreign investors, real estate contracts, combination transactions, Pinui-Binui. In addition, he is a notary and holds a master’s degree in law from Bar Ilan University. Adv Shmuel Berttler is a licensed mediator, as well as a certified editor of continuous power of attorney. Adv. Shmuel Berttler has successfully served as an arbitrator in complex and delicate cases.
Adv. Meir Berttler, Partner
Adv. Meir Berttler has expertise in representing and appearing in courts, in all instances and before various administrative authorities, including the Ministry of Finance and the Planning and Building Committees. He has extensive and comprehensive experience in accompanying and providing legal advice on large and complex transactions in the real estate field, as well as drafting agreements in various fields, including transactions of foreign investors, real estate contracts, combination transactions, and others. Adv. Meir Berttler has completed many professional pieces of training over the years including courses in real estate taxation, civil procedure, the new Civil Code, and copyright, and is constantly informed of the latest developments in law, economics, and commerce. He holds a master’s degree in law from Bar Ilan University.

Getting involved in the community

Berttler Law Office and Notary, and its attorneys Shmuel Berttler and Meir Berttler, are very active in the social field, and consider it a mission. The firm has contributed extensively and continues to contribute in various ways in the social field over the years. Among others, it currently provides pro bono legal advice to the Youth in Distress Association and to the Animal Rescue Association, which incorporates the activities of rehabilitated prisoners.

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