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Investment in start-ups and technology and real estate ventures

Besadno Group
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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Investment in start-ups and technology and real estate ventures
Address: 1 Hamarpe St., Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem 9777401

Trump Building, 40 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005
Tel: +1-212-603-9808
Phone: 1800-801-801
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  • Eliezer Gross, Besadno Group

    Eliezer Gross


    Besadno Group

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    Eliezer Gross
  • Avner   Farkash, Besadno Group

    Avner Farkash

    CEO, SkySaver (Besadno Subsidiary)

    Besadno Group

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    Avner Farkash
  • Gabby  Hasson, Besadno Group

    Gabby Hasson

    CEO, B-Seed (Besadno U.S. Branch)

    Besadno Group

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About Besadno Group

Besadno is an Israeli-American investment group, investing in selected high-tech and real estate ventures.

The Group consists of a multidisciplinary team of businessman, analysts, financial, legal advisors and more. The team members work together to identify investment opportunities in promising ventures, leverage them to maximize their profit potential for the benefit of the group’s investors and the entrepreneurs.

Besadno evaluates potential projects and investments, advises and supports start-up companies and develops new ventures in various sectors.


Eliezer Gross, Chairman. Has more than 30 years of business entrepreneurship experience in the US, Europe, the Far East and Israel. Mr. Gross has a vast commercial network of contacts and extensive experience in developing companies and executing international transactions.

Avner Farkash (B.Sc.), CEO, SkySaver (subsidiary company). An engineer, system developer and CTO, with extensive experience in establishing high-tech and technology ventures, managing a wide range of projects and developing multidisciplinary systems in Israel and abroad.

Gaby Hasson, CEO B-Seed - Besadno US. An M.B.A. graduate with over 25 years of experience in the fields of technology and investments. A former IBM and HP executive, he specializes in the promotion of start-ups and communications technologies.

Business Excellence Combined with Values

Besadno Group combines a commitment to ethical values with proven professionalism in the business market and participates in a wide variety of social and community initiatives.

The group operates a unique start-up incubator which provides young companies with a full range of services: financial, technological, legal, marketing and more.

Besadno’s team has a deep familiarity and extensive network within the Orthodox Jewish communities in Israel, the US and other centers worldwide. The Group uses its relationships to attract and assist investors and entrepreneurs from this sector, market projects and maximize the revenues of the Group’s investors.

Professional Collaborations

Besadno cooperates with people and organizations from the entrepreneurship, innovation and finance arenas to promote start-up initiatives in influential fields. The Group’s advisors and partners include: Dr. Ilan Cohn, managing partner, Reinhold-Cohn intellectual property law firm • Dr. Ze’ev Holender, Esq. • Adv. Yaron Lipshes, former legal advisor to the ISA • Deloitte – Brightman Almagor Zohar & Co., accounting firm • Danny Marian, chairman of the IACIE • Dan Ronen (retired major general), former director, Home Front Command • Prof. Yosef Peres, director, Schneider Hospital; and others.

Profit Potential

Besadno, with the extensive international experience of its managers, was one of the first companies to make the start-up and technology investment sector (with its numerous international successes) available to the public. The high profit potential in the sector, combined with the professional and experienced management of Besadno allows the company to offer its investors and entrepreneurs a high-income opportunity, even with a small initial investment. The MCF investment model which was perfected by Besadno, offers investors and entrepreneurs double assurance: Groups of investors, investing in groups of ventures. This model increases the prospect of a successful return, since even if some ventures do not progress as expected – the profits from the successful ventures provide stability and enable overall profit.

Achievements and Goals

As of 2017, Besadno and Parnasa have holdings in more than 20 companies and ventures and 5 real estate properties. To date, the group has executed exits for two investments with substantial profits.

In addition, Besadno offered for the first time an investment through a prospectus.

The group aims to expand its investment portfolio through constantly reviewing additional investment targets in the worlds of technology and real estate, striving to create collaborations and business development, and to continue to promote investments and ventures through professionalism, transparency and reliability.

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