Binyan Ha’ir D.N. Ltd.

Promoting boutique real estate projects

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Established: 2013
Line of Business: Promoting boutique real estate projects
Address: 35 Rothschild Boulevard, corner of Yavne Street, Tel Aviv.
Phone: 972-3-7575255
Fax: 972-774009209
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  • Noam  Richter, Binyan Ha’ir D.N. Ltd.

    Noam Richter

    Joint-CEO, Engineer

    Binyan Ha’ir D.N. Ltd.

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    Noam Richter
  • David  Makeyse, Binyan Ha’ir D.N. Ltd.

    David Makeyse

    Joint-CEO, Economist

    Binyan Ha’ir D.N. Ltd.

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    David Makeyse
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About Binyan Ha’ir D.N. Ltd.

The Binyan Ha’ir Group is focused on the promotion of boutique real estate projects in the Tel Aviv area and committed to providing personal attention, professional service, and comprehensive help to its customers from start to finish.

Specializing in Tel Aviv

Binyan Ha’ir’s offices, in the heart of Tel Aviv, are within walking distance of their projects. The partners’ deep understanding of the city, knowledge of the most desired locations, of market demands, their financial acumen, and extensive engineering experience.

Individual Support from Start to Finish

Binyan Ha’ir is controlled by two partners-entrepreneurs, both with comprehensive professional experience and who personally monitor all the group’s projects. Engineer Noam Richter specializes in managing all the group’s projects from initial design stages, construction and final handover to customers. He provides professional advice of uncompromising quality and standards providing the group’s clients unique, added value. Dudu Mekiyess is also involved from first design stages. His professional background allows him to identify and focus on the best opportunities. He analyzes complex transactions and locates ideal development properties. Binyan Ha’ir works totally “in house”. The group’s customers benefit from its strong foundation and the group’s comprehensive guarantee. The partners are available for any and all questions or problems from initial purchase negotiations to final handover, and even beyond.

The Partners

Noam Richter (50)
Noam is a civil engineer who graduated from the Technion and has been involved in construction and infrastructure since 1992. He served as Deputy CEO, Engineering for a major company, was Deputy CEO of the Local Government Company and General Manager of the city water company. Noam has practical experience in construction and engineering management in a variety of projects, from single-story structures to towers in Tel Aviv.

David Mekiyess (40)
David is a businessman, economist and a graduate of Bar Ilan University who has been involved in Tel Aviv real estate since 2003. He specializes in the management and analysis of complex transactions, the identification of development properties, characterizing planning requirements, promoting planning processes, financing, and raising capital. David has an in-depth knowledge of all the issues involved in real-estate promotion and development in Tel Aviv, and experience managing investment funds.

Selected Projects

Shenkin 30 (Yiftach Arad – Architect)
Located in the heart of the city, in Shenkin Street,. The building has 15 apartments and commercial floor. The project was handed over more than a year ago.

Rambam 3 (Tomer Harari– Architect)
A building with a fresh design close to the Carmel Market which is planned to undergo an extensive facelift and connect up with the Neve Tsedek pedestrian mall. It’s close to many of the city’s attractions including the seafront, Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian mall, and its artists, restaurants, and many of the city’s most popular places to “hang out”. The building was occupied in October 2019.

Pinsker 19 (Yiftach Arad – Architect)
The building is a Grade A historic building with great historic architectural significance. It was constructed in 1928 in the eclectic style and with unique decorative elements. The building has three floors which are presently being restored and renovated in line with the original structure. At the back of the lot a new, modern, five-story addition is being built. On the fourth and fifth floors, luxury, uniquely styled penthouses will be sold to customers wishing to live in a quiet, yet central area of Tel Aviv, and in a prestigious and intimate building. The promoters and the building were selected by the Preservation Department to participate in an international pilot project for “green” building which combines strict preservation criteria and demands. Occupation is expected to begin in Janurary 2020.

Montefiore 16a (Maoz Price – Architects)
A boutique building with 14 beautiful apartments and a commercial area. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s financial district, next to the Shalom Tower and Rothschild Boulevard, the building offers 2 – 3 room apartments and a stunning penthouse with its own pool overlooking the sea.
Units are currently being marketed with handover expected by the end of 2020.

Ranak 14 (Mushlin Simon Architects)
A seven-story project in a desirable location next to the Hilton Hotel, in the 3rd district in one of the city’s most sought after areas, close to the sea between Ben Yehuda, Dizengoff, Ben Gurion, and Arlozorov Streets. Located close to the light rail station planned for the area, the building will offer 15 mixed luxury apartments with large balconies. Construction will begin in early 2020.

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