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Line of Business: Specializes in Self-Initiated Construction in a Variety of Upscale Locations
Address: 8 Migdal St., Ra’anana
Phone: 972-77-2007058
Email: [email protected]
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  • Refael Tal, Bonei Ra’anana

    Refael Tal

    Bonei Ra’anana

  • Amit Tal, Bonei Ra’anana

    Amit Tal

    CEO & Owner

    Bonei Ra’anana

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    Amit Tal
  • Tova Tal, Bonei Ra’anana

    Tova Tal

    Chairman & Owner

    Bonei Ra’anana

  • Chaim Bazon, Bonei Ra’anana

    Chaim Bazon

    Chief Execution Officer

    Bonei Ra’anana

  • Gary Shafir, Bonei Ra’anana

    Gary Shafir


    Bonei Ra’anana

  • Nachum Liberman, Bonei Ra’anana

    Nachum Liberman


    Bonei Ra’anana

  • Asael Golan, Bonei Ra’anana

    Adv. Asael Golan

    Legal Advisor

    Bonei Ra’anana

  • Liam Tal, Bonei Ra’anana

    Liam Tal

    Computing & Networks Manager

    Bonei Ra’anana

  • Shabtai Pesach, Bonei Ra’anana

    Shabtai Pesach

    Acquisition & Logistics Manager

    Bonei Ra’anana

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About Bonei Ra’anana

Bonei Ra’anana is a boutique real estate developing company that is owned by the Tal Family, which have more than 30 years of reputation in the construction industry. The company specializes in self-initiated construction in a variety of upscale locations in various cities, and since 2011 it has been emphasizing the initiation of urban renewal projects (Pinui-Binui and Tama 38), a segment in which it is particularly dominant in the Sharon Region, and particularly in Ra’anana. The company is currently constructing about 90 new apartments and 179 additional units that are currently in permit stages. Its operations contribute to the rejuvenation and renewal of the urban landscape across the cities where it builds.

Technological Innovation and Green Building

The company’s core values are uncompromising professionalism, technological innovation and meticulous application of the strictest standards towards green building. Bonei Ra’anana is headed by its CEO, Amit Tal, a second generation in this longstanding family-owned company, which is characterized by financial strength and has the trust of Israel’s largest banks, that financially support all of its projects.

Transparency, Availability and Accessibility

Despite its longstanding experience and business prominence in the Sharon Region, Bonei Ra’anana has continued to maintain its boutique character, which is expressed not only in its unique architectural designs, but also in the warm and personal relationships that it creates with its clientele. The company’s executives are fully accessible and available for the clients, they visit the construction sites daily in order to supervise the construction execution in accordance with every detail of the plan and take care to fulfill the needs and wishes of the rights owners of the various projects. Furthermore, the company is fully transparent with its clients throughout the entire renewal process, and the clients have access, at any given moment, to the project’s status from the aspects of planning, permits, construction progress etc.

The Human Capital

The company’s professional and executive team comprises first-class real estate professionals. The firm headquarters includes, in addition to the CEO Amit, four additional executive members, a legal counselor, an economist, an architect and an interior designer. The company’s execution team includes more than 60 employees including engineers, worksite managers and supervisors.

Absolute Control of Every Project

The company’s greatest advantage stems from its one-stop-shop model, with everything under one roof - the initiation, the execution, the architecture, the marketing, the delivery and the post-construction checkup warranty. This rare combination of abilities provides the company’s CEO with absolute control over every project and the ability to review in depth every legal, planning, engineering, or financial detail in the framework of the company’s commitments to its clients. The fact that the company has an execution division of its own also eliminates its dependence on external contractors and workers, in order to meet scheduled deadlines.

Uncompromising Construction Quality – At the Most Attractive Price

Bonei Ra’anana aims to provide its clients with a real estate product of the highest quality, with the lowest price tag. This goal, which the company meets in each of its projects, leads to word-of-mouth publicity and a higher-than-usual rate of returning clients.

Prominent Projects

9 Schwarz, Ra’anana: A Tama 38/1 (seismic retrofitting and expansion) project at the heart of the city of Ra’anana, near education and entertainment centers. The project includes twenty-eight 3-5-room apartments and penthouses, with a very high construction standard. The apartments are characterized by a particularly luxurious spec of designed kitchens which are equipped with cutting-edge appliances. The project is in advanced construction stages and expected to be residentially available by 2021.

39 Bar Ilan, Ra’anana: A Tama 38/1 project in Ra’anana’s center near education and entertainment centers. The project includes twenty-nine 3-6-room apartments and penthouses. The project’s apartments are characterized by a high standard, balconies and particularly high ceilings and kitchens that come equipped with innovative appliances. The project is in advanced construction stages and expected to be residentially available by 2021.
Ginot Mordechai, Ra’anana: A Pinui-Binui project which is considered to be the company’s flagship project and a first-of-its-kind in this area. In the framework of the project, the company would build forty-five 3-6-room apartments and penthouses with innovative green building and also two underground parking floors. The project is in its final permits stage and expected to be residentially available by 2023.

27 Sokolov, Herzliya: A commerce, offices and residential tower which includes eighty-five 3-6-room apartments which the company would build at the heart of Herzliya, near education institutes, parks and shopping and entertainment centers. As part of the project the company is architecturally preserving a conservation building which is located at the tower’s front and is considered to be one of the pearls of the city of Herzliya. The project is built in cooperation with Piria Construction Company Ltd. and expected to be residentially available by 2024.

13 Schwartz, Ra’anana: A Tama 38/1 project under construction at the heart of Ra’anana, near education and leisure centers. The project includes thirty 3-6-room apartments and Ra’anana’s most luxurious penthouse – “Ra’anana’s Highest Garden Apartment”. The project’s apartments are characterized by a particularly lavish spec. The project is under construction and expected to be residentially available by 2023.

144 Ben Yehuda St., Tal Aviv – NOP 38\1 project at the heart of Ben Yehuda Street, located about 300 meters from Hilton Beach.

Adding 3 floors on an existing 3 floors building with a commercial area. Construction new apartments with balconies as well as a luxurious penthouse with a private swimming pool.

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