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Taxation of companies and individuals, money laundering prohibition, crypto taxation, trusts, and estate planning

Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm
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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Taxation of companies and individuals, money laundering prohibition, crypto taxation, trusts, and estate planning
Address: Sonol Tower – 52 Menachem Begin Rd., 14th floor,
Tel-Aviv 6713701
Phone: 972-3-5522275
Fax: 972-3-6822275
Email: [email protected]
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  • Itay Bracha, Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

    Itay Bracha

    Managing Partner

    Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

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    Itay Bracha
  • Rami  Bracha, Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

    Rami Bracha

    Consultant, Head of Israeli taxation department

    Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

  • Benny Yona, Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

    Benny Yona

    Head of corporate taxation department

    Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

  • Yariv  Aviram, Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

    Yariv Aviram

    Head of international taxation department

    Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

  • Yigal Alkobi, Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

    Yigal Alkobi

    Head of the National Insurance’s Deduction Audits Department

    Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

  • Meirav  Shahar, Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

    Meirav Shahar


    Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

  • Saria  Nager, Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

    Saria Nager


    Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

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About Bracha & Co. - Boutique Tax-Law Firm

Bracha & Co. is a leading boutique law firm that practices tax law, with an emphasis on Israeli and international taxation, money laundering prohibition, property tax, capital market taxation, VAT, crypto taxation, trusts and estate planning, tax litigation and more.

The firm offers comprehensive first-class legal services in diverse tax issues and provides tax solutions in more than 25 countries worldwide. The firm displays uncompromising professional excellence in all its operations, maintaining extraordinary proficiency, creative thinking, top-quality human capital, remarkable interpersonal skills, and particular specializations in various taxation topics.

Human capital primarily consists of former tax administration officials

The firm was established about a decade ago by Adv. Itay Bracha, a third-generation tax expert, who has gained many years of experience in the tax department of a renowned family accounting firm.

The firm provides services to corporations and private clients and its clientele includes leading commercial companies in Israel and worldwide, private individuals and high-net-worth families, high-tech companies, entrepreneurs, public companies, investment funds, banks, and leading financial institutions in Israel and abroad, local authorities and many others.

Due to the extreme complexity and broad spectrum of the tax practice area, and from the aspiration to provide its clients with the most professional and uncompromising service, the firm appointed, in each department, a department manager with a particular in-depth specialization in the department’s practice area. Most of the managers are former senior officers of the Tax Authority, with unique expertise in their respective fields.

Our departments

The Property Tax Department - the department accompanies the taxation aspect in simple and complex real estate transactions, urban renewal, combination transactions, and options, and in this framework advises on real estate transactions from the preliminary stage through reporting to the tax authorities, establishing tax planning in Israel and around the world, resolving tax issues and representing in appraisal-related proceedings before various authorities and in the court.

The Tax and Regulation Department - this distinctive department holds unique expertise in the field of money laundering prohibitions and banking regulation. The department facilitates extensive operations in the fin-tech and high-tech segment and where they overlap and meet the Israeli and international banking systems.

The International Taxation Department - the department provides tax support in numerous transactions in Israel and abroad including mergers and splitups, complex tax structures planning, preruling, green programs, relocation, counsel for immigrants and returning residents and more. Additionally, it counsels both individual and institutional clients on matters concerning international information exchange (FATCA and CRS)’ possessing unique expertise in this field. The department is headed by Adv. Yariv Aviram, who specialized in this field for 17 years as part of his work at the Tax Authority’s International Department.

The Capital Markets and Corporate Taxation Department - the department supports large and leading Israeli and international entities, including banks, insurance companies and technology companies in the areas of investment taxation, M&A’s and high-tech exits, taxation of financial instruments, taxation of future transactions, taxation of bonds and investments, taxation of employee options, IPOs and more. The department is headed by CPA Benny Yona, who is the former head of the Tax Authority’s Capital Markets Department.

The Trusts, Estates, and Estate Planning Department - this department handles the planning of estates among wealthy families, facilitates intergenerational wealth transfer (before and after death), and coordinates trust arrangements with tax authorities. The department represents a number of families with a cumulative capital of tens of billions of dollars, located both in Israel and throughout the world. The department’s clients, who are members of an exclusive luxury-club, receive high-quality service, extensive experience, and a profound understanding of the field and needs that characterize these families.

The department provides creative solutions, which are especially needed when intergenerational wealth transfer is involved.

The Cryptocurrencies Taxation Department - the department specializes in the field of cryptocurrencies, including guiding and representing private clients and investors, via a number of crypto-related projects, investment funds, NFT initiatives, blockchain-based technologies, and so forth. Further, the department serves as a liaison with regulators in Israel and around the world as well as accompanies confidential projects in the field.

In recent years, the department has gained a reputation internationally and has become a significant player in the field and an authority on the subject.

The Encouragement Laws & Government Incentives Department - the department represents corporations, high-tech companies, factories, medical and technology companies, as well as hospitality companies in their business activities for the purpose of examining their eligibility for tax benefits and grants under the Capital Investment Encouragement Law and the Industrial R&D Law.

The Indirect Taxes, Customs, and VAT Department - the department provides counsel and representation in transactions involving matters that relate to VAT and customs, tariffs, expert opinions concerning VAT exemptions or reduced VAT, and more. In addition, the department provides representation in VAT appraisal-related proceedings in the court.

Tax expertise on both sides of the barricade - business -tax intelligence

The fact that most of the firm’s employees were former executives and employees of the Tax Authority means that tax planning, tax discussions, preliminary tax decisions, and ongoing monitoring are all based on extensive experience and a deep understanding of the system.

A further benefit is a familiarity with the human capital of the authority, of its paradigm of thinking and of the decision-making processes it applies, as well as extensive experience gained by working with the various regulators and courts, on both sides of the fence. The firm’s experience is its greatest asset and drives it to consistently achieve the best results for its clients.


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