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Political law, civil-commercial, real estate and logistics

Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.
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Line of Business: Political law, civil-commercial, real estate and logistics
Address: 28 Ahad Ha’am Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6951222
Fax: 972-3-6951228
Email: Off[email protected]
Website: http://www.bnace.com
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  • Ronen Aviani, Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.

    Ronen Aviani

    Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.

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    Ronen Aviani
  • Guy Busy, Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.

    Adv. Guy Busy

    Founding Partner

    Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.

  • Zafrir Negbi, Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.

    Adv. Zafrir Negbi

    Founding Partner

    Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.

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    Zafrir Negbi
  • Roni Eyal Lahav, Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.

    Adv. Roni Eyal Lahav

    Founding Partner

    Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.

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    Roni Eyal Lahav
  • Oz Cohen Koren, Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.

    Adv. Oz Cohen Koren

    Founding Partner

    Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.

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    Oz Cohen Koren
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About Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co.

Busy, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co., Law Firm is an elite firm that practices political law, civil commercial law, real estate and logistics. The firm’s partners are authorities in their practice areas and formerly served as senior partners in some of Israel’s largest and prominent firms. They work as a legal “special force” which provides premium boutique services to first-class clients. The firm’s services are delivered with both tremendous proficiency and professionalism and personal, close and devoted service to the clients, who can contact the firm’s partners 24/7 and receive immediate solutions for their requests.

A “Professional Home” for the Clients

The firm aims to become a high-quality “professional home” for private and public clients. This is expressed in the homey, warm and inviting design of the firm which serves as a corner of peace and intimacy for the clients in bustling heart of Tel Aviv.. The clientele includes some of the Israel’s largest and leading entities, including leading commercial companies, private and public real estate companies, local and international utilities, political parties, municipal authorities, PMs, senior business persons and famous public figures.

The Partners

Adv. Guy Busy, Founding Partner - is one of Israel’s prominent constitutional and administrative lawyers, particularly in political law. He has been representing leading elected officials, including ministers, PMs, mayors and heads of local councils, and he serves as a senior and sought-after partner in coalitionary negotiations. He has an LL.B. and an M.A., Political Science. He interned in the Supreme Court under the Hon. Judge Edmond A. Levy. He volunteers as the legal counselor of the ICEF foundation for promoting equal opportunities in education and reducing the gaps in Israeli society.

Adv. Ronen Aviani, Founding Partner and Manager of the Firm - has been practicing administrative, public, parties and elections law for many years, with a specialization in establishing political parties, political parties finance, primaries finance, and faction mergers, and vast experience in representing before the State Comptroller. Like Adv. Busy, he is considered to be one of Israel’s top political law attorneys and counsels many of the most influential figures in Israeli politics. He has been serving as the legal and strategic consultant of several political parties, and participated in the coalitionary negotiations.He also specializes in energy and medical cannabis regulation and has extensive experience in strategic consulting, mediations and negotiations. He has an LL.B. and an M.A., Political Science. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Alin Beit Noam and served in the government commission for commemorating 50 years to the Eichmann Trial and as secretary of the government commission for reviewing the Writers Law.

Adv. Zafrir Negbi, Founding Partner - Co-heads the firm’s litigation department. He participated in a long list of principal cases, some of which became guiding principles in Israeli law, and he provides ongoing counsel to some of Israel’s most influential figures. He specializes in representing large organizations in legal disputes and complex lawsuits of tens to hundreds of millions of Shekels. He also serves as an arbitrator in complex arbitration cases and is often appointed as an arbitrator by the courts, as Chairperson of the Civil Proceedings and Evidence Committee of the Israel Bar Association, as a presiding judge in the IBA’s National Disciplinary Court and as a popular lecturer for the lawyers and businesspersons publics. By education he has an LL.B.

Adv. Roni Eyal Lahav, Founding Partner - heads the firm’s Real Estate and Logistics Department and serves as a member of the IBA’s Title and Real Estate Forum and Urban Renewal Committee. She focuses on development of real estate projects, yielding properties, infrastructures, finance, planning and zoning and real estate taxation. She has a particular specialization in urban renewal transactions, representing both residents and developers. She developed the firm’s logistics practice, a new and fascinating practice area in Israeli law, and she is renowned as an expert in this field. She serves as a court-appointed arbitrator in complex real estate arbitration cases, as the academic coordinator and lecturer of courses and trainings for the lawyers public and real estate professionals, and by education she has an LL.B. (cum laude).

Adv. Oz Cohen Koren - co-heads the firm’s litigation department. He is considered to be an authority on the representation of corporations and individuals in complex and broad lawsuits in the full spectrum of commercial law matters. In recent years, he represented a long list of large and well-known organizations from the Israeli economy in highly-publicized legal crises. He also has a unique specialization and vast experience in all aspects of managing or participating in public tenders.. He has an LL.B. from the Hebrew University.

The political department

The firm is considered to be an elite firm in legal-political counseling, elections law and the registration of political parties, in both the national and the municipal arena, providing this unique niche service from a purely professional and apolitical perspective. This department is headed by Advocates Busy and Aviani – two of Israel’s top political law attorneys. It provides comprehensive legal counsel and support for its various political clients, including most the government’s parties and factions, in matters of coalitionary negotiations and agreements, Bagatz petitions, establishing and registering political parties, fundraising, election finance, legal management and monitoring of fundraising for political parties and officials, and more.

The Litigation Department

The Litigation Department aims to achieve optimal results for its clients based on in-depth strategic thought, creativity, teamwork and longstanding experience. It represents private and public clients in complex domestic and international disputes and is considered to be one of Israel’s leading commercial litigation departments. It specializes in managing complex large-scale commercial and civil litigation cases. Among others, it represents its clients in large and complex contractual disputes, shareholders control struggles, class actions, derivative actions, renewable energy, infrastructures, logistics, insurance, banking and capital markets, real estate, public tenders, administrative and constitutional law, IP, communication and more.

The Real Estate and Logistics Department

This department is considered to be one of the most experienced and highest-quality departments of its kind in the Israeli legal profession. The department is involved in a wide variety of large and complex transactions and it regularly represents some of Israel’s most prominent real estate companies and entrepreneurs, in urban renewal,  commercial, offices, residential and industrial projects, and projects in the fields of hotels, utilities, assisted living and more. The department has a unique specialization in managing logistics, and it represents Israel’s largest and leading logistics company.

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