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Established: 1997
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 23 Bar Kochva St., Bnei Brak 5126002
Phone: 972-3-5662808
Fax: 972-3-5662801
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Company Executives

  • Ilan Charcon, CBA & NTK

    Ilan Charcon

    Founding Partner

    CBA & NTK

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    Ilan Charcon
  • Shahar Ben Ami, CBA & NTK

    Shahar Ben Ami

    Founding Partner

    CBA & NTK

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    Shahar Ben Ami
  • Idan Asher, CBA & NTK

    Idan Asher

    Senior Partner

    CBA & NTK

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    Idan Asher
  • Guy  Neeman, CBA & NTK

    Guy Neeman

    Senior Partner

    CBA & NTK

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    Guy Neeman

Leading Executives

    Ilan Charcon
    Shahar Ben Ami
    Idan Asher
    Guy Ne’eman
    Eitan Haberman
    Eyal Sternberg
    Lilach Keynan
    Idit Ben Ami
    Michal Romano- Bretholz
    Yoav Kook
    Eli Shimelevich
    Avi Savitzki
    Nurit cohen-Katzav
    Tzili Akiva-Rappaport
    Rotem Arviv Kopelnikov
    Uri Haberman
    Niv Arad
    Oded Bekerman
    Adi Yehezkiel-Yaffe
    Yoash Zelinger
    Ofir Fouks CEO
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About CBA & NTK

CBA & NTK is one of Israel’s largest and leading commercial law firms rendering comprehensive legal services in the full range of commercial-civil law.

Personal attention. The firm is dedicated to providing its clients personal attention and availability. The firm believes in legal representation by referring to clients as equals, ensuring best results - while providing accessible and attentive legal services.

Human capital. Over the years, the firm has assembled a team of skilled lawyers among a broad spectrum of practice areas with deep professional experience. The firm’s professional teams are led by senior partners, navigating their clients with a sure hand.

Senior Legal Leadership. The firm’s senior partners have sustained among Israel’s top legal sector for years, heading Israel Bar Association committees, and lecturing at academic institutions, conferences and professional training programs.

Broad spectrum of clients. The firm’s legal team supports a broad spectrum of clients; public, private and holding companies, developers and contractors, governmental companies, local authorities, and major public entities.

Full and comprehensive legal services as a one stop shop:

1) Infrastructure & Project Finance – The firm supports projects providing comprehensive, full legal consultancy throughout all projects stages planning, financial closing, taxation and legal solutions to environmental and regulatory issues.

2) Corporate Law - Practice area which is handled by several separate departments; M&A, Securities and Capital Markets, Commercial and International etc.

3) Mergers and Acquisitions - Through involvement in some of the largest transactions made in Israeli market, with the support of companies (public and private) in a variety of M&A transactions, the department has an extensive proficiency, knowledge and experience with regard to all of the major aspects of the field.

4) Securities and Capital Markets – The department specializes in all capital markets activities subjected to public corporation’s requirements, including: a) ongoing activities, immediate and periodical reports; b) issuance, prospectuses, outlines etc.; c) M&A’s of public companies.

5) Securities and Corporate litigation – The department has an extensive proficiency, knowledge and experience in representation in Securities and Corporate litigation, including corporate disputes in civil proceedings, administrative proceedings of the Israel Securities Authorities (including investigation proceedings and before the ISA’s Administrative Enforcement Committee), and criminal proceedings concerning The Securities Law and/or Corporates Law.

6) The Commercial and International Department – The firm’s commercial team handles all commercial law topics, with ongoing representation of diverse corporations in the day-to-day business and corporate operations.

7) Planning & Building – One of Israel’s leading and most experienced departments in this area, provides legal support and representation for local authorities, local planning, building committees, and private entities, including planning-civil aspects, zoning plans, permits, fees and charges.

8) Real Estate – Department, which as a “market leader”, provides numerous real-estate entities with the full range of real-estate legal services, including complex registration procedures, land betterment, planning and development, appropriation, asset sales, handling possessors, and supporting infrastructure development procedures.

9) Civil and Commercial Litigation – The department handles all civil and commercial law aspects, including actions concerning real-estate, commercial disputes, monetary claims, contractual disputes and torts, and its clientele includes a long list of local authorities and public entities.

10) Administrative Law and Litigation – The firm leads this practice area, providing cutting-edge legal representation for government agencies, government companies, ministries and local authorities.

11) Municipal Law – The department provides interdisciplinary and comprehensive professional legal support to numerous local authorities, representing them in hundreds of diverse cases in judicial and quasi-judicial courts, including Bagatz (Israeli High Court of Justice).

12) Tender Law – The firm supports large tenders, inter alia, for companies who are obliged to conduct requests for tenders, including government ministries, local authorities, governmental companies, international tenders and more.

13) Labor Law – The firm specializes in supporting local authorities, governmental companies, municipal corporations, NPOs, city associations, and private clients. This department is consisted with rich experience in collective and individual legal consultancy.

14) Internal Auditing – The firm represented audited persons and entities, in internal and State Comptroller audits.

15) Accessibility Law – The firm represents local authorities and agencies including against civil and class actions and has great experience in this field. The firm also represents in front of the Disabilities Equality Commissioner.

16) Political Parties and Election Law – The firm is the field-leader in Israel. Adv. Eitan Haberman, who joined the firm’s partners, is Israel’s leading attorney in this field. He served as the counselor of the Likud and Kadima political parties for years, gaining an extensive and unique experience.

17) Environment and Energy Department – The firm has unique expertise in this complex sector assisting clients in leading development activities, including guidance with respect to regulation, international activities and development of legal strategies.

18) Debt Settlements, Receiverships & Liquidations – The firm’s expertise in the Israeli commercial sector is its key to the ability of providing first tier legal services in managing and supporting companies in crisis while providing recovery programs and creative solutions assuring the success of the company.

19) Taxation – The firm provides a broad range of tax-related services, especially, municipal and real estate taxation.

20) NPOs and Cooperative Associations – The department provides support and consultancy to a range of cooperative associations and NPOs, working to create cooperative mechanisms that serves their purposes - from internal management to conduct towards authorities and financial entities.

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