C.N. Machsaney Hashuk Ltd.

Retailers of Food and Consumer Products, and Supermarket Management

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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Retailers of Food and Consumer Products, and Supermarket Management
Address: 80 Shloshet Bnei Ein Harod St. Be’er Sheva
Phone: 972-8-6290400
Fax: 972-8-6209587
Website: http://WWW.M-SHUK.COM
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Company Executives

  • Shalom Naaman, C.N. Machsaney Hashuk Ltd.

    Shalom Naaman

    Joint CEO and Owner

    C.N. Machsaney Hashuk Ltd.

  • Shaul Naaman, C.N. Machsaney Hashuk Ltd.

    Shaul Naaman

    Joint CEO and Owner

    C.N. Machsaney Hashuk Ltd.

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About C.N. Machsaney Hashuk Ltd.

Machsanei HaShuk is one of Israel’s largest privately-owned food retail chains. The chain was founded in 1996 and currently has 63 branches across Israel. The chain, which is held by the Na’aman Family and the Cohen Family, brings consumers a retail concept that integrates and excellent service experience, competitive prices, broad Kosher certificates and a perfect customer journey.

During its years of operations, the chain has been setting high standards of service and professionalism and creating a unique shopping experience for its customers, all during long and flexible opening hours and while establishing branches at the heart of residential neighborhoods. Machsanei HaShuk employs around 3,000 employees with an annual sales turnover of almost NIS 2.2B.


The Na’aman Family immigrated to Israel from Tunisia in 1972 and opened a small grocery ship in Be’er Sheva in the middle of a residential neighborhood. In 1996, the families of Na’aman and Cohen joined forces and opened together the first branch of Machsanei HaShuk in the Beit Eshel St. of Be’er Sheva. Over the years, the chain grew and opened new branches in Lehavim, Ofakim, Dimona, Tiberias, Safed, Ramat Gan, Kiryat Ata, Kiryat Malachi, Ein Yahav, Ashdod, Kiryat Gat and Eilat. In 2019, it acquired the CoopShop chain, thus obtaining 40 additional branches and becoming one of Israel’s largest and leading food chains. Members of the families serve in key headquarters and field roles and impart the company’s values to all of the employees.

Vision and Philosophy

The chain has a management concept which was formulated over the years and relies on the values of one big family. The company prioritizes its customers and provides them with a personal service experience and a broad product offering: fresh, high-quality and competitive in prices and discounts. The company’s motto is to become the industry’s benchmark, while relying on professional and service-oriented workers and managers who implement the values of the familial company. The company’s family-like management approach led to the presence of quite a few managers and employees who have been following the company for many years.


Value Pricing - Machsanei HaShuk is one of Israel’s prominent discount chains, and it works extensively to lower the price of the shopping basket for its loyal customers through deep discounts and promotions in all of the categories. The chain offers customers around 1,000 various promotions, discounts and sales every week. The chain keeps a watchful eye on market demands and makes every effort to offer attractive and competitive prices to the customers who visit its branches daily.

Premium Butcher Shops - Much of the chain’s renown during its 25 years of operations results from the freshness of the products in all of its branches. From its establishment, the chain has been prioritizing the quality and freshness of its meat products. Over the past few years, it improved and upgraded all of its in-shop butcher stands to premium butcher shop in the various branches. As a result of this change, the chain offers its customers fresh, high-quality and special products, with strict and professional management which is expressed in sparkling-clean butcher ship and points of sale.

As part of its desire to offer the best service in its departments, the chain employs and trains only professional butchers. It offers customers meat products of the highest quality from the best cattle breeds in the world: Angus, Wagyu and more. The chain’s expertise and experience are expressed already during the selection of meat breeds of the highest quality and up to the moment when the customer receives the meat tray at the PoS.

Ready-To-It Foods - The chain operates, in some of its branches, a prepared foods department – “Julie’s Kitchen” – named after the Late Julie Na’aman (one of the chain’s founders) – the mother of Shalom and Shaul Na’aman, the firm’s owners. The kitchen is based on fresh authentic foods with the secret recipes of Granny Julie, who was renowned as a great cook. The kitchen operates throughout the year and offers a diverse menu of laborious dishes also for weekends. The department offers a rich, fresh and diverse menu, with a wide variety of dishes including: meat dishes from the premium butcher shops, special fish dishes, cooked dishes, cooked and fresh salads, a variety of side dishes, and vegan dishes.

Kosher Certificates - The chain emphasizes and values the religious values, with synagogues in some of the branches to enable customers to pray during their shopping trips, and a Mikveh which offers services for ritual immersion of tableware that were bought in the chain. In some of the branches, the chain removes all of the “Chametz” products from the shelves and leaves only Passover-Kosher products, providing customers with a fast, convenient and worry-free shopping experience.

Members Club - The chain has a members club with about 400,000 members who receive benefits, discounts and promotions on a weekly basis. More than 80% of the members are loyal customers of the chain who have been shopping in it for years. In addition, the chain has a cooperation with Max Ltd. with a joint credit card from which around 50,000 customers benefit, as of 2020.

Private Imports - As part of the chain’s strategy to provide high-quality products at affordable prices, the chain operates a dedicated product importing department which combs the globe in search of the best products at the most affordable prices. The chain is involved in every stage of the importing process: Manufacturing, branding, packaging and transportation, in order to guarantee compliance with the strictest quality and manufacturing standards in the world.

Community Service

Machsanei HaShuk makes frequent donations to under privileged families and NGOs that promote social values, including: The Soroka Friends Association, Pit’hon Lev, Chabad and more. In addition, the chain aims to employ as many persons with disabilities as possible in its various branches, as part of its belief that everyone, regardless of religion, race or gender differences, is entitled to an equal opportunity.

Leisure, Culture and Sports

Each year, Machsanei HaShuk sponsors various theater and entertainment shows, and subsidizes tickets for its customers in order to enable everyone to enjoy a variety of attractively-priced activities for the whole family. Furthermore, as part of its social commitment in the city of Be’er Sheva, the chain is the primary sponsor of the soccer team HaPo’el “Machsanei HaShuk” Be’er Sheva.

Evolution, Progress and Technology

The chain never stands still and it constantly renews in accordance with emerging technological trends. Among other activities, the chain developed a mobile app that enables customers to remain connected at all times and benefit from discounts and coupons for all of the products. In addition, a Facebook page provides information and tips on smart consumerism and serves as a customer service platform with a much faster and more accessible and convenient service experience. Followers of the Facebook page benefit from unique weekly promotions. The chain is proud to provide its customers with an interactive experience and help them save money – even from afar.

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