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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Academic Studies Toolsets
Address: 4 Oppenheimer St., Rehovot
Email: [email protected]
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    Aviel Lazar VP Engineering
    Galit Regev HRBP
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About Chegg Israel

Putting Students First: Chegg Inc., founded in 2005, is one of the best-known companies in the U.S. academic world. The company develops diverse learning solutions for students all across the U.S. and around the world. Its products are used by about 6 million U.S. students, that’s every fourth student in the U.S. Chegg is traded on the NYSE with a market cap of more than $9B and employs about 1,500 employees. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, with additional offices in NYC, the Ukraine and Portland, as well as in London, Madrid, India and Israel.

One Stop Shop for Students

As part of its “Students First” concept, Chegg helps students not only during their academic studies, but also afterwards, during their job search process. The company’s mission is to help students and it aims to make education accessible and affordable for everyone. The diverse services that Chegg offers to students starts with a significant discount on the prices of textbooks, continues through services and applications for homework assistance, problem solving, memory improvement when studying for tests and remote assistance from content experts. Chegg also assists with tuition financing, finding internships and even career planning and the supplementation of necessary skills that the academic world doesn’t teach.

One of the Best-Known and Leading Brands in the U.S. Academy

Most of Chegg’s users are U.S. college and university students and the company is considered one of the most recognized (by 87% of U.S. students) leading brands among U.S. students. Over the past year, the company expanded its operations overseas and currently students from all over the world are using its services.

Chegg Israel – The Company’s Leading Development Center

Chegg Israel was founded in 2011, initially serving as an external project company which developed an eReader for the company. After two months, the company was acquired by Chegg and became its leading R&D center. The company employs around 100 employees and serves as the leading development center for the company.

Human Capital – Employees Choose the Company Each Day Anew

Chegg Israel believes that its employees should choose to work there every day anew and accordingly its investment in its employees is unique and different to those of other companies. This concept stems from the positive psychology approach, which emphasizes the worker’s mental health. The company identifies its employees’ strengths using Gallup’s questionnaire, everyone is familiar with the strengths of every other employee. As a result, the company can accurately allocate the right tasks according to each employee’s strengths in order to create successful experiences within each employees’ natural areas of strength and achieve high levels of wellbeing. Chegg Israel serves as an open house for the Ministry of Education’s visits and various military departments, who visit the offices in order to thoroughly study the strength system and try to implement this system in their student and teachers’ staff system.

Brain Swap “Wife Swap” a la Chegg

Chegg Israel helps its employees grow and improve and one of the vivid examples for this is the brain swap (based on “Wife Swap”) a unique project where the company exchanges talented employees with other companies’ employees. This experiment enables workers to experience a different workplace, team, manager and technology. Beyond the diversification that it provides to the employees, the company also benefits from this. At the end of the process each worker returns to their parent company and shares with their team recommendations and feedback based on the existing work processes. The external employees who visit the company for two weeks serve as external consultants to Chegg, enabling Chegg to understand its position from the technology and work methods aspects and constantly improve. Following the project, Chegg Israel serves as a facilitator for other companies that are interested in the employee swap between various companies or even within the company/division.

A Liberal and Innovative Employment Model

The daily work in Chegg Israel is conducted under a liberal work model, owing to the high level of trust between the management and employees and among the employees themselves. In the framework of the transparent work model, which provides great freedom to every individual in the company, the company enables every employee to take his/her days off without a written quota (unlimited!), whenever an employee is interested in doing so. The company encourages its employees to develop their leisure time outside of the office hours and subsidizes a monthly class or gym membership in order to help them with their work-life balance.

Education in the Best Sense of the Word


enabled work from home prior to Covid, based on its complete trust in its employees and an approach that encourages maximum flexibility and work-life balance. This trend was proven to be successful before the pandemic and continues to be so.

With the outbreak of the war, we pulled out the toolbox of everything we had learned and applied during the Corona period. We recovered quickly and as always we emphasized the strong connection between all of us in the company along with listening to managers and employees and their needs in these difficult moments.

Iron swords

We opened an “Iron Swords” civilian war room with the entire human resources team and since the beginning of the war we are in regular contact with all the employees every week. Each employee has hours with psychologists as needed. There were lectures on resilience and we send gifts to our employees from suppliers from the surrounding area and the North of the country.
We are in close contact with our female reservists, supporting them with any personal needs that arise, including regular cooked meals every week, babysitting reimbursements and calls at any time for anything needed. We have a sense of the needs of the employees and managers all the time and act accordingly. For example, as soon as we saw that employees wanted to return to work in the office we prepared for it and encouraged a voluntary return to the office.
We are attentive to the employees needs, listen to them and act accordingly.

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