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Criminal (White Collar), Civil Litigation, and Class Actions

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Established: 2010 (2002)
Line of Business: Criminal (White Collar), Civil Litigation, and Class Actions
Address: 2 Weizmann St., Amot Investments Tower, Tel Aviv 6423902
Phone: 972-3-6932077
Fax: 972-3-6932082
Email: [email protected]
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  • Jack Chen, Chen, Yaari, Rosen-Ozer & Co.

    Jack Chen


    Chen, Yaari, Rosen-Ozer & Co.

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    Jack Chen
  • Yitzhak Yaari, Chen, Yaari, Rosen-Ozer & Co.

    Yitzhak Yaari


    Chen, Yaari, Rosen-Ozer & Co.

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    Yitzhak Yaari
  • Michal Rosen-Ozer, Chen, Yaari, Rosen-Ozer & Co.

    Michal Rosen-Ozer


    Chen, Yaari, Rosen-Ozer & Co.

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    Michal Rosen-Ozer
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About Chen, Yaari, Rosen-Ozer & Co.

Chen, Yaari, Rosen-Ozer & Co. is at the forefront of Israel’s most esteemed law firms and provides cutting-edge representation in high-profile legal proceedings.

The partners maintain decades of accumulated experience pertaining to legal litigation, including managing hundreds of cases in various courts in the criminal field, with an emphasis on white-collar crimes, as well as regarding civil law, commercial law, and class actions.

Legal Vision

The firm handles litigation, and in this framework offers its clients crises management services. Client who, for the most part, contact the firm in their toughest hour, mostly after a criminal investigation has been filed against them, prior to pressing charges, or after receiving the indictment or with the flare-up of a difficult business crisis.

From the moment that Chen, Yaari Rosen-Ozer come onto the scene, clients are embraced by close support and accessible service around the clock by the supreme professionalism of excellent lawyers that protect them and help them successfully navigate the crisis, with a maximal reduction to the damage, all with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.

The Firm’s vision is finding creative and optimal solutions for the clients, while resolutely standing by their side, providing them with a legal strategy and persistently fighting to defend their rights. From the understanding that every case entails an entire world for the client, the full handling and responsibility of every case are dealt with by the firm’s partners. Even when cases are conducted by an overall team of lawyers, with various degrees of experience, the handling of the case, appearing in court and before other external bodies are personally conducted by a senior lawyer with the direct responsibility of the responsible partner. 

White-Collar Department

Over the years the white-collar department at Chen, Yaari, Rosen-Ozer & Co. led the representation of complex legal affairs with a high public profile, which was often at the center of the Israeli agenda. The white-collar department specializes in cases pertaining to securities violations; antitrust; money laundering including foreclosure and apprehension; corporate executive crimes regarding corporations; fraud cases of all kinds, as well as cyber offenses.

The partners of the white-collar department represent public figures and public servants regarding ethical matters such as bribery, offenses of integrity, fraud, and breach of trust, as well as in disciplinary matters.

An additional field in which the criminal department specializes in is safety offenses, including causing death by negligence, work related safety offenses, etc. In addition, the department represents foreign corporations and multinational companies, government companies, and public companies.

The firm represents its clients in all legal proceedings regarding criminal investigations, including accompanying clients before and after interrogations, in their contacts with the prosecuting authorities, including at hearings and proceedings held before various authorities such as the State Comptroller, national inquiry commissions, government ministries, the Civil Service Commission, disciplinary tribunals, and more. The firm appears before all levels of courts.

Adv. Jack Chen and Adv. Michal Rosen-Ozer’s senior professional background at the State Attorney’s office regarding financial offenses cases, and their current experience as private attorneys, grants them a unique perspective, a sharp strategic point of view and excellent planning skills regarding each and every client’s complexity of situation.

Civil Litigation and Class Actions

The civil litigation and class actions department, headed by Adv. Yitzhak Yaari manages complex litigation practice in a wide range of civil law fields. The department represents both plaintiffs and defendants in courts and in arbitrations in large-scale commercial disputes; shareholders disputes; complex contract related disputes, etc. Over the years, the firm has successfully represented both private clients and private and government companies pertaining to real estate and infrastructure matters, tenders, the environment, banking law (Adv. Yaari, who heads the department, has written – together with Adv. Doron Tamir – the book “Notes Case Law” which has been printed in three editions) and more.

An additional field in which the firm specializes is class actions. Adv. Yaari leads some of the largest class actions held in Israel in an accumulated sum of billions of NIS, including a class action against the partners of Tamar gas field regarding the price of natural gas, as well as several class actions against institutes pertaining to investment management expenses.

The Firm’s Clients

The firm serves many private clients from the business, private and public sectors, as well as public and private companies, both Israeli and international, tycoons and foreign residents and officials with associations to Israel, some of Israel’s private and public companies and well-known institutional entities. The firm’s partners regularly appear in professional conferences, teach in Academia and lecture to judges and lawyers.

Community Outreach

The partners of Chen, Yaari, Rosen-Ozer strive to regularly include among their clients those who are unable to afford quality legal services.

Military Reserves Service

Adv. Jack Chen serves in the military reserves service in the operative counsel array as a defense attorney in the Military Advocate General’s Office, as a lieutenant colonel.

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