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Insolvency, planning and zoning, civil-commercial litigation, local authorities and administrative law, real-estate and urban renewal, real-estate finance and tenders.

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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Insolvency, planning and zoning, civil-commercial litigation, local authorities and administrative law, real-estate and urban renewal, real-estate finance and tenders.
Address: Oz Bldg., 14 Abba Hillel Rd., Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6119000
Fax: 972-3-7519191
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  • Eli Wilchek, Cohen, Wilchek & Co., Advocates

    Eli Wilchek

    Adv.,Founding Partner

    Cohen, Wilchek & Co., Advocates

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    Eli Wilchek
  • Avner Cohen, Cohen, Wilchek & Co., Advocates

    Avner Cohen

    Adv., Founding Partner

    Cohen, Wilchek & Co., Advocates

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    Avner Cohen

Additional Partners

    Shirly Sofer-Demri
    Yosi Riezenberg
    Elad Afari
    Carmit Rabi
    Meirav Barnea
    Ravit Cyment
    Ido Einat
    Oz Cohen
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About Cohen, Wilchek & Co., Advocates

Cohen, Wilchek & Co., Advocates, one of Israel’s leading firms, was established in 1995 by Advocates Eli Wilchek and Avner Cohen. The firm is known for its experience and outstanding reputation in the civil, commercial and administrative fields of law. During its 24 years of practice, the firm provided outstanding legal assistance, with a unique multi-disciplinary approach. The firm’s ability to provide its clients with the highest levels of creative, dedicated and professional service makes its services one of the best. The firm’s senior partners are involved in its legal activity, handling and monitoring cases to a successful conclusion. Cases are managed by a team of attorneys who are well aware of the needs of the clients in each case, and the relevant legal situation. Collaboration and brainstorming between our attorneys working the case, including interns, ensure the best service to our clients. As a result of the firm’s extensive activity in the various legal spheres, it has garnered expertise in many fields, putting it at the forefront of Israeli jurisprudence. These fields include planning and zoning, insolvency and company rehabilitation, civil and commercial litigation, real-estate and urban renewal, real-estate financing, tenders, local authorities and administrative law. Currently, the firm’s clientele includes statutory and municipal corporations, local authorities, planning and construction committees, government ministries, public associations, financial entities and private clients.

Areas of Practice

Insolvency - The firm is ranked as one of the top ten leading Israeli firms in the field of corporation rehabilitation, liquidation and receivership. The department is headed by the firm’s managing partner, Adv. Avner Cohen, who deals with complex insolvency cases for over 25 years. Adv. Cohen handles vast-scale cases both in court-appointed roles and as a consultant to Israel’s industry-leading companies, while dealing with insolvent entities at scales of up to hundreds of millions ILS. The firm is an expert in rehabilitating distressed companies, associations, local authorities, and statutory corporations. It provides legal counsel to distressed companies and their directors, including service as court-appointed officers in large-scale cases involving corporate recovery or dissolution. The firm is also involved in promoting insolvency legislation.

The combination of professional management skills, creative commercial solutions and impartial dealings with the involved parties has enabled the department to turn around organizations, by liquidating assets, selling off assets and improving the creditors’ recovery rates. Due to his professional reputation, Adv. Avner Cohen was appointed to investigate some of Israel’s most complex corporate collapses. Adv. Cohen also lectures on developments in this field at various forums, including the IBA, universities, conventions and Ministry of Justice seminars.

Planning and Zoning – For many years, the firm is ranked as one of Israel’s outstanding planning and zoning firms. This department is headed by Adv. Eli Wilchek, one of the firm’s founders and a leading attorney in this field, with over 30 years of experience. The department provides regular consultation to planning and construction committees, local authorities, leading developers and the public. As a leader in this field, the department handles large-scale planning projects including the promotion of zoning plans, rezoning proceedings, objections, appropriations, applications and filing objections to reliefs and extraordinary usage, depreciation claims, betterment charges, etc. Adv. Wilchek has served as the General Counsel of the Netanya Municipality, and also as the legal advisor to the South District Planning and Construction Committee, and as legal advisor to the Tel Aviv District Planning and Construction Committee. Due to his experience in the public sector, consulting to public agencies and Israel’s largest construction companies and his reputation, Adv. Wilchek has earned the respect and attention of the various planning authorizes. He offers his clients outstanding service while creating groundbreaking legal precedents. Adv. Wilchek also lectures in various forums including the Hebrew University and the IBA.

Civil and Commercial Litigation - Litigation is one of the firm’s major fields of practice and involves all of its departments. The firm represents large corporations, public agencies, governmental companies, local authorities and private clients, in the management of commercial and civil disputes, in all courts of law, and in arbitrations and mediations. For every commercial or civil case, the firm allocates a designated litigation team specializing in the relevant field, which manages the case.

Real Estate and Urban Renewal - This department, headed by Adv. Yosi Riezenberg, assists contractors and developers, with a focus on real estate development, urban renewal, infrastructure, sale and rental of properties and taxation. The department is involved in complex wide scale real estate deals, negotiations, property sales, combination transactions, purchasing groups, Pinui-Binui (evacuation construction), funding, and large scale residential projects and commercial projects such as shopping centers and malls. Adv. Riezenberg has assisted dozens of urban renewal projects, Pinui-Binui and Tama 38, offering legal assistance both to the developers and the tenants.

Real Estate Financing – The firm’s experience in the field of real estate and planning and zoning includes supporting finance transactions for real-estate projects and mezzanine finance transactions for complementary finance in complex situations. The synergy between the firm’s Real Estate Financing and Planning and Zoning Departments enhances the legal assistance provided both to the real estate developers and the funding institutions.

Tenders - The firm is one of Israel’s leaders in the field of tenders law, specializing in complex PFI and DBOT RFTs, planning, construction, financing and operating buildings for government ministries nationwide, new court houses, municipal buildings and mixed-use buildings that combine public and private usage. The department is led by Adv. Shirli Sofer-Demri, who has 20 years of experience in this field. The firm’s attorneys have vast experience in handling tenders for various public institutions and local authorities. It is engaged in the entire process including formulating the transaction, summarizing its principles, compiling tender documents, participation in tender committees, consultation, compiling agreements with the winner of the tender, until the tender is successfully completed.

Local Authorities and Administrative Law – This department is headed by Adv. Eli Wilchek, one of Israel’s leading experts in the field of consultation to local authorities. In the past, Adv. Wilchek has served as the in-house General Counsel of the Netanya Municipality, and currently serves as external legal counsel for many municipalities including Hadera, Givat Shmuel and the Lev Hasharon Region and as an external legal counsel of the federation of regional councils, which represents the interests of 54 councils in Israel. His work includes promoting parliamentary legislation, and work with the top management and legal officials in the Ministry of the Interior.

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