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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Franchise and Commercial Law
Address: 2 HaYarkon St., 18th Floor, Allied Towers,
Bnei Brak 5126012
Phone: 972-3-5544054
Fax: 972-3-5544154
Email: [email protected]
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  • Guy Colen, Colen-Navon Law Firm

    Attorney Guy Colen

    Founder and Owner

    Colen-Navon Law Firm

  • Rafi Navon, Colen-Navon Law Firm

    Attorney Rafi Navon

    Founder and Owner

    Colen-Navon Law Firm

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About Colen-Navon Law Firm

Colen-Navon is a leading law firm, that specializes in the unique niche of Franchise Law and is among the first law firms in Israel to specialize in this unique area. The firm provides full comprehensive legal services to franchise chains and franchisees in diverse topics: accompanying franchise transactions, commercial leases, partnership/founders agreements, sales of branches, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

The firm’s vast experience in representing both franchise chains and franchisees, lets its clients enjoy their professional knowledge and accumulated experience. The company adds its experience while implementing the reliability and ethical values of the firm’s lawyers.

The firm provides elite legal services to franchise transactions in Israel, of local chains, international chains, as well as to franchise transactions abroad. The unique expertise of Colen-Navon Law Firm deepens its areas of activity and gives its customers optimal service, especially regarding intricate franchise agreements, such as those between the franchisor and the franchisee, or in commercial lease agreements where the firm represents both shopping center and lessees, such as the company has represented with all shopping center groups in Israel.

Another top legal service the firm provides due to its unique proficiency is regarding different partnerships in the fields of retail, and a variety of business and legal models for acquiring businesses. Furthermore, Colen-Navon law firm has vast experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions, while providing legal counsel to franchise chains regarding their relations with investors, and vice versa.

The firm is led by Attorney Guy Colen (license 1998), L.L.B SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY, UK 1998, who is trusted with the business-commercial department and serves as chairman of the franchise committee in the Israel Bar Association.
Attorney Rafael Navon (license 1998), is the head of the litigation department, which provides legal services in disputes in all court instances and proceedings, in arbitrations and mediations. He possesses vast experience regarding accompanying disputes in the retail field, between franchisors and franchisees, and between lessors and lessees`. Adv. Navon is a member of the franchise committee of the Israel Bar Association.
The Firm provides for its customers franchise agreements that defend optimally the franchisor’s assets and enable efficient enforcement to promote the principle of chain uniformity.

The firm’s immense experience and the proven successes of its clients are stem from the deep understanding of the firm’s staff regarding the risks and challenges which the parties to a franchise transaction are facing. This, along with the vast acquaintance of the firm partners with the area, brings to a successful representation of the clients.

Franchise chains turn to the firm knowing they will be provided with a distinct, comprehensive, and professional legal counsel, which offers, first and foremost, legal defense of their assets, while benefiting from accumulated experience and business ties. Accompanying franchise chains includes professional management of franchise transactions as well as regular enforcement of franchise agreements to maintain chain and brand unity, and crisis management while providing elite legal defense.

Colen-Navon also provides comprehensive legal services in all required for entrepreneurs in the field of franchise/retail, with drafting founders and partnership agreements; sale of activity/shares; establishment and registration of companies and partnerships; mergers and acquisitions of chains and businesses; purchase of active franchise/branches; lessees and lessors representation in lease agreement transactions for shops, stalls, food tracks etc. in malls, power centers, public institutions, neighborhoods centers and street shops; registration of commercial trademarks and intellectual property protection; biddings` legal disputes (commercial litigation).

Amongst the firm’s clients over the years are leading franchise chains such as Aroma, Good Pharm, Deli Cream, Oshi Oshi, I Optic, HaHamania, Papa Jones, Burgers Bar, Candyland, City Market, Idan 2000, Seven Express, Johnson Clean, Falafel Baribua and many others.

The Partners

Attorney Guy Colen
Attorney Guy Colen, who is a founding partner in the Law Firm Colen-Navon, serves as chairman of the franchise committee in the Israel Bar Association.

Guy Colen who was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1998, has acquired during his career vast experience in the business/commercial field of franchise law. Guy Colen has represented hundreds of chains and franchisees, and in the past acted as a legal consultant and business development manager of Aroma chain, which is the leading coffee chain in Israel. Guy Colen escorts chains in Israel and abroad and escorts franchisees in many areas of activity. Guy Colen has vast and deep experience in all related to the fields of franchise and retail, as well as to all the legal subjects accompanying these fields.

Attorney Rafael Navon
Attorney Rafael Navon, who is a founding partner in the Law Firm Colen-Navon, specializes in the field of commercial litigation since 1997. Rafael Navon has massive knowledge and extensive experience in all related to managing legal litigation procedures, that are complex and in large financial scopes, both in courts and in arbitrations, among them, disputes in the fields of franchise and retail. Rafael Navon has many proven successes in his years of professional experience. Rafael Navon provides ongoing escort and consultation services to large bodies in the areas of real estate, commerce, and franchise chains. In the past, Attorney Navon served for a few years as a director in the municipal company Ezra and Bitzaron.


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