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Comtal Technologies and Engineering Ltd.
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Established: 2000
Line of Business: A Group of Technology Companies
Address: 17 HaMiflasim St., POB 3265
Kiryat Arieh, Petach Tikva 4951447
Phone: 972-3-9269555
Fax: 972-3-9233367
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    Comtal Technologies and Engineering Ltd.

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    Comtal Technologies and Engineering Ltd.

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    Ran Alon
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About Comtal Technologies and Engineering Ltd.

Comtal Technologies and Engineering Ltd. provides technological solutions from leading international manufacturers. The group unites several subsidiaries, offering products and services for a wide variety of industries, including pneumatics and automation; mechanical engineering; motion control and hydraulics; semi-conductors and nano-fabrication; CNC and electro-erosion; life sciences, medicine and pharma; air drying and purification systems for industrial and laboratory applications; and mechanical and automated parking solutions. The subsidiaries’ synergy enables Comtal to provide comprehensive solutions that integrate advanced and innovative technologies, in optimal cycle-times. In addition, the customers benefit from representatives who are technical experts in their respective fields and possess broad and up-to-date professional knowledge, and from a group which responds quickly to business developments demonstrates flexibility in its areas of operations and has expertise in business and financial development.

The Group’s Subsidiaries

Conlog Ltd.: was founded in 1972, specializes in industrial automation, pneumatics, mechanical engineering and motion control (through its Abiri division). Conlog is the Israeli representative of 40 leading brands, provides a wide range of engineering solutions for customers from various industries, such as defense-military, semi-conductors and micro-electronics, biotechnology, chemistry, pharma, optics, cosmetics and digital printing. The company is also active in manufacturing plants that build their own machinery and production lines, particularly “Low Volume, High Mixture” machinery builders with foreign target markets.

Abiri (a Conlog division): was founded in 1979 as an independent company that specializes in motion control. Abiri provides creative motion and machine control solutions for leading companies from the military industries, medicine, Hi-Tech and civil industries. Abiri markets cutting-edge leading and reliable brands. The combination of broad offering, available inventories and technical expertise, enables the company to provide its customers with immediate and creative solutions according to their needs. The skilled and experienced engineering team accompanies the division’s customers from concept to implementation, and also provides after-sale service and support on-premise, in laboratories or at the manufacturers’ facilities.

Apex Dynamics Israel: was founded in 2019 as the exclusive Israeli representative of the global Apex Dynamics. Apex is one of the leading global producers of planetary and spiral bevel gearboxes with more than 30 years of experience in the field. The company’s catalog includes a wide range of gearboxes for servomotors and all types of stepper motors. Apex Dynamics products are distinct in the high quality of the low backlash, their competitive pricing and their short supply times. The company’s website offers advanced engineering tools, that enable engineers to define the most suitable solution for the application, as well as CAD drawings and a calculator for defining gears in accordance with the selected motor type.

Hortal Machinery Ltd.: was founded in 1972  as an exclusive representative of some of the best global CNC and laser-cutting machinery manufacturers. Hortal imports advanced machinery and high-quality equipment from leading global manufacturers, such as the Japan-based Mazak, the Spanish ONA and the Italian lemca. The company offers leading solutions and innovative technologies, enabling efficient operations and high levels of accuracy and automation to customers from the Israeli metals sector.

PicoTech Ltd.: a leader in the field of equipment for semi-conductors manufacturing, nano-fabrication and electronic microscopy. The vast experience of PicoTech’s engineers in the industry turns them to reliable and stable technological partners for their customers. The company’s clientele includes Israel’s largest fabs, start-ups, electronic assembly companies and all of the micro-electronics and nano-fabrication institutes of Israel’s universities.

Lumitron Ltd: was founded in 1980, Lumitron is one of the leading companies in the field of laboratory equipment and consumables in the biotech and pharma industries, as well as researches and academic institutes. The company specializes in a variety of life sciences solutions, including cellular and developmental biology, microbiology and proteomics, applicative genetics, epidemiology, drug research, immunology and more. Its technological and academic expertise and strategic cooperation with leading global companies, such as Suez, Agilent’s BioTeck, Eppendorf and Acea, create a clear advantage and enable Lumitron to customize the optimal solution for every customer, according to their needs and budget.

Insupco Technologies Ltd.: was founded in 1988 and was acquired by Comtal in 2018. Specializes in engineering solutions and advanced systems for air treatment and energy savings in HVAC applications, labs and Industries. The company represents some of the best global suppliers in its field and it offers a variety of products, including air-drying solutions (moisture-absorbing air dryers), industrial odor eliminators, rubber coatings for process equipment and vessels, lab valves and eyewash stations, pipe racks for hot/cold process pipelines, air dispersion, energy savings through online monitoring of air quality (CO2, VOC and particles) in Labs and high occupancy areas, fume hoods and positive/negative pressure control, all this with high energy efficiency in mind. Another area of expertise is noise and vibration isolation, including earthquake restraining equipment. The company’s clientele includes academic and research institutes, electronics factories, refrigerated warehouses, pharma factories, cannabis, chemistry and fertilizers. Due to its extensive experience and a high technical level of the company’s engineers, their good relationships with end users (contractors, developers and consultants), and the fast response times and available inventories, the company has a significant presence in the local market.

Promote Parking Facilities Ltd.: Israel’s long-standing and leading parking solutions company, with more than 15,000 installed parking systems in hundreds of projects. Promote offers a variety of solutions, such as mechanical and automatic parking systems for cars, trucks and bicycles. Promote offers complete parking solution services, including customization, planning and installations, and ongoing service for its clients. Promote is Israeli representative of WÖHR, a global leader in mechanical and automated parking solutions, in which parking facilities meet EN 14010 and its Israeli equivalent (IS 5437). Before delivery, the facilities and their installation undergo safety checks by certified inspectors of the Ministry of Economics office. Promote sees its customers as long-term strategic partners, and provides hundreds of customers with fair, high-quality, professional and accessible service.

Humphrey Automation Ltd.: Canada-based, specializes in importing, marketing and selling pneumatics and automation products, and represents leading agencies such as Airtac, Pisco, Alpha Technologies, Biomedic, Koganei and Vesta. The company recently started marketing hydraulics products.


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