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Established: 2013
Line of Business: Real Estate Development, Urban Renewal
Address: 89 Medinat HaYehudim St., Herzliya Pituach
Phone: *3826
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.dankner38.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Gadi Dankner, DANKNER 38

    Gadi Dankner

    Founder and CEO

    DANKNER 38

  • Liat Dankner, DANKNER 38

    Liat Dankner


    DANKNER 38

  • Gil Landau, DANKNER 38

    Adv. Gil Landau

    Legal Advisor

    DANKNER 38

  • Slava Taubkin, DANKNER 38

    Slava Taubkin

    Company engineer, Head of Engineering Department

    DANKNER 38

  • Nisim Hazan, DANKNER 38

    Nisim Hazan

    Sales Manager

    DANKNER 38

  • Shalev Kramarovski, DANKNER 38

    Shalev Kramarovski

    Head of Business Development Department

    DANKNER 38

  • Itay Gabay, DANKNER 38

    Adv. Itay Gabay

    Head of Project Management Department

    DANKNER 38

  • Gali Dekel Davidi, DANKNER 38

    Adv. Gali Dekel Davidi


    DANKNER 38

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About DANKNER 38

Dankner 38 is a leading real estate development company whose owners and managers have over 30 years of experience in residential, hospitality and commercial real estate. In addition to locating, initiating and managing urban renewal projects, the company brings together the entire real estate ecosystem under one roof, enabling it to establish projects at the highest level. Thus, as a ONE-STOP SHOP for real estate, the company can offer development, execution, business development, marketing, engineering and architecture. Over the years, Dankner 38 has successfully populated numerous projects. Today, it is promoting about 35 projects (including about 1,100 housing units at various phases) in the country’s center, particularly in Herzliya, Ra’anana, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Holon.

Quality, Reliability and Transparency

Currently, the company is in the process of establishing projects with contracting companies, banks and investors in Israel and abroad. Its entire activity is conducted with uncompromising execution quality, reliability, integrity and financial viability. Dankner 38 prides itself of being transparent and providing real value to its customers. The company staff accompanies customers with a full availability and manages the project stages professionally. Dankner 38 views its tenants as integral partners throughout the process and adheres to the strictest building standards and legal requirements. Tenants are presented with facts unbiasedly, while the project is completed in the shortest time frame possible with minimal disruption to tenants.

Company Management

Gadi Dankner, CEO and Owner
Gadi has 30 years of experience in real estate and project development, including constructing residential buildings, hotels and commercial buildings in Israel and worldwide. As part of his academic pursuits, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from Suffolk University - Boston and a master’s degree from the Kellogg-Recanati International Executive M.B.A program.

Gil Landau, Legal Advisor and Partner
Gil is an attorney and economist with 20 years of experience overseeing projects and implementing building rights relating to NOP 38 and various real estate transactions. In addition, he is a company shareholder and a legal advisor. As for his academic training, he is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics from the University of Haifa and a graduate of the Faculty of Law from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center.

Slava Taubkin, Company Engineer
Slava is an engineer with over 30 years of experience in planning, supervision and execution of construction projects in Israel and around the world, including the “Migdalei Yam” residential project in Netanya, the Royal Hotel - Dead Sea and Teperberg Wineries - Kibbutz Tzora. As part of his academic training, he graduated with a master’s degree M.Sc in Civil Engineering from the University of Civil Engineering in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which is recognized by the Israeli Council for Higher Education.

Nissim Hazan - Marketing and Sales Manager
Nissim has over 20 years of experience in marketing and selling apartments in residential projects. As part of his academic training, he graduated from the Open University with a degree in Economics and Marketing.

Liat Dankner Architects
Dankner 38 works with the best consultants available, particularly with the office of Liat Dankner - Architects. Architect Liat Dankner has a B.arch degree from the Pratt Institute in New York and a M.arch degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Israel Technion Institute in Haifa. Her office is involved primarily in various planning and design projects, including residential and private construction projects, offices and vacation properties in Israel and abroad. In her office, architecture and interior design are viewed as one whole, and that concept finds expression right from the first sketch of the building, as well as the functional layout of the apartments.

Selected Projects

35 Ramat HaGolan St., Holon - Project NOP 38/1 (reinforcement), in which the company added construction modifications and reinforcements based on advanced construction methods. The residents of the project benefit from a diverse community environment and access to major transportation routes. Among other features, they were provided with a luxurious entrance lobby, a high-quality and a well-designed elevator, private parking and a private storage room. The project was successfully completed and populated.

10 Ba’alei Melakah St., Tel Aviv - A Pinui Binui project located a stone’s throw from the lively King George Street. An old building was demolished and a modern, contemporary building was built in its place in the spirit of eclectic architecture. Its location allows tenants to enjoy a quiet and peaceful residential area in the heart of the city while also having easy access to the many entertainment venues and central areas. The project was successfully completed and populated.

7 Shabratz St., Ra’anana - Project NOP 38/1, in which the company is consolidating and adding 12 new housing units to a building of 15 existing apartments. In this project, emphasis was placed on building spacious apartments designed similar to the architectural changes that Ra’anana has been undergoing in recent years. This project is close to the center of the city and the main transportation routes. Among other things, the tenants have access to a luxurious entrance lobby, a high-quality and well-designed elevator, private parking and an electric storage room at the entrance to the parking lot.

34 Bnei Binyamin St., Herzliya - A Pinui Binui project located on an impasse Holandi road, in the western part of the green Herzliya, close to the IDC and Highway 531. In this project, the company will demolish an old 3-story building with 9 tenants and replace it with an upgraded 7-story building and 22 new apartments featuring an aesthetic, innovative urban design that preserves the regional character.

12 Tolkovsky St., Tel Aviv - A Pinui Binui project located in the heart of the prestigious Tzahala neighborhood. During this project, a building with six apartments on two floors will be demolished, and a luxury building with four floors, including 18 apartments, will be built. The project will be characterized by urban, innovative and green construction, while preserving the neighborhood’s prestige and identity.

Yud Alef Beadar St., Ramat Gan - A Pinui Binui project which includes demolishing an old 3-story building and replacing it with a modern building with 8 floors and 19 new apartments. The project is located in a residential community adjacent to a pastoral public garden. There are a number of educational institutions nearby.

Ha’histadrut Complex, Holon - A large-scale Pinui Binui project that includes over 25 buildings and about 200 housing units. As part of the project, adjacent to the light rail, the company will develop 2 14-story towers, 3 10-story buildings, and several other buildings with a total of about 600 apartments. The residents of the complex will benefit from an underground parking lot, a gym and a swimming pool, as well as public and green areas.

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